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Purchase Penisole Tablets from India


Buy Penisole Male Enhancement Pill at Low Price

Contains: Withania somnifera (Winter Cherry) 100mg, Mucuna pruriens (Cowhage) 100mg, Asparagus racemosus 100mg, Strychnous nux vomica 25mg, Makardhwaj 25mg, Anacyclus pyrethrum (Spanish pellitory) 20mg, Curculigo orchioides (Black musale) 20mg, Hyoscyamus niger (Henbane) 20mg, Black bitumen (mineral pitch) 20mg, Purified Trivang 20mg, Pureria tuberosa (Fabaceae), 20mg, Orchis Latifolia (Salep Orchid) 10mg, Purified Swaran makshik 10mg, Jund-e-badester 5mg, Crocus sativus (Saffron) 5mg



Penisole pills Male enhancement supplements have flooded the market making men completely embarrassed by a proper decision to choose the right one. As sexual abilities and performance decline naturally with age, most men resort to such drugs as to an effective aid in overcoming sexual disorders.

It is reasonable that male society makes high demands to these medications, when it concerns their sexual health. Natural components, profound clinical trials and outstanding results are the main conditions put forward by most men to modern drugs. Penisole is one of the most efficient supplements able to satisfy even a hard-boiled buyer.


What Are Penisole Pills?


Penisole pills include 100% natural components and extracts derived from herbal plants. They work by increasing a flow of blood to the reproductive organ. With more blood forced to the penile area, a firmer and longer erection is easy to achieve. Regular and long-term Penisole consumption (up to 3 months) expands the penis chambers and makes it larger up to 25% in girth and up to 1-3 inches in length.

Active Penisole ingredients include the following herbs:

  • ashwagandha (lowers anxiety and stress, increases libido);
  • asparagus racemosus (boosts immunity and general health, calms nerves);
  • mucuna pruriens (increases testosterone production);
  • trivang bhasma (enhances energy and strength, improves bladder function);
  • pueraria tuberosa (a well-known aphrodisiac);
  • makardhwaj (improves blood circulation, reduces stress);
  • shilajit (amplifies erectile quality);
  • bhasma swaran makshik (boosts sexual vitality);
  • akkal kara (increases a blood flow);
  • saffron (improves overall health);
  • black musale;
  • winter cherry;
  • salep orchid;
  • Spanish pellitory.

The list doesn’t cover all ingredients. Including a bunch of powerful herbs, Penisole is a perfect means to enhance stamina, sexual drive and male fertility. Approved in clinical studies, Penisole is known to increase testosterone level, improve urinary flow and cause intense orgasms.


Action of Penisole


Sexual desireAll natural ingredients complement each other and contribute to Penisole reputation as an impressive medication for sexual disorders. Its substances are targeted to cure some particular malfunction (to improve bladder function or blood circulation), but mixed together in one pill, they promote overall male health acting as a tonic.

Containing a number of powerful aphrodisiacs, Penisole is also known to enlarge sexual desire and drive. Due to components that calm the nerves, men are able to cope with excessive anxiety and to manage with premature ejaculation. With such a solid support, men become more confident in bed and have better performance and harder erections.


Recommendations for Usage


Penisole is issued in capsules of red color, mostly of 100 mg strength. The recommended dosage for a daily consumption is 2 capsules taken with or after meals. The tablets are swallowed in the morning with sufficient amount of water. It is a standard intake format, except for individual prescription given by your doctor.

The medicine is used on a long-term basis, so the first positive results will be shown in several weeks. Effects that are more significant appear in several months after regular administration.

If a morning dose is missed, take it as soon as you remember and return to an ordinary dosing schedule next day. Don’t double a dose during the day.


Side Effects of These Tabs


Kidney malfunctionPenisole has been tested for safety in numerous human trials and considered as a medication, which is well tolerated by users. Actually, it is not a pharmaceutical drug, because it contains no synthetic chemicals. Due to organic drug ingredients that are present in Penisole, no adverse reactions have been reported.

Inform your therapist, if you have any liver or kidney malfunction. To avoid any possible renal or hepatic complications, a doctor may prescribe a different dosing scheme.

The chances of getting any side effects are minimal, but if you observe any overdose symptoms, notify your physician immediately.


Interaction with Alcohol and Food


The combination of alcohol with Penisole is not properly studied. There are no recorded cases of negative interactions of moderate ethanol consumption and Penisole. The effect of food intake on the drug bioavailability is insignificant. Traditionally taken after meals, the medicine shows no incompatibility with any product.

Mention to your doctor all medications and herbal products that you currently use to prevent a mixture of similar substances.


Reviews and Testimonials


Penisole has become very popular due to its organic components. It has gained confidence and trust of its users, who send positive reviews each month. Branded penis enlargement drugs are very expensive and contain chemicals harmful for male health and cause side effects. Penisole is the best supplement for men who want to improve their sexual abilities and restore erectile function naturally.


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