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Generic Proscar Finasteride Tablets Propecia 1mg


Composition for Proscar Tablets 1mg Tablet: Finasteride (1mg)

Primary uses of Proscar 1mg Finasteride Tablets: a medication used to treat an enlarged prostate or scalp hair loss in men.  Proscar or Propecia contains Finasteride (as an active ingredient) and can also be used to treat excessive hair growth in women.



Propecia tablets In their youth, men have a full head of hair. Abundant and healthy hair is always associated with strength and vigor. As it thins with time, most men may lose self-esteem and confidence, which sometimes affects their career and relationships.

Before you consider any hair transplant surgery, turn to non-invasive treatment methods like medication therapy. Generic Propecia is an amazing option to treat male hair loss, which has a profound history of grateful and satisfied users.

Due to similar chemical reactions provided by Propecia, it is also a powerful means to treat the enlarged prostate in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia.


What Is Propecia 1 mg Medicine?


The active component of Propecia is aimed to treat two common male concerns – an enlargement of the prostate gland or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and hair loss.

The drug shrinks the enlarged prostate by reducing the amount of hormones, which cause its growth. Taken along or in combination with other drugs, Propecia reduces the necessity of surgical intervention. As the prostate is located below the bladder, its malfunction restricts the urine flow. Propecia effectively eliminates the symptoms of BPH, like a need to often urinate, a feeling that the bladder is not fully emptied, weak urinary stream, etc.

It is also the FDA approved treatment for male baldness and stimulation of hair growth. By blocking certain chemicals in a male body, which interrupt the process of hair loss, it shows great results in men at anterior and vertex mid-scalp areas of the male head.


How Does It Work


TestosteroneThe enlargement and development of the prostate gland depends on the growth of hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This substance metabolizes testosterone to DHT in the liver, skin and prostate gland. The main ingredient of Propecia, finasteride, is a potent inhibitor of DHT hormones, and it works by suppressing and forming stable enzyme complexes with them. The turnover of such complexes is slow and amounts to 30 days.

Finasteride is a white powder insoluble in water and soluble in low alcohol solvents. It reaches peak plasma concentration in 2-6 hours after drug administration. Unfortunately, the medicine shows slow and gradual improvements: to treat BPH, Propecia 1 mg is consumed on a long-term basis for 6 months, for hair loss – more than 3 months. The bioavailability of the component in the blood is 65%. It is excreted mainly with feces and urine.


Intake Rules of Propecia 1 mg


As Propecia is a long-acting medication, patients may not see positive results unless they use it every day for at least 3 months. If there is no evidence of hair loss stabilization during a year of treatment, stop taking the drug, because it may deliver no effects. The result differs from each patient, but if it is reached, continue using pills to sustain the benefits. If patients stop finasteride therapy, the reversible process starts in 6 months and returns to baseline in 9-12 months.

1 mg tablet is taken orally once a day with enough amount of water despite food intake. It is preferable to take the medicine at the same time every day. Don’t split or crush the pills, because they are coated to prevent the contact with the ingredients before they reach the stomach. Clinical trials have no evidence of increased efficiency by higher drug dosage intake.

Propecia cannot be administered by women, because it is not prescribed to treat female baldness. Finasteride is safe for users, only if the following conditions are not typical for them:

  • liver disorder (or by abnormal liver enzyme tests);
  • malfunction of bladder muscles;
  • prostate cancer;
  • allergy to finasteride or dutasteride;
  • hypersensitivity to folic acid;
  • history of infertility;
  • inability to urinate.

As Propecia implies a prolonged treatment process, patients need regular blood tests to check a proper body functioning.


Main Side Effects



The dosage of the active substance for administration is small (1 mg), so the medicine is unlikely to cause adverse effects. Single side effects are usually mild and reversible and don’t require discontinuation of the therapy. Negative reactions are limited to less than 2% of patients. In human trials involving more than 3,000 men, finasteride was evaluated for safety and proven effectiveness. Typical reported side effects involve:

  • loss of interest in sex;
  • ejaculation disorders;
  • troubles to achieve and keep an erection;
  • testicular pain;
  • depression;
  • asthenia;
  • dizziness;
  • male infertility or poor semen quality.

Address your doctor immediately, if you notice any signs of allergic reactions, such as swelling of throat/lips/face/tongue, rash, itching, difficulty in swallowing or breathing, hives, etc.

In very rare cases, men report about breast cancer. It is shown up by such symptoms as breast lumps, breast tenderness or pain, nipple discharge, etc.

Inform your therapist, if any negative reactions don’t go away or bother you. Doctors usually suggest taking half a dose (0.5 mg a day or 1 mg every other day). By the fifth year of Propecia therapy, the percentage of users who report of the above listed side effects reduces to less than 0.3%.


Interaction with Food, Alcohol, Other Drugs


Other medicines may contradict with Propecia, including prescription and OTC drugs, herbal products and vitamins. Tell your doctor about all consumed pills. The below listed tablets should be closely monitored, if used together with finasteride:

  • Erythromycin;
  • Ketoconazole;
  • Carbamazepine;
  • Rifabutin;
  • Nevirapine;
  • St. John’s Wort (herbal).

ModafinilMinor interactions are observed of Propecia coadministration with the following drugs:

  • Fluconazole;
  • Modafinil;
  • Atazanavir;
  • Cortisone;
  • DHEA (herbal);
  • Ritonavir;
  • Prednisolone;
  • Verapamil.

This list of pills is not complete, so ask your therapist for more information, if your medicines are not enumerated. Finasteride has slight contradiction with grapefruit, eucalyptus and marijuana. Propecia can be taken with or without food, as well as it is not affected by moderate alcohol consumption.


Clients’ Reviews


Propecia is an effective generic drug, which shows similar therapeutic properties as Proscar sharing the same active component, finasteride. The difference is that Proscar is developed as a 5 mg pill, which should be cut into quarters to get a proper dose at 1 mg.

In positive reviews, finasteride users highlight its outstanding results in alopecia treatment and BHP therapy. The drug is considered the best medical option available on the market, which targets the root of the problem. The minimal drug dosage causes no side effects and can be easily incorporated into everyday male routine as one more supplement. In 65% of cases, customers experience a significant reduction in hair loss and re-growth of miniaturized hair.


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