Have you tried Modafinil, Modalert or Provigil? As one of the fastest-growing smart drugs on the market that is great for studying, depression, weight loss, as well as just a quick brain boost, these pills are gaining a following that rivals even the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry.

The first step at the time of buying is to inform yourself. You can do this with our customer testimonials that will give you direct insight into the quality of the drug and trustworthiness of the online pharmacy. Check out these Modafinil reviews for yourself.

What Modafinil & Modalert Reviews Are There From Real Users?

BEST service I’ve had with tracking! Updates are easy to read, and the design is easy on the eye. Little over a week to Boston, US, super fast. Last but not least, the modafinil. Awesome drug! It’s the middle of the night in Boston, and I’m hammering out a last-minute client proposal.

5 Stars, BobR1979

Great product, good service, and tracking. 5/5.
Wonder pills, AnnieJames10

Shipping seemed a little slow to me, but these pills are freaking amazing. You feel it within 15 minutes of taking it.
Quick shipping, TylerJ

Got it by four days here in London. Best price I’ve seen & working exactly as advertised.
Wow, fast, Orllie72

Just got my modafinil today, 10 days after ordering. Super impressed!
Glad I ordered, CarrieRosenberger

At first, I was pretty leery of buying modafinil online, but it’s gotten so expensive, I decided to give it a shot. The buying process was clear and easy, and you can even track. This stuff works great–I’m finally getting around to all those projects I’ve been putting off!
Tracking was easy, MaryStarr

The tracking system is probably one of the best I’ve seen, and I order online all the time. Excellent customer service, too—they reply fast! Totally satisfied with the product and buying experience.
Just go ahead, try it, j1922

Man, I was terrified of ordering at first because I thought it was a scam. I researched all over the place, even watched vids on youtube, until I finally decided to give it a try, and boy am I glad I did! you get shipping updates, customer service responds quick, and the modafinil is high quality for one hell of a price!
First timer here, PhenNG

This is my first experience ever with modafinil. I was pretty skeptical about it, even though all my friends were raving about how great it was and what I found online did seem to back that conclusion. It arrived in the UK about a week after I ordered, which was pretty close to the shipping estimate I got when I bought it. You can check where your order is after it’s shipped, something I thought was a pretty cool feature. It definitely made me less nervous about ordering it from here.
Where has this been all my life?, ProfGram85

When I first took it, nothing happened right away, so I was pretty skeptical still until I hit the 3-hour mark. Then, BOOM! I was wide awake, thinking more clearly than I had in years, and able to focus on getting all my backed-up coursework done. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t make you a genius or anything, but it’s totally worth experiencing that state of razor-sharp concentration and increased attention to detail. Customer for life now!
It works, UK72

Modafinil is the real deal if you want to feel alive! Great product, fast shipping, I couldn’t be happier.
Received in 7 days, Chem66

Came within 7 business days of my order, which is amazing and faster than I thought. I’ve tried some other modafinil alternatives, and now Modalert is now my go-to when I need that crystal clear focus for my chem class. It did make me a little dizzy, but that’s a small price to pay for how incredible it makes me feel, and it’s a lot cheaper than those name brands out there.
Repeat customer, JanieO

My 2nd time ordering here and can I just say THANK YOU for being so fast! I got it in 10 days the 1st time, pretty decent considering I’m in Utah, but this time it came even faster around 8 days. Saved me completely, as I was leaving for a business trip and forgot to order it earlier!
Do recommend, Bart55

Super product, communication, and great results.
Do yourself a favor, JanetY

I’ve used Provigil before, and while the results were what I was looking for, it was just too much money! You’re talking like $18 dollars a pill where I live, and I can’t afford that. So when I saw Modalert was way, way cheaper, I figured why not. Best decision I ever made! I feel just as good on Modalert as I did on Provigil, and my bank account looks a lot better.
Saved my semester, Hollie145

As a nursing student with a lot to do and a little time, modafinil is like a gift from heaven. The effects are amazing, I can get through all my nursing books and still hit my other classes without looking like a zombie who drank too much coffee. I did end up a little dizzy and had a loss of appetite, but it was totally worth it and probably good for people who are looking to drop a few pounds.
legit product, DrJK

like a lot of other ppl here, I was nervous about ordering modafinil online. I mean you see stuff like this all the time, ‘cheap pills, fast ship!’ and before you know it, someone used your credit card to finance their new boat. But thank god this place is legit! got great quality modafinil that works like it should with pretty fast shipping and good customer service. I’ll be back for more, no doubt
Great pills & ordering experience, ChadRoberson

