Top 7 gay sex ideas to surprise your boyfriend in bed

Top Gay Sex Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bed

Top Gay Sex Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bed

The relations with your boyfriend have turned to routine, especially when it comes to sex. You are desperate to find a solution, right? Cheer up, there is nothing horrible; a lot of people experience this but will never share such problems with you. Don’t feel alone and instead learn the top gay sex ideas to spice up your love life.

Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship, but in a couple where both partners are male, it is probably the second (the first is love, as we all know) most substantial thing at all.

Standard poses and scenarios eventually get boring, so both of you may lose interest in it.

We have all been there, so there is still no reason to break up or search for another partner. Not at all! Follow our tips and reveal how it can be even better than before.

The main idea of the solution we offer: make a gay sex surprise for your partner and be sure it will be appreciated properly. There are a plenty of ways to do this, and the final choice is up to you. In this review, we will show you the greatest of them.

Top 7 gay sex ideas to surprise your boyfriend in bed

Foreplay Ideas

Let’s debunk the common myth that foreplay is intended only for a woman’s pleasure. Many men feel not fully satisfied because their male or female partner neglects this crucial aspect of the art of making love. That’s why you should pay special attention to foreplay and do your best at setting up the sexual mood for both of you.

Make a Home Video

At first glance, it may seem a bit awkward but you will surely get used to doing it on the camera. By the way, the little naughty excitement will haunt you during the whole experiment, and that is exactly what you need. The feel of being watched turns you on, so your partner won’t soon forget this steamy night.

Make home videoThis videotape may be useful in the future. You may watch it together instead of regular porn movies or just have a great fun recalling that amusing day and laughing at little fails in the video.

Effervescent Vitamin C

So you want to impress your boyfriend with an unforgettable oral sex? Effervescent vitamin C is your best friend in this case. Of course, not only the tablet of vitamin C is suitable, but any effervescent pill or candy. Ask your partner to put it in your mouth and get down on him. A bubbly will do all the rest by giving him the feeling of a sexy whirlpool. Small things but goodies!

Massage Your Partner

A lot of men experience decreased libido because of stress, a hectic schedule, and too much pressure in the workplace. Take special care of him with a sensual massage. Firstly, it is one of the best ways to make him aroused while he is not in a sexual mood. On the other hand, it is an effective method of relaxing the muscles and mind.

Good news: you are not in the studio of massage therapy, so go beyond his back, neck, and shoulders. Besides these areas, you can massage his other body parts. Let’s recall the other male erogenous zones such as:

  • ears;
  • nipples;
  • upper and inner thighs;
  • feet;
  • lower ABS;
  • lips.

Include them in your session of sensual massage for both relaxation and sexual stimulation. Your man will not be able to refuse you by the end of the procedure. Here is a step-by-step guide for the massage, which you can follow:

  1. MassagePrepare for the procedure: clean up the room, turn off the electronic devices, and lock the door. You may also light up a few candles and put on some calm music to create a romantic atmosphere.
  2. Invite your partner to the room, ask him to remove the clothes and lie down on his belly.
  3. Start with gentle strokes on the back, neck, and eventually over the whole body. Be certain he is relaxed by now.
  4. Continue to rub his body with a little more pressure. Massage the muscles of his back, neck, and shoulders by using your body weight.
  5. Ask him to lie on his back and move on to his arms, legs, and chest. You may give him a gentle kiss and even slightly touch his genitals.
  6. Place your palms on his thighs and massage them. Then you can move down and rub his feet.
  7. Get back to his inner thighs and gently touch them. After that, apply stronger stimulation and alternate long and short strokes.
  8. Massage your boyfriend for 15-20 minutes. It is highly likely that he will be totally turned on by the end of this process and would like to start sexual intercourse.

If you don’t want to adhere to the instructions, improvise. You are the one who knows what he needs most of all.

Touch Each Other More

Love him every second, not only in your bedroom. The best way to express your feelings throughout the day is to touch your partner while you are spending time together. To touch him in a more sensual way, focus on the erogenous zones – it will send waves throughout his body, so he will start dreaming about you in THAT way. Such a day full of touches will definitely end with a sexy night.

Tease Your Boyfriend

Fruit often tastes sweeter when it’s forbidden. Tease your man in bed as long as you can before actual intercourse. Make your foreplay more prolonged and don’t stimulate his erogenous zones directly, instead use workarounds.

What should you actually do? You can:

  • give a lot of care to kissing: do it slowly and with ultimate pleasure;
  • cuddle and slightly touch his face, neck, and lips;
  • dance together in a nightclub or at home by turning on your favorite music;
  • whisper sweet or dirty words in his ears, depending on what you like more;
  • stop touching him for a while and continue only after he starts begging for more.


The above-mentioned ideas are simple but quite effective. Involve your imagination and generate new ideas invented personally for him.

More Kisses

Did you know that your lips are 100 times more sensitive than your fingertips? Every single kiss has a huge impact on both sexual and daily life. Unfortunately, many couples who have been with each other for a long time kiss less. Beware: this isn’t a good sign! Psychologists believe that a relationship is on the brink when you are not kissing a lot anymore, while having less sex may still be OK.

Even if this is exactly what happens, we sure you can easily sort it out. Kiss your partner in the morning while one of you goes to work, kiss him during your time together throughout the day, and, of course, kiss him instead of saying “good night.” Touch matters more than words.

