Hot words to say during sex: phrases list to turn a guy on

Hot Words to Say During Sex: Phrases List to Turn a Guy On

Hot Words to Say During Sex: Phrases List to Turn a Guy On

Welcome to ViaBestBuy’s guide “How to arouse your boyfriend” for ladies and gentlemen. Today we will talk about words and their role in great sex. Is it OK to have a conversation in bed? How to act in this case? Which phrases are the most suitable for dirty talk? Scroll down and you will figure out the answers to those kinky questions.

Sometimes words have even greater power than tactile stimulations of the erogenous zones. A meaningful look, hair flip and a willfully misplaced word may turn a guy on even more than a straightforward offer to have sex. Dirty talk is a substantial part of lovemaking, but some people still haven’t got this potent weapon in their stockpile. ViaBestBuy urges you to join the company of those who use hot phrases in bed and beyond. According to the poll conducted by adult toy company Adam & Eve, 80% of people in the USA use dirty talk to warm up. 12% of Americans consider it an indispensable activity during sex, 33% engage in it only sometimes and the rest of respondents (29%) rarely use it.

Why Does Dirty Talk Really Work?

The most important erogenous zone in the body is our mind. That’s why we feel strong sexual drive only in presence of special people, easily get aroused from fantasies and prefer particular sexual activities. Even though the brain controls all the zones localized all over the body, touches are not the only thing subservient to it.

Let’s answer a question “What actually is sex?”

The majority of experts consider the definition “sex is a specific interaction between male and female genitals” to be an obsolete one. Sex is an activity which starts at the time when the sexual arousal of both partners takes place. Of course, in some cases, people don’t embody their desires in life, but when they do, any kind of touch, verbal communication (not without reason we have a phenomenon named “phone sex”), and even distant non-verbal signs and actions may be called sex.

Hot words to say during sex: phrases list to turn a guy on

As you can see, sex is more about processes in your brain, not in your genitals. That’s why dirty talk really exists and helps partners to increase pleasure. You activate all lobes of your brain while talking to your partner during sex. As the result, a powerful wave of excitement comes over your mind.

Another useful advantage of dirty talk is a better understanding of your partner’s desires. It seems to be almost impossible to translate fantasies into deeds without discussing them. Dirty talk can be versatile: from short whoops at the peak of satisfaction to a long conversation of what you are going to do with your partner (or his/her request for you to do something they like).

According to several studies, an increased brain activity improves the production of some hormones responsible for libido, sexual arousal and pleasure. Therefore, dirty talk has numerous advantages starting from physical and psychological benefits and ending with the improvement of an overall relationship between two people due to greater sexual satisfaction and rapport.

Getting Prepared: 5 Essential Rules for Becoming a Dream Seducer

It’s not easy to select the proper words and vocalize them at the right moment. Sexy talk is not only phrases you learn from our words list, it is also a behavior, gestures, emotions, and feelings you put on them. We will provide you with 5 of the best tips for how to turn your boyfriend (it may work for a girlfriend too) on.

Think of What Do You Like in Him Most of All.

There are several specificities in each person that keep you sexually attracted to him or her. It can be anything: his smile, the way he laughs, the habit of sweeping his hair, a birthmark on private parts, demeanor, etc. Try to be different from prosaic compliments and spend some time coming up with more original ways to show your appreciation of his personality.

Be Frank with Him Regardless of the Situation.

Don’t be shy! Imagine that your husband is a man for a one night stand or simply a guy with whom you’re having a holiday romance. It might help, because you will think less about the possible consequences (they definitely will occur, but only positive) and just express what’s on your mind. If you still feel awkward, your dirty phrases may sound a bit constrained or not sexy. Set up a proper mood before taking action.

Tease Him Throughout the Day


It’s important to heat up the passion before you jump right into bed. Send him ambiguous messages via phone or take a few seductive pictures (be careful with this: don’t send nudes if he is at work or at a business meeting, which could end badly). These are some examples of phrases to turn him on via text:

“I am dreaming about you and planning what I’m going to do with you tonight.”

“Can’t forget your lips/hands/tongue/dick and how good it feels.”

“Come soon to me, I’m all wet and waiting for you in bed.”

..and other stuff in the same spirit. Also, you can remind him of your (or his) sexual fantasies and suggest fulfilling them in the near future.

Choose the Right Moment

Unfortunately, dirty talk or sexy messages are not always appropriate. Watch him and his condition and pick up a right minute to say something like this. Be sure he is interested in sex with you at the current moment. Otherwise, your attempts to seduce him may seem weird or even annoying.

Start with Soft Words

Gently lead him to dirty talk, do not embarrass him with hardcore words like slang or abusive language. Start with smooth hints and if he gets going, you can move to more explicit phrases. Attention: some people slowly adjust to changes, so it may take time before he gets used to such novelties in your sexual life.

Getting to the Point: How to Act During a Hot Conversation in Bed?

Couple talk in bedCongratulations, night has fallen and you ended your erotic interaction during the day in the bedroom. It’s time to start hot talk during sex, but don’t rush it. There are more tips from ViaBestBuy concerning your tone of voice, gestures and facial expression. You think this is funny, don’t you? Well, these things make up more than a half of your success. So let’s discuss each aspect in detail.

