L-Citrulline for Erectile Dysfunction Benefits

L-Citrulline for Erectile Dysfunction Benefits

L-Citrulline for Erectile Dysfunction Benefits

L-citrulline is a natural form of citrulline. Although, our organism produces its own source of this compound, the additional usage of it may have significant results on blood system, erectile function and immunity in general. This article tells about the amino acid L-citrulline, its connection with L-arginine and the positive impact of them both on the organism.


The supplement is widely used among people of different ages, including kids, for regular cure and prophylactics of heart and blood related diseases. In rare cases L-citrulline becomes a vital remedy for life saving. Let’s have a closer look at this unique additive.

What Is L-Citrulline?

L-citrulline is the amino acid normally created by the organism. After consumption of natural food that contain L-citrulline, it is being modified into L-arginine and nitric oxide in kidneys. Nitric oxide is a free radical which means that it has three chemical binding and can hitch itself to other molecules. This feature makes nitric oxide the most forceful vasodilating agent in the body. Helping to relax and widen the blood vessels, nitric oxide is responsible for a proper blood flowing in the body.

L-citrulline and L-arginine are the vital chemicals which control blood and vessel health and immunity system in general. These amino acids are distinguishable but have identical purpose: enabling and increasing the nitric oxide producing in the organism.

Amino acids are the primary organic substances which are responsible for body’s metabolism. They are the major component of the neurotransmission between cells and brain. One of their most important function is maintaining strong and healthy erection.

L-Citrulline Uses

The table represents multiple L-citrulline uses in quality of supplement and achieved effect after the usage:

Disease L-citrulline Benefits
Sexual dysfunction Widens blood vessels and improves circulation to vital organs
Senile dementia and related disorders Rises up the nitric oxide, making positive impact on the brain cells
Hypertension, arterial stiffness Broadens blood vessels, increases flexibility and passableness
Mental disability Recovers brain cells
Vascular heart disease Positive impact on blood ways
Sickle-cell disease (the disorder when red blood cells take over the oxygen delivery to the body completely) Production of extra nitric oxide is having a positive influence on curing course
Hyper Dibasic aminoaciduria type 2 (a rare disorder when the organism can not digest and use certain protein building blocks) In combination with medical preparations restores urea work
Reye syndrome (damaging process in brain and liver, mostly in kids and teenagers) Detoxifies high ammonia levels in blood

L-citrulline is also effective for hard training and athletic performance, improves power output, increases energy and enlarges body muscles.

L-Citrulline for Erectile Dysfunction BenefitsFor Bodybuilding

L-citrulline is used extensively in bodybuilding. It plays a role of a pump booster, performance intensifier and recovery moderator, perfectly reduces weakness and muscles soreness. Athletes give preferences to this supplement due to its ability to delay fatigue during intensive training and to prolong physical activity. Sportsmen prefer Citrulline malate, the combination of L-citrulline and malic acid (C4H605).

Scientific studies show that L-citrulline supplement is more effective than L-arginine and provides more nitric oxide. Being a strong vaso hypotonic agent, nitric oxide improves blood flowing all over the body, nudges laxation in smooth muscle cells, relaxes heart muscles and other tissues, organs and cavities.

When smooth muscles relax inside blood vessels, they are widening in diameter and displaying more blood, which decreases cardiac workload, protects from cardiovascular illnesses through blood pressure regulation and balances cholesterol levels.

L-citrulline increases protein synthesis and improves nitrogen balance in healthy adults, supporting body mass growing. Although, L-citrulline is not itself used for synthesizing proteins, unlike proteinogenic amino acids. Clinical trials in people who were not involved into sports showed significant increasing of citrulline and arginine, but showed no result in whole-body protein kinetics.

Ammonia and lactic acid, which are highly produced by the organism during hard training, negatively impact muscle performance and cause a quick fatigue (muscular acidosis). L-citrulline works on restoring PH muscles by clearing away ammonia and lactic acid buildups. One more benefit of L-citrulline for sportsmen is ability to increase growth hormone.

