Best tips to get hot sex in shower

Best Tips to Get Hot Sex in Shower

Best Tips to Get Hot Sex in Shower

Hot sex in the shower is the dream of many people. It seems that this will be an unforgettable adventure, but is this really so? In the article below, you will find some easy, but useful tips on how to make sex in the shower a magical event and not a reason to visit a traumatologist.

Sex in bed has become routine for you, and you want to try some other places? Why not? In fact, it can seriously revitalize your sex life. Maybe any couple comes up to the idea of having sex in the shower – as in movies it looks beautiful, romantic, and passionate. However, is it not really so. Real life can throw in surprises for which the cinema has not prepared you. So, is it worth it to have sex in the shower? What should you expect of it?

Is Shower Really Great Place to Hot Love?

A shower is a place where people not only wash their bodies but can also relax, get away from problems, think about something, sing favorite songs, etc.

Shower sex often appears in the fantasies of many people. This is understandable because washing in the shower is an intimate process, just like sex, so why not to combine them? Still, the shower is not a bed, and if you lose vigilance or make an awkward movement, you can pay for this with your health or even your life. Spray, steam, slippery floors and walls – all this can cause injury.

What to do in order that sex in the shower is a sweet realization of imagination and not a reason to see a doctor? You just need to know a few rules that will help you to avoid unpleasant and dangerous moments and enjoy the process as much as possible.

Put a Bath Mat Down

Best tips to get hot sex in shower

Injury can be obtained just by entering the bathroom because the slippery floor is a real threat. This is dangerous for even one person, but for two the risk is much higher since you will be busy with each other and not with the meticulous observance of safety rules. Be sure to put a mat in the bathroom, and it will prevent slipping. In addition, a mat is much nicer to the touch than a cold tile, especially if you stand on it with bare feet. Do not forget that such a little thing will make sex much safer.

Putting a special mat inside the bathtub will be a good idea. Such a mat is made of silicone and glued to the bottom of the bathtub to make it less slippery. Sometimes it makes sense to buy it for a shower cabin, too. Also, carefully inspect all objects in the room – they should be in their places, because there is nothing pleasant in the bottle of shower gel falling on your head during sex. Make sure that the showerhead is securely fixed.

Tie Your Hair

Make a braidIn movies, girls with loosely worn hair and water flowing down over them are often shown, and this looks very sexy. In reality, loose hair can cause injury, as it significantly narrows the field of vision. This especially is concerning with wet long hair, as it is very difficult to throw back only with the movement of the head. Also, the partner can be entrapped in it. Therefore, before going to shower together a girl should gather her hair in a bundle or make a braid which also looks very nice under the streams of water, but is absolutely safe.

Even if you are extremely careful, it is unlikely that hair problems will be completely avoided. Hair has the tendency to fall from the head, and after hot sex in the shower, you might find a long hair in different places of your body. This, of course, is not fatal, but quite unpleasant.

Choose to Water Temperature Together

The optimal water temperature guarantees relaxation in the shower. It is necessary to choose a temperature of water which will suit both people in advance. Otherwise, you will be distracted from caresses by needing to make adjustments to the water temperature. If adjusting the water temperature is problematic for some reason, make sure that the water jet is turned away from you. During stimulation, the skin becomes more sensitive than usual, so an unsuitable temperature will be felt much more strongly.

Reduce the Water Pressure

Not only the temperature of the water is important, but also the pressure of the jet. A weak pressure is optimal, as it will not cause a whirlwind of splashes which can flood the eyes or in any other possible way interfere with your enjoyment.

The shower is not just a tool for washing away dirt, because it also provides different ways to have fun. You can take the showerhead in your hand and lightly spray it along sensitive places on your partner – neck, chest, nipples, or stomach. Have you heard that many women masturbate with the help of water jet from a showerhead? You can do this with your girlfriend. As an example, you can use a stream of water together with your hands and tongue.

Woman masturbation

Why is it necessary to use just weak or medium pressure of water? Too much pressure can be unpleasant for you or your partner, and can simply distract from the main event. So choose a weak or medium jet of water – it will not be too irritating for your skin. Also, if the water temperature suddenly changes (or if you have not set it up yet), a strong jet will intensify the unpleasant contrast. Excitation makes the skin more sensitive, so water that is too aggressive will be quite unpleasant, especially if the jet hits sensitive areas of the body.

What does the ideal jet look like? It resembles a summer rain – moderately warm, refreshing, slightly tickling, and tantalizing. It is like love, not intrusive and not annoying.

Don’t Make a Lot of Steam

Steam is good in a sauna, but in the shower it can create a number of inconveniences, especially if you decide to have sex there. Everybody knows that in order for steam to appear, it is necessary to turn on very hot water. If you plan to spend more than 10 minutes in the shower, hot water can lead to overheating which is dangerous for the cardiovascular system.

