6 Natural Remedies That Treat Low Testosterone

6 Natural Remedies That Treat Low Testosterone

One of the best remedies that treats low testosterone: Get a good night’s sleep! Sleep deprivation can actually lead to low testosterone. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep may naturally boost testosterone production. Sleep deprivation can decrease testosterone levels by as much as 40%. Also, you can order free ED samples & get it delivered by mail.

Low testosterone? Testosterone is an essential hormone which serves many different functions in the body. We primarily think of testosterone as a sex hormone, and testosterone is the hormone that makes men develop secondary sex characteristics, like facial hair. Testosterone also regulates sex drive and controls sperm production in men.

Testosterone is also critical for many other systems in the body. For example, testosterone is crucial for increasing bone density. This is why low testosterone can be such a serious health problem. When a man’s testosterone is low, multiple different systems in the body are affected.

As men age, their testosterone levels will naturally decrease at a gradual rate. However, a sudden, significant decrease in testosterone can result in serious issues. Such a drop can cause mood disorders and physical health problems. Low testosterone can be treated with hormone therapy, but there are also a variety of ways to increase testosterone production naturally. Here are six ways to naturally increase your testosterone production:

1. Maintain a healthy weight

If you are overweight, your chances of developing low testosterone might be higher. This is because body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen. Higher estrogen levels can then decrease your testosterone production even more. Decreasing your body fat can halt the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, and boost your testosterone production. The healthy habits that you develop in order to maintain a healthy weight—namely, eating a healthy diet and exercising—also increase your testosterone levels in their own ways.

2. Eat a healthy diet

Not only does eating healthy help you maintain a healthy weight; a balanced diet is key to maintaining healthy testosterone production. This is because testosterone production requires certain nutrients that you must get from your diet. At least 20% of your daily food intake should consist of healthy fats. This is because the body needs good cholesterol for the chemical process which produces testosterone. Good sources of healthy fat are olive oil, avocado, salmon and tuna, nuts, and flax seeds. It is also important to limit your consumption of unhealthy fats, which are found in fried foods, red meat and processed meats, and full-fat dairy products. Unhealthy fats can increase bad cholesterol and cause weight gain.

You should also avoid eating processed sugars as much as possible. Too much sugar can cause weight gain, because sugar is almost instantly converted into fat when you digest it. Sugar can also dramatically increase your insulin levels, and high levels of insulin could lower your testosterone production. Avoid any foods that have added sugar, whether it is corn syrup or cane sugar. The only sugars you should be eating are the natural sugars in fruits and vegetables.

3. Exercise regularly

Studies have shown that exercising regularly can increase testosterone production in men. Exercise works in multiple different ways to benefit your testosterone levels and your health. First, exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight, which helps maintain healthy testosterone levels, as we already discussed. Exercise burns the fat that could be converting your testosterone into estrogen. Second, exercise itself can naturally increase testosterone production.

4. Focus on strength training

Strength training, in particular, can give a boost to your testosterone levels, more than cardio workouts. If you focus on heavy strength training for large muscle groups—specifically, the quads, gluts, and lower back—your body will naturally ramp up its testosterone production. This can create a positive feedback loop where higher levels of testosterone will make you feel more motivated to do more workouts, which will in turn increase your testosterone levels.

5. Increase your zinc intake

Zinc is an essential vitamin that has multiple different functions in the body. Studies have shown that zinc might inhibit the enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen. To increase your levels of zinc, you can eat foods which contain high amounts of zinc, such as beef, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds, or you can take supplements. If you want to take a supplement, be sure you research the brand of supplements you buy to make sure it is a reputable brand, because the supplement market is not regulated by the FDA.

6. One of the best remedies that treats low testosterone: Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep deprivation can actually lead to low testosterone. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep may naturally boost testosterone production. Sleep deprivation can decrease testosterone levels by as much as 40%.

It might be difficult to determine how much sleep is best for you. Most adults need six to eight hours of sleep every night, but there is a small percentage of people who need less than that, and there are people who need more. To figure out how much sleep you need, get more sleep, and see how you feel. See how you feel after six hours of sleep, after seven hours or sleep, and after eight hours of sleep. Try not to drink coffee because this could make you feel artificially awake while you are still sleep deprived. Listen to what your body tells you.

You should always consult your doctor about using natural remedies instead of medication to treat your health problems. All of the above methods can be used in tandem with a medicinal testosterone therapy. And, in fact, most of these remedies are habits that you should be doing anyway, in order to maintain better overall health. Exercise, good eating habits, and good sleeping habits are all necessary in order to keep every system in your body healthy.

If you use these methods to increase your testosterone along with a hormonal testosterone therapy, you might not have to be on the hormonal therapy for very long. These natural remedies can keep your testosterone at a healthy level when you keep up with them. And there is good reason to keep up with them, because good habits like eating healthy and exercising are the key to staying healthy for as long as possible, and living a long life.

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