Using Viagra to Manage Erectile Dysfunction - Canadian Pharmacy

Using Viagra to Manage Erectile Dysfunction – Canadian Pharmacy

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Buying Viagra online should always be done with an eye on safety and legality, so using a Canadian pharmacy can help ensure the pills received are both potent, safe, and effective.

Is erectile dysfunction common?

A whopping 50% of the male population will, at some point in their lives, suffer from some form of male impotence; this includes some 30 million males living in the US alone. Erectile dysfunction, known as ED, is the most common form of this disorder. It is characterized by an inability to gain or maintain an erection. Most men with ED also fail to orgasm or ejaculate.

Since impotence is seen as a “failure to perform” by many men, it is often under-diagnosed because men feel uncomfortable talking to their doctor about their condition or refuse to admit the issue even exists. It’s important to understand that there are many reasons for ED, that it is very common, and that there are safe, effective ways to deal with the issue and return to a mutually satisfying sex life.

Can ED have other effects on my life?

Since ED can lead to even more serious problems, such as self-esteem issues, difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships, and even moderate to severe depression, men are encouraged to quickly address the problem with their doctor and seek appropriate therapeutic measures to solve their ED problems.

Oral medication for men with ED has been carefully developed and used for many years now for successful treatment of ED. Viagra is often the first line of treatment and has a high success rate. It also has a low incidence of serious side effects, which makes it an attractive solution for many men’s ED.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is considered a physical condition, but its cause can be rooted in one or more of four issues – including medical, mental, emotional, or psychological. Some of the most common factors shared by men with ED are stress, anxiety, alcohol or drug use, and depression. Men who smoke or drink heavily or use street drugs are at increased risk for ED. So are men who work in unsafe conditions and who are exposed to toxic chemicals, materials, and other substances such as pesticides, lead, or asbestos.

Other men end up with ED as a side effect of another condition – such as nerve damage or blood vessel construction due to diabetes, hypertension, or bad cholesterol levels; hormonal imbalance caused by hormone therapies, kidney treatment, or other endocrine issues; diseases of the brain that include physical and neurological impairment, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or MS; or more specific genital issues, such as malformations of the penis, trauma or injury to the groin, venous leaks, and more.

What do I have to do to get a Viagra prescription?

While erectile dysfunction can be treated in various ways, Viagra is the go-to drug of choice once serious conditions are ruled out. Oral ED medications have proved successful in resolving even the most persistent ED. Men who use Viagra usually find they are restored to a normal functional state for sexual activity and have few if any side effects.

Before Viagra is prescribed, a doctor will usually ask to see all medical records, will take a fresh medical history, and will rule out any reasons why the patient should avoid oral ED medication. If it is deemed safe for the patient to start using Viagra, a prescription will be written and the patient will be educated about the drug’s safe use and any potential side effects.

How do ED drugs work?

Most drugs prescribed for erectile dysfunction (including Viagra from a Canadian Pharmacy) will encourage increased blood flow to the penis when there is sexual arousal or stimulation. The common assumption that ED medications produce an instant and lasting erection without sexual arousal and/or stimulation is a myth. Most men will take their pill at least half an hour and up to four hours before their expected sexual encounter.

The medication will then allow normal reaction to sexual stimulation and arousal, and provide a firm, long-lasting erection that should function normally, lasting throughout intercourse and ejaculation and even permitting a second erection to be gained in some circumstances, depending on the individual’s normal recovery time.

Most men find that Viagra works very well for them, and that their sex lives are much improved. Oral medication can be discrete, easily carried on one’s person, and most men report few or no side effects.

Does Viagra have other uses?

Doctors will occasionally prescribe ED medication for other “off-label” uses. It has proven helpful in treating women who suffer from pulmonary hypertension, which is a lung condition that causes extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. This life-threatening condition cannot be cured, but the medication can increase the woman’s ability to exercise.

Some patients with the condition known as Reynaud’s Syndrome (which causes lack of circulation and increased pain in the fingers and toes) can also benefit from Viagra’s ability to enhance circulation in bodily extremities.

Certain men may also be prescribed Viagra if they are being treated for prostate cancer, since it can help prevent heart failure (a rare but serious effect of medication used to treat the cancer); and ED meds have even been successfully used to combat altitude sickness.

Of course, patients should never share their medication or use it for purposes other than what it was prescribed for without the guidance of a qualified medical professional. Viagra used “off-label” could have serious side effects and patients should be completely educated about its use and potential side effects.

What are the most common dosages for Viagra?

Viagra generally is prescribed in 25, 50, or 100 mg tablets. The usual recommended dose for those new to the medication is 50 mg, but this dose may be reduced to 25 mg if less medication is sufficient, or increased to 100 mg if 50 mg is insufficient for best results.

Doctors will generally ask patients how many tablets they expect to need in a 30, 60, or 90 day period, and prescribe accordingly. The prescription can be filled at a local pharmacy, but many patients prefer to ask the doctor for a higher number of tablets to be prescribed so they can have their prescription filled online. Buying Viagra online from a Canadian pharmacy, for example, provides the same medication at what is usually a substantially lower cost.

Patients should remember that only one dose per day of the medication (in the dosage prescribed, not to exceed 100 mg) is recommended, and should never increase or decrease their amount of medication without the guidance of a doctor. If you take too much Viagra in a dose or in a 24 hour period, serious side effects could occur.

Does Viagra have any known side effects?

