9 things stopping you from experiencing quality sex

9 Things Stopping You From Experiencing Quality Sex

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Has your sex life become boring? Some couples believe this is par for the course. However, some behaviors could be contributing to issues in bed. Being sexually healthy is more than just preventative measures for the transmission of diseases sexually and birth control.

Your overall health has an intrinsic link to your sex life. Here are some unhealthy habits that may hurt what’s happening in the bedroom.

Lack of sleep

There are an estimated 70 million individuals across the United States who are currently suffering from sleep deprivation on a chronic level. Studies indicate that, when a person suffers from a lack of sleep, this could result in significant repercussions for their sexual health. The underlying question now is, how much is the optimal amount of sleep? Experts recommend that, on average, individuals should be getting at least seven to nine hours of quality sleep per night.

Not enough exercise

Physical fitness is an essential component for those who want an excellent sex life. When your heart rate increases, blood flow improves and your sexual organs become stimulated. It could also be beneficial if you engage in physical fitness immediately before sexual activity. You could see improvement in your performance, as well as your overall sexual health, with just 30 minutes of daily exercise. Exercise routines can also be broken up throughout the day, too, for those who have busy schedules. Try working out for 15 minutes in the morning and then 15 minutes in the evening after work. By breaking your routine up into chunks, you’re unable to make excuses for not having enough time to introduce exercise into your lifestyle. It’s important to include physical fitness into your routines to ensure optimal sexual health.

The mood is not set effectively

Unless the environment is conducive to sex, intimate relations could be adversely affected. Failure to take these steps, small as they may seem, could result in a lack of optimal performance in the bedroom. It’s simple to develop an atmosphere that’s romantic by removing children’s toys, laptops, mobile devices, and other distractions throughout the room. Your bedroom should be a sexually stimulating and relaxing sanctuary. Use candles or other types of soft lighting, as well as soft music to help set the mood. The use of lotions, scented oils or other massage aids also helps further create the atmosphere for sex. If you and your sexual partner are comfortable, you could also consider bringing in other sexual aids, like toys or games, to help set the mood.

Ignoring nutritional needs

To ensure you have all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for optimal sexual performance, eat a healthy diet. Studies have proven that, for men, zinc is critical for sexual health. An excellent source of B vitamins and zinc are oysters, and they can also aid in energy production and circulation. Consuming a diet that is nutrient rich is optimal for anyone interested in remaining sexually active. If you’re experiencing weight issues, then there’s a chance you could experience problems in the bedroom. Therefore, it’s critical that your nutritional needs are not ignored, and you’re eating a healthier diet. By eating a healthier diet, you’ll experience a healthier weight and fewer problems regarding sexual activity.

Consuming too many alcoholic beverages

Many many not realize that achieving orgasm is hampered when too much alcohol is consumed. Additionally, when chronic alcoholism occurs, problems with sexual performance could become a long-term issue. Sexual desire, though, could be boosted with an occasional glass of wine. Experts have found that, regarding alcohol, moderation is everything. If you’re unsure about how much is too much, it’s better just to abstain. That way you’re not compromising your sexual health.

Experiencing quality sex if you’re a smoker

Have you heard enough reasons to quit smoking? Are you tired of hearing people telling you to stop? What if you were told that it could be possible to experience a better sex life if you stopped this habit? Studies indicate that a decrease in blood flow occurs when individuals smoke, which could be detrimental to sexual organs. Erectile dysfunction and smoking have been directly linked to each other. It’s important to talk to your doctor about quitting so you can maintain a strong performance in the bedroom.

Using particular medications

Sexual side effects are common when taking some prescription medications. However, just because these side effects are common, that doesn’t mean they aren’t frustrating. It isn’t uncommon to experience a decreased libido or for some medications to prevent orgasm. A lower sex drive is common when taking antidepressants. Vaginal dryness is often the result when taking antihistamines. It’s important to speak to your doctor regarding treatment options if you believe your sexual health is being affected by your medications. No one should have to continue experiencing these frustrations in the bedroom just because they’ve been prescribed medication for an illness or other health issue.

Fear of experimentation

Hormonal teenagers are not the only ones who masturbate, nor should they be. When experimenting with self-pleasuring, you’re able to learn things you do and don’t like. Then, you can communicate with your sexual partner more easily. The ability to communicate with your sexual partner is a significant component of performance in the bedroom, as well as opening up the door to experimentation. You’ll also develop a higher level of comfort with your body through masturbation. Additionally, the fears you and your sexual partner may have been feeling may be lessened. According to experts, under some circumstances, your sexual desire could become fueled by this activity.

The bottom line

By making certain changes in your behaviors, it’s possible to experience a significant alteration in your overall sexual health and lifestyle. These changes in habits often involve simple decision-making, but others do require some serious life choices. In addition to your choices resulting in your health improving, you will also have a sex life that is more pleasurable. The days of having a boring sex life will slowly disappear, and you’ll no longer have to worry about maintaining performance. Not only is this beneficial to you but it’s also beneficial for your sexual partner.

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