Clinical trials in athletesThe recommended dose for sportsmen is 10 g of L-citrulline daily, sometimes the dose is less (6-9 g). The dosage strictly depends on age, gender, therapeutic aim and so on. In any case, it is better to receive professional consultation of healthcare provider about how much L-citrulline should be taken basing on particular health history. Sportsmen should be aware that L-citrulline does not call side effects but interacts with prescription drugs, herbal supplements and PDE-5 inhibitors.

So, to sum things up, L-citrulline for bodybuilders helps to:

  • increase training volume per set;
  • reduce muscles soreness after gym;
  • delay times to exhaustion during sets;
  • enhance aerobic performance;
  • struggle with overtraining symptom;
  • rise up immunity state (by Spanish research data).

How L-Citrulline Works?

L-CitrullineThe main function of L-citrulline is nitric oxide producing. As soon as L-citrulline comes into our body, it converts into L-arginine via arginase ferment. The conversion process happens in kidneys. Then, L-arginine turns into nitric oxide in the veins and arteries via nitric oxide synthase ferment. The release of nitric oxide allows the blood ways to expand which improves blood circulation through the body. As a result, a human receives afflux energy and generally feels better.

It is worthy to give a close attention to the work of L-citrulline for ED. Urologists of the Foggia University examined the advantages of L-citrulline usage for sexual dysfunction cure. During researches, it was found out that in aged men high blood pressure, low insulin sensitivity and worsening condition of cholesterol balance cause hardening the phallus blood vessels which respectively diminishes the penis ability to erection. To treat this failure medicals usually use PDE-5 inhibitors (like Viagra or Cialis) which help to restore the permeability of the blood belles and capillaries in the phallus, achieve and maintain erection.

Italian scientists have decided to examine the action of L-citrulline, a predecessor of L-arginine (the donor of nitric oxide). High rates of nitric oxide turn guanylate cyclase into a component of guanosine triphosphate during erection and rise up the amount of cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Thusly, the donors of nitric oxide increase producing of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, while PDE-5 inhibitors increase its breakdown. Mechanisms are different, but the effect is identical.

How to Take L-Citrulline for Erectile Function Restoring?

Experiments with L-arginine in struggling with ED problems showed disappointing outcome. L-arginine does not retard in the organism. Some producers tried to solve this problem by combination of L-arginine with herbs. Italians joined it with L-citrulline, the trial doses were 750 mg of L-citrulline twice a day during 2 months. The optimal dose is 1.5 g daily.

In the beginning of the experiment the level of erection rigidity was scored «3». Males could have sexual intercourse but the erection level was not optimal. 2 of 24 patients claimed about very good erection results were scored «4» (the highest one). 12 of 24 males marked better erections during L-citrulline usage. The count of sexual intercourse has risen up from level 1.37 (before the treatment) to 2.3 after L-citrulline course. Half of patients stayed satisfied with the result of L-citrulline. Other half of patients didn’t feel any changes and preferred to go on treatment by PDE-5 inhibitors. Adverse effects after usage of L-citrulline were not found.

Research workers suppose that L-citrulline effect may be more significant after prolonged courses. Increasing the level of nitric oxide leads to activation of the vascular endothelial growth which in turn forms new blood vessels.

Despite the less effectiveness of L-citrulline comparing to PDE-5 inhibitors, it has proven its safeness and physiologically positive consuming. L-citrulline is worthy of long term clinical trials as alternative and inexpensive preparation for erectile dysfunction in soft forms, especially in those who worry about side effects of PDE-5 inhibitors.

Are L-Citrulline Supplements Safe?


For majority of consumers find L-citrulline absolutely non hazardous. It is well-explored, widely applied and consists of natural ingredient. Nevertheless, in case of chronic abnormal conditions it is necessary to consult with health care provider due to possible side effects and risking issues.

There is preliminary data about L-citrulline reliability at higher doses. It reports that 8 healthy men used 2, 5, 10 and 15 mg of the preparation and non side effects were marked. All body functions and blood pressure rates stayed in norm.

Researches also showed that big amount of L-citrulline does not increase arginine in blood which means that organism can accept strictly limited doses of L-citrulline. More that 10 g are safe but appear unnecessary.

Therefore, those who have a will to improve heart condition or rise up sport performance results, may dare to use L-citrulline as it is an ideal supplement for this purpose.

