Couples yoga to treat erectile dysfunction

Couples Yoga to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Couples Yoga to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Partner yoga is not only an effective remedy for improving the physical condition of the body, but it is also a good tool in building relationships. Asanas will strengthen feelings of closeness and health. A list of the most effective ones for beginners is presented below.

In the past year, more and more people have begun to lead a healthy lifestyle, participate in sports, and yoga has become increasingly popular. What is it?

Yoga has existed for hundreds of years and throughout all this time, helped people who practice it to heal their body and soul. Yoga is incredibly useful for the musculoskeletal system, breathing, and the functioning of internal organs. In addition, it clears the mind, pacifies, and allows you to get rid of problems and properly prioritize goals. Unlike other types of physical activity, yoga can significantly change a person’s worldview and increase their confidence. For couples, there is partner yoga – joint training that includes poses for couples. These exercises provide a feeling of unity with one’s partner and make relationships much more sensual.

Couples yoga to treat erectile dysfunction

Partner Yoga for Better Sex and Relationships

A lot of couples are watching different master classes in order to master yoga for two. Why are they doing this? Yoga is primarily aimed at improving the state of body and spirit and helps to eliminate physical and psychological problems that can cause erectile dysfunction in men and frigidity in women. Special positions are helpful in improving the function of the endocrine glands and normalizing hormones levels, as well as increasing endurance and improving metabolism. Also, regular exercises can yield the following results:

  • better flexibility and relaxed muscles;
  • increased sex drive;
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • make daily routine more interesting;
  • increased energy flow.

Often, the sexual relationships of couples deteriorate because of severe stress, and yoga with its breathing techniques will help to restore balance and release tension. Special exercises effectively relieve pain, which also contributes to the deterioration of couples’ sex lives.

Connecting with Your Partner

RelationshipsA couple has many things in common – mutual feelings, interests and goals, joint leisure, small household rituals, etc. Over time, people often become strangers to each other, and mutual interests and attraction disappear. As a result, intimate relationships suffer greatly.

Partner yoga, in addition to the bonuses listed earlier, can be a common hobby that helps people reconnect. Contact training will allow you to feel another person, be one with them and be involved in a common cause. Asanas involve mutual support on a physical level and help people to trust each other, which is necessary for harmonious relationships. People who went through a joint workout noted that they began to feel each other better and were able to look at relationships from the other’s perspective.

Yoga enhances the connection between people who do not allow the problems of the past to impact their future.

Yoga and Intimacy

Scientists from Loyola University conducted a series of studies about the influence of partner yoga on the intimate relationships of people and concluded that even easy exercises for beginners can prevent possible erectile dysfunction and improve the situation with existing impotence. Advanced asanas provide a pronounced effect.

Yoga for couples does not contain any eroticism, and all the asanas are performed with synchronized breathing and feeling each other’s body. They are as intimate as, for example, massage or tantric practices, but they do not have sexual connotations. This is very important for people who are sensitive about intimate problems; an exercise helps them to feel each other, but at the same time does not focus on sexuality.

Often, discord in intimate relationships happens due to the inability to feel each other, the inability to understand the desires of a partner. We are talking about non-verbal aspects that are very difficult to discuss in a confidential conversation. Yoga allows achieving a high level of synchronization during which bad thoughts disappear and make room for people to feel a new wave of love.

Another important factor contributing to the appearance of intimate problems is the lack of understanding and normal communication. During the initial period of relationships, sex can indeed occupy a central place, but in the long run, communication, common goals, and mutual understanding are just as important. Without these components, relationships based solely on sex gradually disappear, as the partners excite each other less and less. Focus only on the pleasures and principles can lead to a break up. In partner yoga, there are mudras for good relationship with a loved one, the execution of which requires attention to each other. People with good physical fitness can appreciate the benefits of acro asanas, as they require maximum trust. However, even very easy exercises will be useful.

Erase Your Stress

StressIt is well known that yoga can significantly reduce stress and restore calm, and with regular exercises, it normalizes the state of the nervous system. Partner yoga can eliminate stress much more effectively. The feeling of support of another person, the ability to simply hold one’s hand instills confidence in the self and calms us down. This effect is greatly enhanced if you hold the hand of not just a friend, but a significant other.

Relaxing and reducing stress helps to not only overcome difficult life circumstances, but also feel physically better and look much more attractive. Prolonged stress leads to muscular tension which causes periodic pains in the back and chest.

Spasm of blood vessels caused by experiences leads to oxygen starvation of the skin and internal organs. As a result, the appearance of a person deteriorates significantly, and the likelihood of disease increases. All this significantly affects the quality of life, including sexuality, but yoga can help a lot.

What Asanas to Practice?

If you have never done yoga before, then you need to approach mastering it with a certain sequence. It is best to find a professional instructor who will not only teach basic asanas but also be able to convey the right emotional state, and give recommendations on nutrition and a daily regimen. If for some reason you can’t study with a yoga instructor, then the internet will be a good guide. You should not immediately try complex exercises such as backbend and others, but do not be afraid to challenge yourself in mastering new asanas.

Some of them, simple and suitable for beginners, but at the same time effective, are listed below.

Sit back to back and twist. This is one of the most popular partner yoga poses. It helps you stretch and prevents the development of erectile dysfunction. In addition, at the mental level, it relieves the mind from any bottled-up tension.

Arching Heart. This is a fairly simple pose that any person without serious health problems can master. It improves the cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well as overall metabolism.

The pose of angle. A simple position which stretches, improves blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system and reduces pain.

Couple in boat asanaBoat. An exercise that stretches the tendons well and improves blood circulation in the pelvic region. It requires good coordination and coherence of actions from both partners – this is the only way to achieve balance in this position.

Double standing forward bend. This position effectively relieves depression if performed regularly. It also improves the functioning of the brain, heart, and spleen. It is very useful for nervous and fussy people, as it calms the nervous system and slows down the heart rhythm.

Back Bird. This is a rather complicated flying yoga pose, which presupposes a good physical training of people. Since a woman is in aerial position, she needs to fully trust her partner – a valuable skill in a relationship. This position effectively strengthens the chest and spine.

There are a lot of asanas for partner yoga – you can find the moves and their execution on the internet. It is very important to choose the poses that are right for you, since all people have a different body build, height and weight. For example, people with a big difference in height will have a hard time doing the exercises where the couple has to stand next to each other. If a lady weighs a lot, then her partner will have difficulty lifting her up. Choose the options that are most comfortable for you and your partner.

If there is erectile dysfunction, then you need to choose exercises with a twist, as this has a positive effect on the blood circulation in the pelvis and the work of the internal secretion organs.

Is Yoga a Cure-All?

ViagraRegular yoga practice certainly has a positive effect, but how fast and obvious will it be? It all depends on the characteristics of the body, health, regularity of training, etc. There will definitely be changes for the better, but no one can say how much potency will improve and when this happens. If you want to have a hot night, then doing yoga before a date is not a good idea. If there are problems with potency, it is better to take the PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitor. This drug will act quickly and guarantee the desired outcome.

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