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Stendra 100 mg 300 Pills for Sale

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Stendra tablets online Several years ago in the family of PDE5 inhibitors a new medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) appeared called Stendra. Drug developers in India created a generic analog to the world-famous ED drugs, which held the monopoly on the pharmacy market. Due to this drug effectiveness and safeness, it turned out to be very successful and gained much popularity in male audience. Thousands of men can simply take a pill and enjoy a happy sex life.


What Is Stendra 100 mg?


Its main component – avanafil – works in the same manner as sildenafil and tadalafil (active components of well-known Viagra and Cialis). The basic principle is to increase blood flow to the men’s organ and help to achieve and hold a stable and prolonged erection.

A pill is rapidly absorbed and acts in 15 minutes after a tablet intake, while the full effect is usually reached in 30-45 minutes. One more advantage is also less side effects compared with other ED medications.

If you buy Stendra 100 mg 300 pills, you can enjoy your sexual life at the highest level of pleasure, because this quantity will be enough for countless unforgettable nights and moments. But anyway, consult your healthcare provider about the right dosage that suits the capability of your body and is not harmful for your health.


Learn More About Avanafil

How Does Stendra 100mg Work?


ErectionTalking about therapeutic prescription of avanafil, it focuses on ED treatment. Erectile disorder is characterized as an inability to reach and maintain erection. In the majority of cases ED problems are caused or accompanied by age-related factors. However, such factors as stress, bad eating habits, working conditions, health dysfunction can cause ED. The result appears that male population even younger than 40 are deprived to conduct healthy sexual life.

Stendra 100 mg is not directed to treat the reason of ED, but it successfully copes with its symptoms. By relaxing plain muscles avanafil is widening blood vessels: with more intense blood flow stronger erection is reached. It also should be mentioned that avanafil is effective only if the pill intake is accompanied by sexual stimulation. Avanafil is influences only natural mechanisms of erection. If you need to get rid of ED reasons, it is required to change your habits and lifestyle, additional therapy will also be effective.


How to Use Stendra Pills?


Ask your therapist how to take this medicine and follow these instructions directly. The ordinary recommendation is one tablet swallowed 15 minutes or half an hour before sexual intimacy. The initial dose advised to be used for adult starter is 100 mg. For more effect the dosage can be raised up to 200 mg. Note that any dosage increase that a patient uses has to be agreed with the doctor to avoid any negative consequences or health problems!

Avanafil has certain restrictions in combination with other drugs. So mind the medicine combinability and do not take it along with

  • nitrate drugs (erythritol tetranitrate, nitroglycerin, amyl nitrite);
  • antibiotics (erythromycin, telithromycin, clarithromycin) and antifungal medicine;
  • HIV/AIDS treatment tablets.

How Long Does Stendra Last?


Sexual activityTaken 15 minutes before the time you are supposed to be sexually active, Stendra 100 mg reaches its upper efficiency in 30-45 minutes. A man can be sexually active during the next 4-6 hours, depending on the personality. It is based on a number of factors such as toleration, age, use of drinks and other drugs, ED severity, individual body capabilities, etc. In fact, comparing with other PDE5 inhibitors, Stendra is a fast-acting solution.

More information about how long does Stendra last, how to take and when to take it, how does Stendra work and where to buy it can be found in the corresponding paragraphs at ViaBestBuy.


Stendra Side Effects


As numerous research studies report, avanafil causes rare side effects in patients with good health. The most typical of them are:

  • irregular or fast heartbeat;
  • headache;
  • fever;
  • myalgia;
  • insomnia or somnolence;
  • pain in muscles and bones;
  • pain in back;
  • dizziness;
  • hot flushes.

These all possible side effects are described informing the patients about the results and consequences that may happen.



Side Effects



Cardio-vascular system


Gastrointestinal Genitourinary system Sense and respiratory organs



Stomach discomfort and pain Hematospermia Nasal congestion



Nausea Priapism Blurred vision or vision loss

Deep vein thrombosis


Diarrhea Hematuria Bronchitis, sinusitis

Angina (stable or unstable)


Vomiting Nasopharyngitis


Every man has to obtain doctor’s instructions concerning possible side effects and also the recommendations how to act if any side effect occur.


Interaction with Alcohol and Food


Food does not influence the absorption of the drug. But tobacco and alcohol can enhance the chances of obtaining complicated side effects. Grapefruit juice should be excluded from your diet as it can slow down the pill action.


Read More Here


Customer Reviews


Judging by user reviews avanafil stands in the line of best sellers at ViaBestBuy. And it is becoming more popular among over the counter oral ED medication currently available in online pharmacy market.

Regarding customer’s feedback who shop for Stendra online, the following list of Stendra benefits can be shortly summed up:

  • the quickest action time (up to 15 minutes);
  • increased efficiency due to a stronger formula;
  • compatibility with a large number of meals and drinks;
  • simplicity of use;
  • mildness of side effects;
  • rather cheap price.

Where Can I Buy Stendra 100 mg 300 Pills for Cheap Cost?


Make order on online pharmacyStendra 100 mg can be purchased straight at our online store ViaBestBuy. And 300 pills amount is now available for sale in stock at a very attractive price, comparing with the cost in traditional pharmacy chains of your city.

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