Benefits of Arginine and Citrulline Joint Taking

Scientific researches show that combination of both amino acids L-citrulline and L-arginine is useful for vascular cardiac system and fastness, enhances sexual abilities through increasing nitric oxide producing. Their mix gives an invaluable success to a human organism. What these amino acids do together? They:

  • force nitric oxide generation, promoting a good blood circulation and supporting cardiovascular healthy state;
  • regulate tension of blood and care of the immunodefence;
  • detoxify liver and remove ammonia from the organism;
  • improve sexual performance;
  • amend quick renewing after hard gym training.

Chest pain

The good of amino acids will be estimated by everyone who:

  • cares of blood system and wishes to protect the organism from heart seizure and stroke;
  • wants to deviate from stenocardia (chest pain);
  • desires to exclude leg pain caused by bad blood circulation;
  • suffers from erectile dysfunctions;
  • trains hard and wants to achieve quick recovery.

Citrulline as well as arginine is important for vasodilation, especially in the large arteries, veins and smaller arterioles. Nitric oxide is being a kind of signal for smooth muscles to relax, causing a good blood flowing. It promotes healthy blood supply to the heart and genital organs in men and women both. Blood vessels become flexible so the blood flow is unrestricted. Efficient work diminishes the risk of heart attack and stroke in many times.

Nitric oxide provides exhortation from clots, protecting stickiness of the blood aggregation and platelets. Viscosity is a dangerous condition because the platelets can not move and therefore form blood clots.

Nitric oxide makes antioxidant function, reduces the immune cells from adhering to artery walls. It reduces inflammation, a major reason of the plaque formation that contributes to atherosclerosis.

Nitric oxide production can be inhibited by many factors, for example by:

  • chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and arterial lipidosis;
  • high salt intake;
  • aging.

L-citrulline and L-arginine struggles with these states and boost nitric oxide production in the organism. The combination functions successfully because L-citrulline is more bioavailable and absorbed quicker than L-arginine alone. Another proven fact is that the citrulline increases plasma arginine concentration more effectively than L-arginine. L-citrulline produces L-arginine in the organism but it takes some time.


L-arginine has been explored for improving sexual strength. Clinical trials show that it is an effective remedy for males and females which provides long-lasting and vigorous orgasms. L-arginine is often used by men for achieving rock hard erections.

There are supplements with L-citrulline and L-arginine together, usually the amount of the second is smaller there. Those who are not satisfied with proportions can try to buy separate L-citrulline and L-arginine supplements and use them together making own proportions. Using them together is safe and healthy.

Of course, this chemical formula has analogues. There are numerous drugs with similar action, aimed at nitric oxide producing, particularly, Sildenafil citrate (Viagra). Although, it consists of chemical ingredients and may call side effects.

L-Citrulline Dosage for Sexual Health

The sufferers from erectile dysfunction should consume 3600 mg of L-citrulline daily. The dosage is best spread throughout the day at 8-hour interval. For the record, L-arginine in the same purposes should be used in dosage 6.000 mg every day.

Those, who are interested to try a combination of two amino acids should follow the scheme: low dose of L-arginine (approximately 600 mg) and higher dose of L-citrulline (2.400 mg). Combo tablets exist but may have a weaker effect due to wrong ratio of the amino acids.

The Internet review reports about perfect results for rigid erection and powerful potency of the mix Now Sports 1200 mg L-citrulline tablets and the Now Foods 1000 mg double strength L-arginine tablets.

For splendid successes in bedroom the dosages of both amino acids should be doubled and used with food, juice or smoothie.

Other Uses of L-Citrulline

Genetic illnessesL-citrulline is also used for treating a group of genetic illnesses called inborn errors of metabolism (IEM). Without a proper cure IEM leads to mental impairment, destruction or degeneration of cerebrum cells, mortality.

The pathological conditions lead to affecting the metabolic process in urea. By data of the NUCDF undetectable IEM like urea cycle disorder (UCD) leads to sudden infant-death syndrome (SIDS) in 20% of incidents.