Voice – Low and Quiet

Imagine you’re an actress and change your voice a bit. Don’t talk to him with the voice you use for daily conversations. It doesn’t sound naughty at all. Lower the tone of your voice and make it more silent than usual. In some cases, we recommend you whisper. Sometimes just a proper voice may work regardless of what you are saying.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t control your voice when you are on the verge of orgasm. Don’t care about it, say anything you want to. Any words sound sexy at this point, especially when he is horny enough.

Body – Be Closer to Him and Show Yourself

Lean in closer, otherwise he will not be able to hear what are you whispering or quietly saying. Also, ears are a sensitive erogenous zone, so you can combine dirty talk with the gentle teasing of his earlobes. If he doesn’t like it, alternate whispering and kissing his lips and neck.

The other important thing: don’t try to hide your intimate parts from him. On the contrary, show your boyfriend the best of you. It also will be great if you wear beautiful lingerie – he will greatly appreciate it.

Facial Expression – Confident and Relaxed

It’s not a time for giggling or ironic smiling. You could consider sexy talk something ridiculous, but now it’s not that kind of fun anymore. It’s great to smile, but in another way than you do in everyday life. Your face should express genuine feelings of passion and desire, but don’t try to imitate them. Just relax and let your emotions pour out freely.

Behavior – Keep Going, But Not Overdo It

Even though dirty talk is great for almost all sexual occasions, your partner can get tired of it when you use it very often during intercourse or every time you have sex. Don’t let this magic tool transform into a routine chore.

Tips and Examples of THAT Kind of Words

Sexy coupleDon’t know what to say? We are going to give you a lead by giving you some examples of vocabulary usage. It’s not complicated to come up with unique phrases only you two understand, simply use the recommendations below. So, the types of words you may use during sex:

  • descriptions. A lot of people use elements of dirty talk during their sexual activities by calling their partner hot/beautiful/handsome or saying short phrases like “Yes, I like it,” “I want you,” “I love having sex with you,” and so on. They are good for a start, but they are not the limit. To make these common words more seductive, add some description of what exactly you like in your partner or in sex with him. For instance:

“You have such a firm butt; it’s driving me mad when I’m staring at it.”

“I love when you kiss my neck and touch my breasts this way.”

“I want to see this insatiable desire in your eyes when you’re going down on me again and again.”

  • sensual impressions. Involve all five senses in dirty talk, not only sight and touch. Don’t stop here; tell your partner that you like the scent of his skin, the tone of his voice, or the taste of his lips. Combine your feelings and say something like:

“Your moans turn me on so much, they are so sexy.”

“I can’t control myself when I taste your dick. I think I’m about to come right now.”

  • soft words. Some people prefer romantic talk over swear words, so you should take this into consideration. Talk with your man: if he can’t stand obscene language and it is a total turn-off for him, then gentle and affectionate phrases will be a perfect choice.

“I am going to caress your penis slowly until you can’t stand it anymore and put it inside in me.”

“Kiss my lips and keep going. I’m all wet and want you to lean closer.”

“Look at me, baby. I love to look at your beautiful face while we are doing it.”

  • harsh language. On the contrary, there are men and women who like dirty street slang and firmer “oral” stimulation of their brain. If your partner belongs to this group of people, be looser in expressions and act like you’re in your dirtiest fantasies.

“You, hooker! Come here and fuck me as hard as you can. I will see what you got.”

“Use your little slut and fill all her holes tonight.”

“Lick my pussy, daddy. I am going to squirt on your face.”

Involve your imagination and don’t forget to discuss the preferences of your partner outside the bedroom. Feel a bit awkward in the first stages of your little experiment? Don’t worry: you will get used to it very soon after a bit of practice.

Full Throttle: a List of 30 Top Phrases to Try Them Today

Seduction techniquesEager to try a new seduction technique, but can’t figure out the suitable words for tonight? We suggest you check out ViaBestBuy’s collections of 30 phrases which will work for 99% of cases.

  1. Your hands/lips/dick/tongue feel amazing on my body.
  2. Let me taste you right now.
  3. Lie down on your back and just relax. Let me give you something.
  4. I’m so horny and ready for you inside me.
  5. Grab my hair and fuck me hard.
  6. Please, don’t stop, keep going. I want more of you.
  7. I’m going to ride you all night.
  8. Baby, I want you to make me scream again.
  9. Your tongue is a magic tool for pleasuring a woman.
  10. I really want us to come together.
  11. Touch my boobs/thighs/clit/, it makes my pussy so wet.
  12. You have such sexy boxers, but I can’t wait to take them off.
  13. I feel how hard you are, I’ll make you even harder.
  14. Put it deeper inside and move faster.
  15. Yeah, It feels so good, I’m coming for you.
  16. Please come inside me, that’s all I want.
  17. I want to be your little slut tonight.
  18. Kiss me there with your wonderful lips.
  19. Do you want me to go down on you? I love sucking your cock.
  20. Come in my mouth because I enjoy your taste so much.
  21. Let’s have sex in front of a mirror: I would like to see how you’re fucking me from every angle.
  22. Get on top of me. Now!
  23. Your skin is so smooth. I wish I could just eat you.
  24. This pussy is yours. Come near and take it.
  25. I will tease you until you’ll beg me to stop.
  26. Do you want me to sit on your face?
  27. Bad boy, show me what else you got.
  28. Throw me on a bed and use me as a sex toy.
  29. How sexy you are when you do this for me.
  30. Lick my pussy, that’s what I need.

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