On the level website with a good product, clear communication and quick ship. Do recommend.
Great place to try, MaryUlin

Haven’t caught that intense focus that modafinil users talk about, so hopefully, I’m not one of the few people it won’t work on, but the service here was A+. Good price, fast shipping and you get updates on your package every step of the way. It’s easy to snap the 200 mg tablet in half because it has those break lines, so I started out taking half in the morning, but I might try taking the whole thing next.
No customs problems, MarkGoerstein

No problems getting my package even though customs. I looked at a lot of websites that sell modafinil, but there was always an issue with shipping and all this other stuff that makes me nervous. I don’t have extra money to blow on a product I’ll never get, which is why I’m so glad I found this place. You can see where the package is as it travels toward you, and I had no problem getting it here in the States in just under 10 days.
Came early, TerryK

My modafinil came a few days earlier than I thought it would, and the shipping packaging is discreet, a good thing for passing through customs without any problems. Pills and their packing is good quality, and you get a great mellow yet focused kind of high. I got through a tough presentation at work way better than I normally do, will def be ordering more soon!
Better than coffee, KellieMarks

I got my pills about a week after I ordered, not too bad from coming in outside my country and still earlier than the arrival dates estimates I got. Was skeptical about ordering from here, but when I first took it, all my doubts disappeared. It boosted my focus, kind of like coffee does, but better, lasted longer and didn’t make me sick or like I was crashing or anything. Price is still a bit out of my reach right now but definitely more doable than the brand name stuff I’ve seen and not bad at all for my first time.
Good shipping, great product, Chris768

2 weeks to get to me in Australia, not too shabby & better than some other companies I’ve ordered from in the past. Did get nervous at one point because the tracking showed it in a different spot than the map, but it still got to me on time, so if that happens to you, don’t freak out! Customer service is great, you can always shoot them a message if you’re concerned.
Wakealert left in the dust, GregLou89

I’ve tried Wakealert, which is supposed to be more powerful, but Modalert honestly seemed to work better for me. Got it in some nice packaging in 8 days, nothing to complain about here!
So glad I ordered, SamH

From the US and never ordered anything like this from overseas before, so I was a little scared at first but figured what did I have to lose? Took forever to find a site like this that at least looked legit, and I’m glad I went with my gut feeling. Great pills, fast ship, and nice website!
Came in just 5 days, KarlY1285

Nervously ordered on 10/10, got emails the whole time it was coming to me, with a delivery window of 10/17 to 10/24. Got it 10/15. Haven’t tried it yet but will report back when I do!
Easy to order, Kayliemarz

Ordering was really easy and the website is laid out really nice, easy to use. Love the tracking updates, will definitely be back for more!
just try it, LouisLA

Like a lot of you, I was stressed about ordering Modalert from this place, but I’m so glad I did! it came in about 1 week and just one half a pill gave me focus and energy I don’t ever remember having. customer service here is great, so don’t be afraid to take the leap :
Only place I trust, Xavier159

Simply the company I trust the most when it comes to ordering modafinil online, and I’ve been burnt a few times in the past. Responsive and helpful customer service reps, quick shipping, quality product, and good packaging, I recommend them all the time.
Track your order the whole way, MaryBethG.

My order was placed like 10 days ago, and I got it today, fast. Like other people have said, you get detailed updates about where your shipment is, and mine moved faster than I thought it would come from overseas. Made me feel a lot better about ordering from here, and the product is definitely worth it, I’ve never been able to concentrate like this before, and I only take half a pill a day.
1st Time Reviewer…, AliceO41

The reviews here are kind of what convinced me to order, so I figure I should add one too! Got my order in 6 days in the UK, product works as stated and was packaged nicely. Super excited to have found this place!
A+ product & service, Jim72

Legit product in good blister packs, not that flimsy paper you see with knock-offs sometimes. Love that you know what’s going on while it’s coming to you and how fast customer service responds. Will definitely order again!
Finally getting help for my apnea, LynnLuegemors

Even with insurance, I can’t afford the brand name modafinil to treat my sleep apnea. Thank God I found this website! Modalert works just as well as the expensive stuff I used to get at the pharmacy, and I finally have my life back.

