Erectile dysfunction test at home

Erectile Dysfunction Test at Home

Erectile Dysfunction Test at Home

Is it possible to find out about erectile dysfunction even before it declares itself in full force? This is possible if you pay attention to the specific signs of this disease. You will learn about them by reading below. Also, there is information about the simple self-test, which will help to diagnose ED.

All men are well aware of what erectile dysfunction (ED) is and can say with certainty whether they have this ailment or not. What could be easier than to understand whether you have impotence (of course, if you are honest with yourself) or not? However, things are not as simple as they seem. Explicit erection problems are the second stage of impotence and often they appear because no one pays enough attention to early symptoms of ED. As a result, precious time is lost, and impotence becomes much more difficult to treat. Listening to the alarm bells is what any man who cares about his sexual health needs to do. This applies to both older and younger men since ED can begin to develop at any age. Age-related changes do not play a significant role since many other factors can worsen sexual health:

  • stress;
  • poor environmental quality;
  • impaired blood circulation;
  • physical inactivity;
  • unhealthy habits;
  • poor diet;
  • prolonged absence of sex and much more.

Any of these ED causes can affect men at any age, so it is very important to pay attention to the first symptoms that signal possible problems.

Erectile dysfunction test at home

Easy ED Self-Test

The simplest and most reliable way to identify erection problems and determine their psychological or physiological origin is the stamp test which can be adapted for home use. It can show the state of male health even before there are clear signs of impotence.

What is this test about? It is based on the phenomenon of morning and night erection. In a healthy man, a spontaneous and long enough (up to one hour) erection occurs at least three-five times during a night. In men with ED or at its first signs, this process is disrupted – the number of erections will be less. With the progressive development of impotence, night erections may disappear altogether. This applies to those people whose potency problems are of a physiological nature. Nocturnal erections, along with signs of ED, indicate that sexuality is adversely affected by psychological problems. There are many nuances in such cases, so it is best to contact a psychologist or sexologist to figure out the cause of impotence.

Get Ready

If you suspect you have erectile dysfunction then test yourself. This is simple and you will need:

  • four to six postage stamps or a strip of paper that is long enough to wrap the penis with some overlap. The paper width should be about an inch;
  • duct tape for attaching the paper to the penis if you have chosen this option.

In order to make the result clear, it is necessary to avoid drinking alcohol and taking sleeping pills for about two days. They may impair your sexual health.

Before bedtime, you should put on tight swimming underwear or boxers. Wrap postage stamps or paper ribbon around your non-erect penis. Put moisture on one stamp and overlap it so that the ring closes around the penis. If you choose a paper strip, do the same with it, holding the ends together with duct tape. Try to sleep on your back. Repeat this test three nights in a row.

What Are Your Results

Paper stamp tape

If your erection is OK, then in the morning you will notice that the stamp tape or paper strip is torn. This means that in a dream you had an erection, the penis increased in size, and it tore apart the paper. If this did not happen during one of the three nights, then this is the first bell about the approaching problems with potency. If the tape has remained intact for two or three nights, this most likely means that you are an impotent man, so do not blame stress or fatigue. In all cases where the tape remains intact, you need to consult a doctor – he will help to identify the cause of the problem and prescribe an effective treatment.

Check Your Symptoms

The symptoms that indirectly indicate possible ED may appear anytime during a person’s lifetime. Pay attention to these things, and you can prevent the development of the disease. By being engaged in self-testing, you will be able to save your male power for many years. The main symptoms of impending impotence include:

  • absence of morning erection. An erection in the morning speaks about the normal functioning of hormones and blood vessels, it occurs involuntarily in the phase of REM sleep. If you reveal such a phenomenon rarely, then it’s time to think about your health;
  • lack of thoughts about sex. Testosterone makes men think about sex often – this hormone is responsible for sexual desire. Its low levels lead to a loss of sexual interest;
  • high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. These two are dangerous to health and even life, and they can also become a direct cause of ED;
  • bad elasticity of blood vessels. This can cause impotence and weak erection;
  • taking antidepressants. Sometimes these medicines are essential, although they can cause poor potency. Do not be afraid, because after the end of medication the sexual function returns;
  • sore and bleeding gums. Any inflammatory processes in the oral cavity inevitably affect the condition of the whole organism and can lead to the development of ED;
  • eventual erection problems. If during sex the erection became weak and sexual desire disappeared, then it may be just an accident, but only if it happens very rarely. If such troubles occur regularly, then it is necessary to undergo a thorough examination;
  • sleep deprivation. It can cause not only poor health but also impotence. Long-term lack of sleep leads to a decrease in testosterone levels and problems with sexual health.

If you have noticed at least one symptom of ED, pay close attention to your health.

Summing Up

Online drugstoreWhat benefits can you receive from testing? This will tell you what problem has occurred and what actions need to be taken to restore your sex life. In these cases, it is very important not to self-medicate, but to consult with a specialist. In mild cases, the normalization of lifestyle, sports, vitamins, and proper nutrition helps, but if this is not enough, a visit to a doctor is necessary. As a rule, it is recommended to undergo an examination in order to identify the cause of the problem in the genital area and your doctor will prescribe adequate treatment.

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