Celebrities with Biggest Penises

Celebrities with Biggest Penises

Celebrities with Biggest Penises

Read all about male celebrities with large penises. Which of the Hollywood stars has particularly large penises and what other signatures are said about them?

Jon Hamm

The famous star won the hearts of women around the world with his professional, dominant roles. It isn’t a surprise that Hamm’s packing some serious ham. Former girlfriends have claimed he’s packing at least 8 inches. There are even rumors his size is at least 2 inches larger than that. You don’t need to take their word for it either. It’s pretty easy to notice by simply looking at the bulge in his pants.

Ronald Reagan

Our former president was once a beloved Hollywood lead. His roles included such titles as Bedtime Bonzo and Kings Row. The Commander in Chief was also apparently packing a staff as well. Nancy Reagan and other women have all commented on the enormous girth he purportedly had. His hands might give a hint to his actual size. Men with large hands tend to be large overall, and it probably applies to just about every body part this 6ft 2in tall man had.

Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is a funny guy and comedy always strikes well with the ladies. He might just be packing something else that goes with the ladies too. Author Gary Griffin has claimed in his book Penis Size And Enlargement that Eddie Murphy has a penis in the 8-9 inch range giving him one of the biggest in Hollywood. We know he’s managed to catch the eye of some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood such as Mel B and Paige Butcher. There’s got to be some reason those women put up with the outlandish laughs.

Big Sean

The rapper has made himself a smashing success with his creative lyrics and smooth flow, but the way he got his nickname is what really stands out about him. The 5ft 8in tall rapper got his reputation for the amazing size of his penis. His girlfriends eventually let the world know that Big Sean was big where it counted. His success with the likes of Ariana Grande and Jhene Aiko live as further proof of this man’s enormous ego.

Celebrities with Biggest Penises

David Beckham

The soccer god is certainly one of the most famous to bend the knee, but his wife, Victoria Beckham, claims he’s packing something of much bigger import. Apparently, Beckham has one of the largest penises in soccer. His wife claims his penis is bigger than the exhaust pipe of a tractor. With the word of someone with first-hand experience, we’re pretty confident David Beckham doesn’t need any pills to get things working.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones was quite the ladies’ man in his day. His way with women had a tendency to anger his wife and led to far too many fights to count. A particularly interesting encounter with Cassandra Peterson, the actress known as Elvira, has confirmed Jones’ endowment. Elvira claims she lost her virginity to Tom Jones during her go-go dancer days. Jones was such a big man he left her in need of stitches. Clearly, this man has no issues with erectile dysfunction.

Charlie Chaplin

The master of Silent Era comedy is well known for his funny antics, but his prowess in the bedroom wasn’t anything to laugh at. His penis is the stuff of legends with countless stories from his fans talking about the way he wowed them in the bedroom.

Actor Pierce BrosnanWhen you take off that toothbrush mustache and look at the guy behind it, it’s easy to believe this guy was a slayer.

Pierce Brosnan

Known for his portrayal of the seductive secret agent James Bond, it’s no surprise that Pierce Brosnan would have a reputation with the women. There are men who have an easy time finding a date, and then there are what we know as prime male specimen. With women still chasing him and no rumors of premature ejaculation or other dick issues, Brosnan is a great example of that.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is well known for his portrayal of stoic gunslingers. Everyone knows women love the strong, silent type, but the stories about him take it to an entirely different level. The rugged actor has countless female fans to testify about his sexual prowess. All stories about him seem to suggest he has the largest penis among men in Hollywood. Ordinary men can hope to have a sliver of the masculinity Eastwood embodies.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is one of the manliest stars around today. Even in his 60s he manages to amaze with the way he plays rugged, strong characters without breaking a sweat.

Liam NeesonIf the words of his former wife, Natasha Richardson are anything to take to heart, Neeson takes top prize among celebrities with big dicks. His wife claims his dick was so big it could easily block the sun. We’ll take her word for it.

Jack Nicholson

As a man who has bedded countless women, Nicholson almost certainly has one of the biggest dicks you’ll see in Hollywood. He has had sex with more than 3000 women over the course of his life. That success with women doesn’t happen for no reason at all. It takes a serious reputation with the opposite sex to have so many women chasing after you. Only a sledgehammer in the pants can take you that far.

These guys have something to be proud of!

Celebrity Size
Jon Hamm 7 in
Ronald Reagan 7.5 in
Eddie Murphy 8 in
Big Sean 8.5 in
David Beckham 9 in
Tom Jones 9.5 in
Charlie Chaplin 10 in
Pierce Brosnan 10.5 in
Clint Eastwood 11 in
Liam Neeson 11.5 in
Jack Nicholson 12 in