Glad I decided to order online even though I wasn’t 100% sold. My modafinil came fast, and I found my focus and drive improved a ton with just one-half of a 200 mg pill. Finally tackling all that stuff I’ve been putting off and it simply feels amazing, like a weight has been lifted or something.
Does wonders for my focus, MikeyP

Hit my doorstep 9 days after ordering, not bad at all considering where it came from. Auto shipping updates were a nice feature, you’ll know if there’s a delay or anything. I’ve been using Modalert for weeks, and the improvement in my focus and alertness is significant, more than I had ever expected.
Just as good as Provigil but a LOT cheaper, Jessie63

I’m in the US, and as soon as I looked at Provigil’s price tag, I started researching other alternatives. I did find 2 other sites with slightly lower prices, but there were a lot of complaints about shipping issues, bad communication and people waiting months for refunds. This place ended up being the best bet.
A week to US, Jcatgrl

What Are Nootropics?

NootropicsPopularly branded as “smart drugs” or “cognitive enhancers,” nootropics are a collection of different prescription and over the counter drugs that are designed to super enhance focus, concentration, intelligence, and energy. One of the most popular nootropics is Adderall, but other common substances like Caffeine also fall into this category.

More recently, certain nootropic drugs have been growing in popularity among an enthusiastic user base. Modafinil, Modalert, and Provigil are among the fastest growing, because of their unusually potent properties and versatile use. All of the benefits of nootropics are still being understood, but they have thus far served as a reliable way to boost brain power quickly, cheaply and effectively.

How Do They Work?

When shopping for nootropics, the important point to remember is that they are not all created equal. Different smart drugs work in different ways, and they can each have dramatically different effects on the human brain. Some of them, like Caffeine, work by binding their molecules to brain receptors in order to inhibit sleep and tiredness for the duration of their effects. Others offer more holistic effects, aiding the transmission of nutrients throughout the body.

Provigil, the active ingredient in many nootropics, works by increasing dopamine levels in the bloodstream. Dopamine is one of our most important “feel good” chemicals that our body uses for various purposes. But by elevating its levels, it can increase confidence, and instill an overall sense of well-being.

What Doses Are Available?

The recommended dosage for Provigil-based drugs is 200 mg. This amount is effective at letting the user feel the full effects of the drug, without putting them at risk for any of the more serious side effects. However, there is a growing range of dosage options offered today, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Take a look at some of the more popular options below:

100 mg A half dosage, for when side effects are too strong
200 mg A perfect starter dosage for Nootropic initiates
400 mg A stronger option, to boost the effectiveness

If you are not familiar with Provigil, it is not recommended to start with a 400 mg dosage. If you are looking for more guidance about where to start, speaking with a medical professional could be a good first step. In general, higher doses are advised to users who have been using the drug for a minimum of six months, to ensure that their system will not be negatively impacted by the higher dose.

Are There Side-Effects?

If you have ever drunk too much coffee, you already have an idea of what the side-effects of some nootropics can feel like. In general, however, negative side-effects are mild and rare and are only a high-risk factor in cases of overdose. The best course of action when dealing with cognitive enhancers is to take the recommended dosage and follow the instructions included in your package insert to the letter. See a list of all the most common Nootropic side effects below:

  • Nootropics Side Effectsblack, tarry stool;
  • blurred vision, or other vision changes;
  • confusion;
  • dizziness or fainting;
  • sore throat;
  • shortness of breath;
  • depression;
  • chest Pain;
  • anxiety;
  • nausea;
  • headaches.

Common Drug Interactions

Staying safe with your own dose of nootropic drugs also means avoiding certain mixtures, which can cause harmful or otherwise unexpected results. While some of the effects caused by mixing can be mild, others can be quite severe, so always be mindful of the possible dangers.

Below is a list of substances that should not be combined with Provigil-based drugs:

  • Ambien;
  • Clonazepam;
  • Klonopin;
  • Lexapro;
  • Nexium;
  • Omeprazole;
  • Trazodone;
  • Xanax.

If you have additional questions or concerns about other medications potential interactions with Provigil, get in touch with your doctor. If you have accidentally mixed Provigil with any of the listed substances, seek medical attention.

How Can I get Started?

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