While Viagra and other ED meds are known to have side effects, many men who take ED medication will find that they experience no side effects at all. The rule of thumb is for doctors to provide warnings about side effects that have been reported by 1% or more of patients taking the medication.

The most common side effects related to Viagra are very mild, and usually don’t lead to the patient stopping taking the medication. These mild side effects can include nausea, dizziness, flushing, headache, or a stuffy nose. If any of these occur, patients should simply ask their doctor about ways to combat the side effects, or about the possibility of adjusting the dosage.

There are some more possible severe side effects, but these are far less common. Moderate to severe side effects for Viagra include severe dizziness (which can either result in fear of falling or an actual fall); stomach pain or discomfort after eating or drinking; or a severe, persistent headache that is resistant to rest or medication.

In very rare cases, serious eye problems can result from Viagra use (this is more common if the medication is overused or abused). Severe redness, burning, or swelling of either or both eyes; sudden blurry vision; extreme unprecedented sensitivity to light; any changes in the way colors are perceived; partial or temporary blindness or black spots; or double vision are all symptoms which should prompt immediate consultancy with a doctor and potential medical attention.

While it is very rare, and a complete medical history should prevent most cases, Viagra can cause a severe allergic reaction. If any of the following occur, patients should seek immediate medical help. Symptoms of allergic reaction include: severe itchiness which may or may not be accompanied by a rash; a rash which appears and spreads quickly, covers a large area of the body, or is accompanied by a fever or pain; any blistering or peeling of the skin, any swelling of the tongue, lips, or throat; sudden or slow onset

shortness of breath; any new hearing problems; alarming or painful chest pains or an irregular heartbeat; any seizures; or priapism (an unrelenting erection lasting more than four hours) or a painful erection.

How can I use Viagra safely?

Most erectile dysfunction medication is considered to be safe as long as there are no contraindications in the patient’s medical or medication history. However, there are circumstances under which Viagra can be dangerous.

The first step to safe use of Viagra is to be 100% honest with doctors and pharmacists about lifestyle habits; past medical history; and all prescriptions drugs, OTC medications, supplements, herbs and street drugs; diet and exercise patterns; family history of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, and so on.

There are many commonly prescribed medications which can interfere with both the safety and the efficacy of ED medication from a Canadian Pharmacy. There are also common medical conditions that would preclude patients from taking ED meds; specifically any history of heart disease or high blood pressure.

There are also a few unexpected things which can lead to safety issues for Viagra users. Doctors hand out literature for a reason, so reading it is mandatory for safe use of ED drugs. One of the surprising and unexpected things to remember is that grapefruit juice can increase the amount of the drug in the bloodstream. Grapefruit consumption as well as that of juice and juice mixes should be avoided when ED medication is being taken.

Viagra taken with a high fat meal may take longer to have an effect, so don’t be impatient or take another dose. Also avoid large quantities of alcohol when planning to take Viagra, as this will also cause delays in effectiveness, or even a complete failure of the drug as well, as a drop in blood pressure leading to fainting or a dizzy spell.

Remember that erectile dysfunction medications do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Always practice safe sex with a consensual partner. Any patients who suffer from congenital penile malformations or trauma to the groin resulting in lasting damage should consult a specialist before using any ED medications from a Canadian Pharmacy, since the increased blood flow could cause complications.

Who should be careful when taking Viagra?

Anyone with poor liver or kidney function should make sure their doctor knows and will often be prescribed a reduced dose of ED medication from a Canadian Pharmacy. These patients will require regular blood tests to check for safe levels in their system.

Patients who take medication for prostate disease should ask their doctor if their medication contains alpha blockers. These can react badly with Viagra, causing an unsafe drop in blood pressure. Beta blockers (often used in pain medications) can also be contraindicated.

If the patient’s doctors and pharmacist are all informed, they can check for other possible interactions. HIV inhibitors, certain antibiotics and antifungals, barbiturates, diuretics, statins (used to treat high cholesterol) and St. John’s Wort are all things which require a closer look – taking these medications does not rule out the possibility of using Viagra, but they should be disclosed and discussed so a safe medication regimen can be planned.

Also of less concern but still important are substances such as caffeine, alcohol, over the counter medications, natural supplements, herbal teas, nicotine, and street drugs. Again, simply disclose all of the above and the doctor can help make the best and safest recommendation for the use of ED drugs from a Canadian Pharmacy.

Who should avoid Viagra completely?

Patients who are allergic to any of the ingredients in the medication should avoid Viagra. So should any persons who have been advised to refrain from sexual activity. Especially at risk are people with a history of vision problems – specifically those caused by decreased blood flow to the retinas of the eyes.

Any nitrite use means no Viagra should be taken. This includes oral medications, skin patches, nasal sprays, sublingual (under the tongue) doses, or recreational “poppers”. Serious side effects including a drop in blood pressure can lead to dizziness, fainting, heart attacks or strokes.

Does Viagra from a Canadian Pharmacy really work?

80% of generic Viagra users bought from a Canadian Pharmacy find that it helps them gain, maintain, and enjoy an erection, leading to a fulfilling, mutually satisfying sex life and a lessening of anxiety, depression, and self-confidence issues related to their ED. Order free pills for erectile dysfunction & get it delivered to your door in just 7 days. Canadian pharmacy options may prove the most affordable and fast way to get your medication and ensure the product you receive is safe and effective. Get help today!

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