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Buy Centrex (Valtrex) 500 mg Valacyclovir Tablets at the Best Price


Composition for Generic Valtrex Centrex 500mg Tablet: Valacyclovir (500mg)

Primary uses of Valtrex Centrex 500mg Valacyclovir Tablets: an antiviral drug that slows the growth and spread of the herpes virus to help the body fight the infection.



Valtrex 500 mg valacyclovir Centrex (branded Valtrex) is a potent antiviral medication. This drug is a proven means, which stops the growth of particular viruses (by inhibition of DNA polymerase), but it doesn’t cure these infections. Unfortunately, the viruses continue to live in a patient’s body even between outbreaks despite all known pharmacological achievements. Centrex significantly diminishes the length of exposure and severity of these outbreaks. It heals the sores faster, prevents from forming new ones, reduces itching and pain, and diminishes the number of future episodes.


What Is Centrex (Valtrex) 500 mg?


Valacyclovir is the main active ingredient of Centrex 500 mg. It is prescribed to treat different types of viruses and shows the utmost efficiency if used for:

  • cold sores (blisters around and on the lips) induced by herpes labialis (treated in adults and children over 12);
  • shingles (painful rash in the form of a strip of blisters on the skin) induced by herpes zoster (treated in adults);
  • chickenpox (itchy rash spread all over the body with accompanying flu-like symptoms) induced by herpes varicella zoster (treated in children aged 2-18);
  • genital herpes (painful blisters in the intimate zone) induced by herpes simplex (treated in adults).

Centrex improves body’s resistance against the infection and prevents recurrent herpes outbreaks.


How Does This Drug Work?


VirusValacyclovir is the hydrochloride salt of the antiviral drug acyclovir.

After the drug intake, valacyclovir hydrochloride is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and transformed into acyclovir, which demonstrates strong antiviral activity and blocks the replication of herpes viral DNA. This process is performed in a number of ways:

  • inhibition of viral DNA polymerase;
  • termination of the growth of the viral DNA chain in cell structures;
  • inactivation of the viral DNA polymerase.

The medicine starts acting in 24 hours after oral administration of the first pill. It decreases the severity of any outbreak during this time. Usually purchased for cold sores treatment, Centrex is also much effective for genital herpes preventing the infection to spread through the body. During therapy, the risk of a partner to catch the virus is reduced.

In patients with no renal malfunction, the elimination half-life of the medication lasts up to 3 hours.


Main Usage Tips and Dosages


Girl takes pill

The individual dosage of Centrex is determined by a physician. It depends on the type of infection, patient’s weight, age, health conditions and response to valacyclovir. Usually a 500 mg tablet is prescribed to be taken once a day or twice a day. It is taken whole with a full glass of water.

The Centrex therapy is more helpful if initiated as soon as you notice infection signs. The drug should be administered within 48 hours after the first viral symptoms appear (itching, tingling or pain in the affected spot). If you use Centrex to heal recurrent infections, the tablet should be taken within the first 24 hours.

To be completely treated, some herpes infections may require long term Centrex use. Take the drug for the full prescribed period. Skipping doses increases the risks of the virus to become resistant to antiviral therapy.

The medication works better, if the amount of valacyclovir in the body is maintained at a constant level. Use the drug daily at even time intervals.

Tell your doctor, if you have such medical conditions, like:

  • kidney diseases;
  • bone marrow or kidney transplants;
  • weak immune system;
  • allergy to valacyclovir or acyclovir;
  • allergies to any dyes, food or other medicines;
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • age of 65 or older.

Centrex is considered a safe drug, which can be used by pregnant women. However, the exact safety is not clinically proven, so discuss and correlate all benefits and risks of taking the drug with your doctor.

Elderly patients have higher chances to get adverse effects, because they are more likely to have accompanying diseases. Such individuals are prescribed a lower valacyclovir dose.

Oral medicationsSimultaneous usage of Centrex with other pills may cause harmful effects for the kidneys. Patients with renal impairment are commended a dosage reduction. Valacyclovir contradicts with the following medications:

  • drugs for bowel dysfunction;
  • other antivirals;
  • medicines that prevent organ transplant rejection;
  • pain-killers;
  • tabs to treat arthritis;
  • injectable medicines for osteoporosis;
  • antibiotics;
  • chemotherapy;
  • vitamins B12, C, D3.

The list doesn’t cover all interactions, inform your therapist of all other currently used drugs, dietary supplements and herbal products. Do not have any vaccinations or immunizations without the consent of your GP.

Centrex doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus. Avoid sexual intercourse by genital herpes or use safe sex practices (latex condoms, etc.). Notify your physician, if the viral symptoms don’t disappear after a week of treatment.


Side Effects of Centrex (Valacyclovir) 500 mg


Valacyclovir side effectsAlong with beneficial antiviral effects, Centex may cause negative reactions in users. Most of these effects do not require medical attention and disappear as the body adjusts to the drug:

  • stomach or abdominal pain;
  • nausea;
  • headaches;
  • dizziness;
  • fever;
  • vomiting;
  • painful periods in women.

As a rule, users do not experience serious side effects. Tell your doctor, if any of the following symptoms bother you for long:

  • pink or red urine;
  • bloody diarrhea;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • joint pain;
  • pale skin;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • vision changes;
  • feeling of extreme tiredness;
  • yellow skin or eyes;
  • red spots on the skin (not related to the viral infection).

Possible adverse effects in the central nervous system include hallucinations, seizures, agitation, confusion, depression, unsteady movements, trouble speaking, etc. Centrex should be discontinued, if any of these symptoms occur.

Allergic reactions to the drug may be shown up by trouble breathing, rash, swelling of the throat/face/tongue, etc.

The most common side effect in children younger 18 years old is headache.

If side effects worsen or persist, inform your GP promptly. Especially if you notice other effects not listed above.


Interaction with Food and Alcohol


FoodValacyclovir pills are used regardless food intake.

Try to consume more liquid during treatment. It helps to prevent kidney malfunction and decreases risks of getting side effects and dehydration.

Inform your doctor, if you smoke, use marijuana or any illegal drugs. Some of them may contradict with Centrex.

Limit consumption of alcohol, because it may increase dizziness caused by antiviral treatment. Do not drive or do other things that need high alertness until you can do it with no danger for your health.


Reviews and Ratings


Valacyclovir is a reliable antiviral medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It means that users should have no worries about its safety.

Patients who have tried it reported significant improvements and diminishing of unpleasant symptoms associated with the infection. The drug starts working quickly with its benefits becoming visible in the shortest time. It helps at various herpes types and can be consumed even by children.

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How to Order Centrex (Valtrex) 500 mg Medication Online?


Make an online orderCentrex contains the same basic component as Valtrex and has a similar mechanism of action. This is a reasonable point to opt for generics. Buying generic valacyclovir will save your money without affecting your budget. You can order it cheaper at this online pharmacy, also saving your time on visiting regular drug stores chain. ViaBestBuy is a better option to purchase, because it regularly offers discounts and other schemes to get the medicines at the best price. Choose quality Indian medications and stay healthy!

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