9 Top Tips For Men Aged 40 And Over

9 Top Tips For Men Aged 40 And Over

And for men 40 years old or more, it can seem like sexual health and a positive sexual life can be left on the sidelines; or worse, in the past. But listen up men out there: here are some useful top tips for men to think about if you want to make sure your sexual health is in top shape. Also, you can order free ED samples & get it delivered by mail.

“I want to be healthier” is something everyone has either said or heard at some point. Everyone obviously wants to live healthier, and people mostly try their best to be mindful of their health. We all work to care for ourselves, but it’s not always easy. And for men, there is one thing that is of particular importance. Having a stronger sexual lifestyle is something men become more aware of as they get older. And for men 40 years old or more, it can seem like sexual health and a positive sexual life can be left on the sidelines; or worse, in the past. But listen up men out there: here are some useful tips to think about if you want to make sure your sexual health is in top shape.

1. Eat a beneficial diet

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And this is especially true when talking about your sexual health. Guys who eat a nutritious diet are more likely to perform better in the bedroom. Aim for a healthy meal plan that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean proteins. If you are what you eat, make sure what you eat is healthy and good for you. Because if it’s good for you, it’ll wind up being good for your partner. If your first stop is the kitchen, your next stop is the bedroom.

2. Work out on a regular basis

Another famous phrase is “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Trying to stay in shape is important for maintaining sexual health. Guys who are lethargic often find themselves facing myriad problems with their sexual health. If you want increased confidence, and a healthier appearance overall, look no further than the gym. Before starting any new exercise program, be sure to consult with your doctor and make an exercise plan that fits your current health situation.

3. Top tips for men: Stop stressing out and take it easy

When you hear the words “don’t stress out”, it’s time to listen. Stress causes issues for men and their sexual health. Feeling stressed out can make you anxious, worried, nervous, or exhausted. All of these factors can have a negative impact on your sex life. Then you run into the issue of potentially facing a couple of these conditions together, which is going to be even worse. Use some stress management methods such as deep breathing, counting backwards, and meditation to help decrease your stress and increase your libido. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a stress-free life with a smile on your face.

4. Drink less alcohol

Studies show that drinking alcohol can have an adverse effect on your sexual performance and health. Drinking too much can put you at a higher risk of encountering negative health conditions like erectile dysfunction, and alcohol also can lower your sexual interest, making it more challenging to achieve an orgasm.

5. Quit smoking

Smoking has harbored an unhealthy reputation, and for men over 40 it now is an issue for sexual health, too. Smoking can lead to issues with male sexual health, and research shows that most men with erectile dysfunction also smoke. Another negative is the blood vessels that send blood to the penis are damaged by smoking. Low sperm count and poor sperm quality are additional consequences of smoking. Talk with your doctor for help quitting.

6. Stay away from illegal drugs

Don’t let movies and television steer you in the wrong direction; illegal substances and drugs aren’t going to enhance your sex life. In fact, the opposite is true with most illegal drugs, and it’s better to stay away from hard substances or drugs. Avoiding sexual health problems, like the dreaded erectile dysfunction, is as easy as just saying no.

There are some things you can focus on that can improve your bedroom performance in more ways than one. Using the proper methods and exercises, a better sexual life can start with your current sexual life. And along the road to better sexual health, you’ll find it can be more fun and exciting with your partner working together with you.

7. Try kegel exercises

Men have wrongfully assumed that kegel exercises were a thing for women. Kegel exercises can go both ways. These can strengthen the muscles that support your penis, and they can help you delay ejaculation and bring more pleasure to your orgasms. And yes this all sounds great, so how do you do it? Find these muscles the next time you’re in the bathroom, when urinating try to stop the flow. Once you see where the muscles are, squeeze and hold for a few seconds before easing up and relaxing. Do these exercises throughout the day and you may find yourself having more fun throughout the night.

8. Bring the lubrication

As males age, they can lose sensitivity in their penis during sexual activity. Sexual lubricants can help enhance your enjoyment during sex. Try to use some of the water based lubricants out on the market- these are recommended as they wash away easily and cause no damage to latex condoms. The path to sensation is with lubrication!

And the final tip is one that you should be doing anyway, regardless of sexual health or a desire for a stronger sex life:

9. Talk with your doctor and get a health checkup every year

Nobody likes going to the doctor, especially for routine visits. But the best way to stay in good health is to stay on top of it. Every year you should schedule a visit with your doctor; this is good for sustaining a strong sexual lifestyle. If you are sexually involved with multiple partners, it’s also important to get screened for any sexually transmitted diseases.

Follow these top tips for men aged 40 and over and you will be on the way to a happier and healthier sexual lifestyle.

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