Sex and Sleep Benefits

Sex and Sleep Benefits

Sex and Sleep Benefits

Sex is not only able to bring pleasure. It can be very beneficial for your health. The benefits of having a healthy sexual life range from reducing our stress level to improving the brain functions and preventing serious diseases. Regular sexual intercourse also much contributes to a deeper and sound sleep.

Two opposite actions like sleeping and having sex go hand in hand: sexual activity helps us to sleep, and more sleep increases our sexual libido. Sex really makes it easier to fall asleep. This happens due to the hormones which are released after the sexual activity. Sex boosts a hormone that makes you feel more intimate with a partner, oxytocin, and inhibits a stress-related hormone, cortisol. Besides, another hormone is produced during the orgasm – prolactin. This substance makes us feel sleepy and calm. All these relaxing factors bring us to a nice and drowsy state, which is perfect for falling asleep.

Sex and Sleep Benefits

The most common causes of sleep deprivation are influenced by depression and stress, or both. After sex, a human body releases neuropeptides, known as endorphins. Endorphins are known to promote certain natural states of euphoria. After getting an orgasm, people feel peaceful and think more positively. With such research at hand, we can say that sex has a positive effect on the sleep cycle.

SexWomen get an extra bonus. Sex enhances the level of estrogen, giving them a deeper slumber and increasing their REM stage. Besides, each extra hour of sleep corresponds to a higher level of a sexual desire in women, and a 15% increase in a possibility of having sex the next day. As sexual experts testify, women who sleep longer report a greater vaginal lubrication.

Most sex therapists claim that a man’s body chemistry also undergoes changes after an orgasm. As male anatomy shows, the exertion during sex deprives their muscles of energy-creating glycogen. This factor makes men feeling drowsy. As a male has more muscle mass than a female, men get more tired after intercourse.

Sexual health experts claim that two-thirds of people sleep better after having sex. It is true in the situation, if an orgasm was involved for both partners. Sleep researchers advise patients switching off their telephones and switching on their libidos. Substitute your screen time for play time!

When we are engaged in actions between the sheets, our brains are not occupied by numerous problems and thoughts. They are left outside. They do not distract us. The combination of a good sleep during the night and good sex results in our well-being. People who feel happy in their intimate lives are usually satisfied in their actual life.

Sleep after sexIf your sexual life is hurt by a lack of sleep, the solution lies in having more sex! The satisfaction that both partners obtain during intimacy is considered to be a huge stress reliever. This is a natural way to feel closer to your partner, intensifying an internal and spiritual connection. In turn, when people feel happier in their relationships, such feelings promote better sleep. This cycle goes on!

Sex and sleep seem to be more related than we could even imagine. In the case that a man has lost his sex drive or suffers from any sexual disorders, he can look for the problem solution at ViaBestBuy. We offer a great number of alternatives for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. High-quality generic medicines are able to cure any complicated case.

Do not lie in bed counting sheep and cows while suffering from insomnia. Just turn to your partner and initiate the process.