Steam makes breathing difficult and can cause oxygen starvation. Together with the heat, this can lead to fainting. We can all agree that losing consciousness during sex is not what you dreamed of. Therefore, do not turn on water that is too hot, or just shorten your shower time down to 10 minutes, because you can always continue the activity in bed.

Beware of the Shower Door

There are lots of hot and erotic scenes in movies where a girl in the shower leans her elbow against the shower door and the outlines of her body are visible through it. In reality, she should not try to repeat this. The shower cubicle was made with the expectation that people would not press on its walls or door. It can be dangerous, as the door or wall can crack. This will knock you out of the right mood for sure, and hot sex will instead turn into shower repairs. When trying to look sexy, do not repeat the things seen in movies.

Safe Shower Sex Positions

SexTo make sex in the shower as safe as possible, you need to choose the right position. Maybe you can choose an additional one from the following:

  • interaction. This position assumes that you have at least one strong wall on which you can safely lean. The guy leans on the wall with his back, and the girl wraps one’s leg around his waist. The guy supports the girl by holding her leg or back, and she can hold onto his arms or shoulders. Since the girl is standing on one leg, man needs to protect her from the possibility of slipping;
  • doggy style standing. This position also requires a wall support. The girl puts her hands on the wall and bends a little so that her partner can enter her from behind;
  • sitting. The man needs to sit on the edge of the bath, and the woman sits astride him. The girl can adjust the angle and depth of penetration. The man can set the pace of movements, putting his hands on the girl’s buttocks. Before trying this position, check that your bath is well-fixed;
  • hot seat. This is also a position in which the man sits on the edge of the tub. The girl sits astride him, turning her back to him. This is a safer position, since the lady can stand on her feet and fully control the process.

Of course, each pair can use any position, as long as they remember their safety. Do not experiment in the shower or use positions in which you feel more comfortable and confident.

The Best Sex Accessories for Shower

You can use any sex accessories that you like. However, do not use handcuffs or other things to immobilize one of the partners, as this can lead to injuries.

A common washcloth can be used as a sexual accessory, too, if you gently slide it on the skin. This sliding, especially in sensitive areas, can bring a lot of pleasure. You can successfully use your hands covered with shower gel. Combine washing with an erotic gentle massage – most likely it will be unforgettable. As already mentioned above, you can also use the showerhead.

It is impossible to use a can from aerosol spray, shaving foam, deodorant, etc. as a dildo! In a hot place and with shaking, they can explode!

Can Condoms Be Used in Shower?

Sex in the shower is not an excuse to override the use of condoms during sex. However, how to do it right? Putting a condom on a penis under the water flow is extremely inconvenient, and besides, there is a high chance that it will be removed during friction. To avoid such trouble, it is the best to wear a condom before you enter the shower. Yes, there is little romance in this, but there will be no unpleasant surprises.

CondomIf you use different methods of contraception, then you should choose one that does not interfere with water. Also, remember that the effectiveness of various spermicides and suppositories on contact with water is significantly reduced. At the same time, a very hot shower can lower sperm activity and the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

This is one of the old methods of contraception, many of which still work, but you should not rely on them 100% because they have low reliability.

If you are not confident in your partner, then do not give up on the condom, even if its use is not comfortable in the shower.

Lube for More Comfortable Shower Sex

Even if you never use lube for sex, it will not be superfluous for a shower. The fact is that water washes away the natural lubrication of a woman, so even with strong excitation, penetration can be a little painful. This is especially true if you plan to have sex under running water or in a bathtub filled with water. In this case, the process can become a source of unpleasant sensations and even pain. The lubricant is best to be used as close as possible to the time of sexual intercourse, so that water does not have time to wash it off. If you plan to have long sex, with changing positions, then you will need to apply lubricant several times.

Use of shower gel, face cream, shampoo, and other cosmetic products as lubricant is strictly prohibited.

Try Oral Sex

A shower is a great place for oral sex, so do not deny yourself this pleasure. Soap, shower gel, shampoo – they all have an unpleasant chemical taste, so it is important to carefully wash them off before moving to oral sex. You can also use a special lubricant which is edible and has different tastes.

Hot water causes a rush of blood to the skin and genitals, so oral sex in the shower will be especially sensational. It will not be superfluous to use the hands – this will add more pleasant sensations and make the process unforgettable. You can also play with a weak stream of water – such experiments can reveal something new for you.

Enjoy Drying Off

After a shower, if there was sexual intercourse, you can dry each other with a towel, making this a part of the process. If in the shower there was only a prelude, then drying will be an excellent addition to it.

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