Besides, a passionate kiss is the key to awesome sex. Don’t forget to kiss him more before starting intercourse.

Try Something New

Feel free to start playing around when old techniques no longer work. Experiments enliven the relationship and become the punchline in it. There are a few pieces of advice for those who dare to try.

Have Sex in an Unusual Place

Dilute your sex routine with something hotter. The majority of people have fantasized about sex in an unusual place at least once in their lives. Your boyfriend probably is not an exception. Have you already tried making love in the car or at a party?

Sex of gaysCheck out the list of way crazier locations to hook up.

  1. Fitting room. Take a shopping break and get your partner naked by surprise.
  2. Public restroom. It is not the most convenient place, but perfect for a sudden desire. Choose clean and well-equipped restrooms for safety reasons.
  3. Boat or yacht. Sex on the high seas under the shining stars – what could be more romantic?
  4. In front of a large window. The bravest of you or those who have exhibitionist tendencies should definitely try this. Being thrilled of getting caught, you will reach climax much quicker.
  5. One’s workplace. How about a surprise visit while he is keeping busy? Be sure his boss isn’t around and get him alone in an empty office or a conference room.
  6. Movie theater. Buy tickets in the back row of the cinema and do your job.
  7. Church. If you are not religious and don’t believe in the laws of God, try making tabooed love in this holy place.
  8. Train, plane, or bus with passengers. Wait until most of your neighbors were sound asleep and go ahead.

If all those ideas seem to be too much for you, change the location inside your own house. Apart from a bed, there is a lot of places in your house suitable for spontaneous sex such as a bathroom, a storage room, the kitchen table, a couch in the parlor, or even on the rooftop. Finally, if you find all those locations inconvenient for reaching climax, simply change sex moves and try new poses.

Sleep Naked and Cuddle As Close As You Can

Don’t turn away from him while you are lying in bed. Cuddle him and kiss before he falls asleep. It is very likely that such behavior will progress into intercourse.

Sleeping naked strengthens trust between partners and contributes to a better sense of your lover’s body. This essential feeling enhances your libido, so you two don’t really have a choice.

Role-Playing & Threesome

Sex toys

The most common problems in the sexual lives of gay and straight couples is that partners don’t reveal their true sexual fantasies to each other. It causes misunderstandings, so the relationship has no chance to evolve. When having honest conversations on this topic, you may work out a great solution like creative role-play, use of sex toys, or even a threesome.

Role-playing will not allow you to stick to the routine. Assume the role of a repairman, stripper, pop star, or professor. You can make a scene of your first meeting on the street or in the bar. The second option may be combined with sex in an unusual place such as a public restroom or a car. For those who prefer extreme practices, try to use the elements of BDSM or become exhibitionists for a day. When it comes to role-reversal, it is a must-have for every couple in which partners adhere to only the top or only the bottom position.

A threesome is a way out if you both are open-minded people and stick to the opinion that jealousy is a result of lack of self-confidence. Find a handsome guy on a dating website or invite one of your bold and uninhibited acquaintances. It can be a girl, too, if you noticed a note of bisexuality in both of you.

Water Treatments

Take a shower with your boyfriend: soap his back, massage his shoulders, gently kiss his neck from behind, and see what comes next.

Try Poppers & Cialis

Poppers are popular street drugs which increase sensations, cause mild euphoria, and help to achieve erection faster than usual. The substance was synthesized in 1844 and became iconic in gay culture after the sexual revolution in the 70s.

CialisWhy did it happen? The reason is in the popper’s ability to relax the sphincter of the anus. It turns anal sex into the very pleasant experience. An active partner gets such benefits as enhanced libido and more prolonged erection. Fact: this drug is totally legal and has very low potential to cause addiction.

The other boosters for you are ED (erectile dysfunction) medications. The most popular among them is Viagra but some more powerful pills have emerged on the market. Cialis, also called the weekend drug, lasts up to 36 hours, so you will be able to have sex wherever and whenever you wish without worrying about the need to take a drug.

Have Spontaneous Sex

Having sex on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are quite a boring thing. Break the schedule and accost your partner while he isn’t expecting it. Make love at an unusual time of the day or seduce him outside of your house.

Spend Time Alone Together

The daily routine may interfere with spending time with each other. Even on weekends, you should comply with household tasks or meetings with friends. Allocate some time for your partner, because at the current moment he is the most important person in your life.

Have a Date

Family people have almost forgotten what a date feels like. Living together means you see each other every day. However, is your communication as warm and passionate as it was shortly after your first date? Career, self-development, and caring for children are very important, but your boyfriend shouldn’t stay in the background. Pick up one day a week which you can spend together without friends, children, colleagues, or domestic animals. Avoid boring topics such as job, money, kids, or home renovation.

Movie Night

Online pharmacy

This is a possible variation of your date among many others. Get a room and choose a movie you both might like. Sitting next to your partner on the couch gives you almost unlimited opportunities to caress him. Cuddling, kissing, touching – all those elements of foreplay may lead to something more. Have a try!

Now you know how to surprise your boyfriend in bed and the ViaBestBuy online pharmacy is ready to help you in the future endeavors. Choose a suitable remedy to enhance your sexual experience from our wide range of ED drugs. We offer a discount of 35% for those who use promo code GAY while ordering.

Feel free to tell us more gay sex ideal in comments!

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