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Other ED Treatments

Showing all 7 results

Showing all 7 results

Buy Other ED Treatments Without Prescription Online


ED medicationsRecently, modern medicine has greatly succeeded in the combat against erectile dysfunction (or ED). It is thoroughly armed to offer patients a versatile arsenal of remedies and methods to manage with this concern. It ranges from the consumption of natural supplements, which contain long-acting substances to improve erectile function, to surgical interventions, which presuppose an implantation of a penile prosthesis.

Those men, who are not inclined to start ED treatment in such a drastic way, may refer to oral medicines. High-quality drugs are specially formulated to act in half an hour and to cause no harm to overall male health. Let’s check out other ED treatments.


What Is Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?


Pharmaceutical corporations readily meet the demands that are put forward to the contemporary market of ED drugs. All these pills share the same working mechanism based on the dilation of the blood vessels in the groin area and relaxation of the penile muscles, what is beneficial for stable erection. Taken 30-60 minutes before intimacy, they last for 6-48 hours.

The most famous ED medicines are similar in action and differ by active ingredients:

To meet patients’ requirements and make medication treatment more popular, pharmacists develop more convenient drug forms, which are easy to take: chewable pills, gel-like pills, effervescent drugs, etc.

Recent 100% organic novelties to cope with ED include:

  • Penisole (herbal remedy, which contributes to erectile improvement and penis enlargement);
  • V-Excel (herbal drugs, which restore erectile ability, remove toxins and amplify sexual functioning);
  • Man XXX Herbal Capsules (a blend of herbal components, which enlarges the male organ, prolongs sexual intercourse and increases male libido);
  • Himalaya Confido (herbal extract, which eliminates impotence and premature ejaculation, increases testosterone level and reduces inflammations);
  • Himalaya Tentex (natural supplement, which decreases erectile dysfunction, boosts male libido and increases sperm count);
  • Himalaya Himcolin gel (herbal remedy applied to the penis, which contributes to longer erections, makes the male organ harder and increases sexual satisfaction);
  • Penon Cream (herbal medicine for topical application, which strengthens the reproductive organ, improves erectile quality and increases libido).

All these medicines are manufactured according to Ayurvedic formulae and cause no negative reactions. Due to numerous substances, they improve other systems and organs of a male body.


Learn About ED Medicines

Effectiveness and Safety of ED Pills


ErectionAll active components of ED tablets are potent phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, which block particular enzymes responsible for male inability to achieve erection. They produce nitric oxide, which amplifies the blood circulation in the genital zone making the penis harder.

As a rule, these medicines are well tolerated by users. To get all benefits from ED therapy, the tablets should be consumed according to doctor’s prescription. Usually, they are taken once a day 30-40 minutes before expected intimacy with a glass of water. The proper tab dosage should be determined by urologists regarding the results of your clinical tests.

The pills are recommended for adult men with persistent troubles in getting and holding an erection. Elderly users should intake the medicines under medical supervision because their immune system gets worse with age.

The tablets should be administered with particular precautions if consumers suffer from such diseases as renal or hepatic impairment, bleeding disorders, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart malfunction, eye problems, diabetes, and penis deformity. Most of these diseases are associated with the damage of the blood vessels. As strong substances contained in ED drugs are targeted to expand the arteries, these patients have higher risks of obtaining side effects.

Hard smokers and people with allergy to Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and other substances also belong to the category of high risk.

ED medications interact with a number of other drugs including antibiotics, nitrates, antifungals, AIDS/HIV tabs, alpha-blockers, and some herbals.

The pills show better effectiveness if taken in a fasted state because heavy meals delay their action onset. They should not be mixed with alcoholic beverages, because it leads to excessive vasodilation, which causes dizziness. Grapefruit juice is also not acceptable, because it prevents complete excretion of active ingredients that may provoke dangerous reactions.


Possible Side Effects of ED Treatment


Side effects of EDAccording to human trials, all ED medicines are well endured by patients. In single cases, some users may experience unpleasant symptoms.

Common adverse effects include headaches, flu-like symptoms, vomiting, high blood pressure, dizziness, stomach discomfort, blurred vision, hearing impairment, nausea, muscle aches, etc. These effects are reversible and disappear when the active substance leaves the system.

In rare cases, men may acquire allergic reactions because of hypersensitivity or overdose. They feel difficulty in breathing; have rash, hives, swelling of face/lips/throat, itching, etc. Herbal remedies being fully safe for users may cause signs of allergy, if users are too sensitive to particular plant extracts. Not all users have these reactions for sure. Still, if you discover any of them, notify your therapist right away.


Reviews and Ratings


ED drug users are highly satisfied with a great assortment of medicines available for sale at ViaBestBuy. They may choose any medication according to the required dosage, format, and duration of the action. Most of them can be used as a candy or chewing gum, what doesn’t look like a pill intake. Flavored pill forms make males forget about ordinary tablets with bitter aftertaste. Herbal ED remedies are safer than synthetic tablets and well tolerated with no harm to male health.

Generic medications offered by online pharmacy ViaBestBuy make ED treatment more profitable because prices for generic pills are lower than for branded tablets. Direct suppliers from India have no need to recoup costs for clinical researches, so they are able to reduce prices. Opt for cost-friendly ED alternatives, which receive 5 stars ratings from regular users.


How to Order ED Drugs in Our Online Pharmacy?


Most insurance companies in the United States don’t cover costs for ED medicines. Men, who urgently need these pills, have to spend huge money to buy branded medications. If you are looking for a reliable and legit supplier to purchase cheap and quality ED drugs, choose ViaBestBuy. In customers’ reviews, it is called the most trustworthy and secure source.

Online orders have become a cheaper way of getting goods. It is the best option to receive necessary tabs with complete confidentiality. Besides, all pills can be ordered without prescription. Get 30 ED tabs for free with each order, which are already added to the cart.


Payment and Delivery Methods


Online orderViaBestBuy has years of experience and history of flawless work supported by a team of professionals. This team shows a coordinated work of pharmacists, delivery agents, packaging, warehouse workers and other involved specialists.

The store accepts all credit cards, bitcoin, and PayPal. All financial information is kept secret and used only at the time of payment. If clients use bitcoins, they are granted a 35% discount. For all orders over $80, ViaBestBuy provides free shipping, and every client has an opportunity to track his order via internet.

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