10 Reliable Ways to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

10 Reliable Ways to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

You’d like to make it last, and maybe you’re already in love. How can you make your partner follow suit? Be warned! You may have to sacrifice a few principles, but as they say: ‘All’s fair in love and war’.

First, think it over. Do you really want to sacrifice your independence? If you’re sure you’d like it to be for keeps, here’s how to make Mr Right fall for you!

Let’s go!

1. Let him have his way

Men like to see themselves as leaders. Your partner would love to be the boss, and if you’re willing to let it go that way, you need only be submissive and agree admiringly to all his ideas. If this bothers you, just remind yourself why you’re doing it. You can always assert yourself later on!

2. Stay close. The 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule says that you’ll get 80% of results form 20% of your effort. Don’t be all over him like a bad rash, but make sure that the time he spends with you is pleasant – the time he likes best. Always be available, and then suddenly vanish for at least half a day and possibly more. When you resurface, you’ll be punished in delightful ways!

3. Take your time

If you’re really in love, you can afford to be patient. Don’t rush your partner, there is time enough for everything – including falling in love!

4. Just the right amount of admiration

You don’t want to embarrass him or make him think you’re laying it on a bit thick. Notice the things he likes most about himself whether it’s his looks or achievements in as genuine a way as possible. Everyone likes to feel admired! He’ll feel that you’re appreciative and supportive – just don’t overdo it so that you look insincere. Don’t forget to tell him how much you admire his intellect! Everyone wants to be thought smart.

5. Make friends with his friends

Friends can be a powerful force in your favour – or a powerful enemy. Keep them sweet. They’ll tell him how cool you are – and he might just find himself agreeing!

6. Create a common cause

Emphasize the fact that you guys are a team by asking him to help solve a simple problem or get him to help you organise a picnic or BBQ. Let him be the boss and make sure it turns into a pleasant experience that makes him think: ‘Gee, we’re a great team!’

7. Imitate his tastes

Don’t try and turn into him. Just share his interests and don’t grumble when he tunes in to his favourite TV series. Look for good things to say about the things he likes. If it’s at all possible, genuinely enter into his interests. Just don’t overdo it and turn into a ‘mini-me’!

8. Be passionate

In intimate moments, try to give your man as much pleasure as you can. The more passionate you are in bed, the more likely he’ll be to fall for you.

9. Respect his privacy

Clingy behaviour is just off-putting. Leave his phone alone. Don’t read his messages unless he asks you to. Resist the urge to be invasive or jealous about those elements of his life that are hidden from you. As you get closer, he’ll open up more, and if all goes well, there won’t be any secrets soon.

10. Sincerely enjoy your relationship

If you really love someone, you won’t feel the need to try and change them. That makes nagging and quarrelling unnecessary. If your past relationships have been like that, resist the temptation to spoil this relationship by being a troublesome partner. A peaceful, accepting home life with someone who respects and supports you is the first step towards a happy relationship. Be his greatest ally and soon you will be his true love.

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