UCD is a sparse disease which affects approximately two-and-a-half-thousand people in the USA. About 75% of diseased need L-citrulline supplement to survive.

People with UCD have an idiovariation. Their bodies can not make enough essential ferments for circuit normal functioning. In a wholesome organism the enzymes create chemical processes that evacuate nitrogen from the blood and turn into urea, a chemical compound that is being disposed of the body through urine. In UCD diseased people nitrogen accumulates as ammonia in the blood stream, then reaches the brain cells, causing damage, come and fatal outcome.

Healthy person owns six crucial ferments for the good functioning of urea cycle. Non availability of a particular one leads to specific problems.

Such illnesses happen mostly in childhood, but also may develop in mature humans who were born with soft forms of a saltation. The problem may flow unnoticed till the moment when metabolic system comes under massive stress like viruses attack, heavy training loads or excessive protein consumption.

Effective methods of overcoming UCD are healthy diet and drug cure, sometimes liver transplantation is necessary. Any drug therapy require a patient to use amino acid L-citrulline or L-arginine in daily ration. The dosages depend on particular pathological state. They both facilitate urea cycle ferments and promote renal ammonia excretion.

Side Effects

Blood pressureL-citrulline does not cause side effects even after 9 months of non stop usage if a person is healthy and does not use other drugs. If a human suffers from chronic diseases and undertakes treatment, preliminary medical consultation is highly suggested. L-citrulline may interwork with several groups of medications. Particularly:

  • herbal medicines which diminish blood pressure;
  • nitrates containing drugs for heart troubles or other agents which affect blood pressure;
  • the phosphodiesterase type 5.

Parallel cure of L-citrulline with these medical preparations is not suggested and threatens adverse symptoms manifestations.

The preparation is safe for children group in dosage up to 5.7 g daily during 20 months.

There is no reliable scientific information about female usage of L-citrulline during pregnancy and breastfeeding period, therefore, it is not recommended for these cases.

Contraindications and Risks

L-citrulline is safe for the majority of people, though, a few side effects were marked:

  1. It has ability to low overall blood pressure. Helping with hypertension, it appears harmful for people with low blood pressure.
  2. L-citrulline is not safe for kidneys work due to increasing overall creatine levels.
  3. Too much creatine may cause stomach problems.

Usage of L-citrulline in the condition listed above may have negative impact on health. People with low blood pressure and chronic kidney diseases should receive a preliminary medical consultation. Health care provider should correct the dosages or choose an alternative for curing.

Patients should not exceed the prescribed doses because it threatens stomach problems. For those who take L-citrulline independently 1000 mg is a maximum dosage.

L-Citrulline vs L-Arginine

L-Citrulline vs L-ArginineBoth L-citrulline and L-arginine supplements are valuable, though L-citrulline has obvious advantages. Let’s see, what is the difference of L-arginine and L-citrulline by items:

  1. L-citrulline is getting converted into natural L-arginine in the body. The supplement form of L-arginine is less successful due to loss 50% of it in stomach during digestion. As a result, it produces less nitric oxide which is actually the main purpose of the supplement.
  2. L-citrulline is more efficient in lower dosages for increasing blood arginine levels. This odd fact is explained by producing and conversion process of L-citrulline into L-arginine in kidneys through arginase ferment, while half of taken L-arginine supplement is reduced during digestion.
  3. Both supplements can be used in combination. The timing of conversion L-citrulline to nitric oxide lasts much longer, while L-arginine gives practically instant results.

Top L-Citrulline Supplements

The dosages of L-citrulline vary depending on the health effect or medical purpose a purchaser wants to receive. Following the recommended dose is extra important. Consumers should also pay attention at preparation form and select the easiest one for usage according to lifestyle. Luckily, the supplements choice range is pretty wide. To choose the best one a consumer needs a careful consideration of the pros and cons of each product. A few popular goods with complete reviews are represented in the table.

