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Popup 20 mg Tadalafil Without Prescription


There are a number of pharmaceutical companies who make it their business to manufacture generic Cialis (Tadalafil pills).

The active ingredient in Popup 20 mg (generic Cialis) is Tadalafil 20mg. Cialis is merely a trade name. Generic Cialis is therefore any medication that contains Tadalafil in the same concentrations as it occurs in Cialis.

Popup 20 mg is the weekend pill - you do not have to time your sexual activity. It’s an ideal choice for men who are very sexually active. Last up to 36 hours!

For 90% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, the primary cause is related to psychological, not physical issues. In these cases, Popup is very effective form of treatment. You can buy cheap Popup 20 mg without prescription right here!



Cialis tablets A lot of men face such problem as ED (erectile dysfunction). This illness can be caused by both physiological and psychological sources. Popup is a quite effective mean that gives aid in fight against this health problem. This drug is well-tolerated and has a few bad effects.


What Are Popup Uses?


So, what is the Popup? This is a mean with the essential active component tadalafil. This substance begins to act during half an hour after intake. Its effect lasts for 36 hours. Tadalafil has a quite gentle effect, so it can be taken even in presence of another health problems. The Popup works analogically to popular drug – Cialis 20 mg. Still, Popup can be a good Cialis alternative in virtue of its more favorable cost. The Popup is manufactured in the form of tablets.

Popup can solve problems with sexual vigor in such cases:

  • erectile dysfunction is induced by age-related changes;
  • obstacles with potency are the result of vascular system disorders;
  • psychological causes, tremblings that violate the getting normal excitement.

Tadalafil is ineffective with hormonal disorders, results of trauma, etc.


How Does Popup Work?


How does the medicine work? In the process of sexual arousal, in the body a specific compound is effused – nitric oxide. This agent launches the production of enzymes which form an erection. Tadalafil enhances the work of these enzymes or fully replaces them. Still, in the absence of nitric oxide, its action will not start. For this reason, you must have sexual arousal thanks to which the Popup work in full strength.

Also, these drugs block the PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) enzyme which stops an erection. Due to this, the sexual intercourse can be longer and successful. Enhanced blood circulation and relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis make the erection stable.

The mild effect of the medicine arises from the fact that work of it strengthens the body’s natural processes. In contrast to stimulants, the Popup will not cause any unpleasant “surprises” as unexpected and uncalled erection.

The Popup is available for sale OTC.


How to Take Popup?


Popup is a well-tolerated product, and due to this the vast majority of men older than 18 years old can use it. The mean can be taken by elderly men from 65, but they should consult about the best dose with a professional. In old age or with renal failure, the resistance of the body to some substances is reduced. For this reason, the common dosage in 20mg will be dangerous.

ContraindicationsThe Popup intake is prohibited in such situations:

  • apoplectic attack or myocardial infarction in the recent past;
  • second type of cardiac angina;
  • a man complains of uncontrolled cardiac arrhythmia;
  • severe hepatic or renal failure;
  • hypotension the (blood-vascular pressure falls below 90/60);
  • cases of priapism in the past;
  • a man complains of leukosis or severe lack of blood.

In spite of the fact that Popup is an over the counter medicine that brings aid even in the most neglected cases of ED, it should be used after consultation with a specialist. This especially concern people with chronic diseases and those men who take other drugs.

These are fast acting pills, and thanks to this it can be taken in 40 minutes previously to the supposed sex. If the tablet was drunk together with greasy food, then you should wait longer for its action starts.


Popup Side Effects and Precautions


Is there an over the counter alternative to expeditious drugs for treatment of ED? Popup is such alternative. Still, like any medicine, it has side effects. These effects are quite rare and do not pose dangers to health. An exception is the priapism. This is a dangerous condition during which a painful erection does not end within 4 or more hours. The good news is that the priapism is very rare. In the risk area are those men who already have priapism effect or phlebothrombosis.

Side effectsThe most often side effects types are:

  • redness of face and neck due to high flow of blood;
  • dizziness;
  • drowsiness or agrypnia;
  • cerebralgia;
  • muscle ache;
  • digestive disorder;
  • slight vision disorder.

Those above-mentioned effects usually disappear after stop of drug intake. Sometimes it is desirable the take of non-prescription antihistamines.


Popup Interaction


The Popup has good compatibility with almost all drugs. It is safe to take it together with aspirin and other anti-cold medications.

The man should not combine this drug with such medicines:

  • means for lowering of blood pressure, with containing nitrates. Together with tadalafil they can lower the blood-vascular pressure to critical values;
  • medications that used for treatment of HIV and AIDS. In combination with them, the tadalafil works many times stronger;
  • some antibiotics, incl. erythromycin;
  • “club” narcotics, because they often contain nitrates;
  • various antifungal medications.

Also, it is better to not mix the Popup with a constant use of medications that are heavy for the liver. Before you do this, you need to consult with a specialist. He will help to select the best variant.

The Popup is well combined with any organic food products. You must not combine the Popup with grapefruit juice. Juice neutralizes the effect of tadalafil and slows its egestion from the human body. As a result, the medicine does not work, and the chance of side effects is greater.

Popup can be used together with alcohol. Still, it is important to keep in mind that alcohol lowers the sensitivity and worsen an erection. Therefore, its number must be minimum.




Various men have already tested the action of Popup. The vast majority of them are well apaid by effect of this medicine, as it revived their male strength and self-reliance. Their feedbacks will dispel your doubts about worth the bother to buy the Popup for ED treatment.

I’d like to share my Cialis experience. I couldn’t be happier. It works and it doesn’t give me any scary side effects. I have a bit of sinus congestion after using it, but it’s not overly painful. Harry Martin

29 is a very young age to experience erectile dysfunction, but then I’m a diabetic and that’s one of the problems that diabetics have. As you can imagine, I wasn’t too keen about having to live with ED at my age, but my doctor recommended Cialis, which is one of the brand names for Tadalafil. Let’s just say I’m MORE than happy! Lars


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