Item of goods Advantages Disadvantages
Micro Ingredients Plant-Based Pure L-citrulline The vegan unflavored pulvis with no admixtures or filters. Perfect quality without gluten and genetically modified organisms. Powder form perplexes taking the vitamin additive in motion.
Democratic package price: $14-17 for 260 g of L-citrulline. The amount matches well for beginners. Wholesale commodity may help to economize. During frequent usage the package will be over quickly.
Source Naturals L-citrulline This non flavored product contains 120 caps with 1000 mg of L-citrulline in each one. The caps absorption is worse than powder.
An appropriate option for those who is on the go. The costs may add up.
Nutricost L-citrulline Powder The USA product contains 300 g of unflavored L-citrulline powder. The form is inconvenient for those who is on the wings
The ratio of amount and price is very good. The container costs around $17-20.
The powder form allows quick absorption.
Amazing Nutrition L-citrulline The product is made in the USA. It is absolutely pure with no additives or preservatives. The bottle costs about $20-25. The expenses for the supplement may be risen depending on frequency of usage the product.
Large bottle contains 180 capsules of 750 mg L-citrulline, which is convenient for daily usage. Caps form is not absorbed as well as the powder.
Caps are comfortable for consuming on the go.
Now L-citrulline Powder This USA product contains 100% pure L-citrulline, no other ingredients are added. It costs around $30 for 110 g. The amount is too little for everyday usage, the expenses for the supplement will be added up.
The powder form is easy for taking (should be dissolved in water) and allows quick absorption. The dissolving form is not comfortable for those who is on the go.

Thusly, choosing the L-citrulline supplement it’s important to pay attention to such issues:

  1. The quality of the supplement. It should contain 100% pure L-citrulline with no additives, artificial sweeteners, GMO. Unflavored product can be used with plain water or added to a smoothie without changing its taste.
  2. The form option depends on lifestyle of the consumer. Friable substance is the best form for absorption though it is inconvenient for those who is in a hurry.
  3. The correlation of dosage, amount of product and value will help to plan the budget and curing scheme.

Always check if you buy certified product indeed. In February 2014 false L-citrulline preparations were distributed to pharmacies in US. The FDA checking showed that instead of L-citrulline they contained other ingredient named N-acetyl-leucine that prevents and treats vertiginousness. Major adverse symptoms, a few in kids, were reported after using mislabeled goods.

Can You Get L-Citrulline from Food?

L-citrulline can be obtained from food. Natural amino acid fight with hypertension and protects from cardiovascular diseases, contains the vital for health vitamins. The list of the products which include natural L-citrulline is below:

  • L-Citrulline from foodwatermelons;
  • cantaloupe;
  • melons and gourds;
  • cucumbers;
  • pumpkin;
  • karela;
  • onion and garlic;
  • fabaceae;
  • chickpea, arachis, soybeans;
  • liver;
  • red meat;
  • fish;
  • salmon;
  • almonds;
  • cocoa;
  • dark chocolate.

It should be noted that, none of the food contains concentrated amount of Citrullus vulgaris. Even daily consuming of L-citrulline containing products can barely elevate L-citrulline or L-arginine to therapeutic levels.

The highest level of citrulline was found in watermelon. Although, for receiving the dosages needed for chemical process to happen a person should eat about six cups of watermelon. This can be barely real and actually not healthy too because among L-citrulline watermelon includes high level of fructose (fruit sugar). Eating watermelons in big amounts, be ready to the inconveniences: being a natural diuretic, it will make you spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

What Else Can I Take to Cure My ED?

EDErectile dysfunction is a serious problem for many aged men which affects patient’s life seriously. While supplements help only at early stage of the disease, professional drugs cure even severe cases.

The main priority of the chemical drugs is that their action is directed to solving exact problem, while supplement make overall effect and can treat only mild forms of disease. The beginners should not be afraid of side effects. Usually the cure goes smoothly. Adverse symptoms can be easily excluded if a patient had made complete medical examination of the organism before he started PDE5 inhibitors treatment and follows a professional scheme of cure.

If the preparation does match a patient can always receive a clear medical advice and switch it to another drug with different active ingredient. Wide assortment of drugs forms (classic rigid tablets, sublingual tablets, jellies etc) allows to choose the best one for consuming without spoiling the effect.

Such famous preparations as Viagra and Cialis have acquired a good reputation all over the world. The preparations are certified, effective and do not lose their popularity among erectile dysfunction sufferers.

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