Leaked celebrity photos from Apple iCloud 2017

Leaked Celebrity Photos from Apple iCloud 2017

Leaked Celebrity Photos from Apple iCloud 2017

From time to time the naked photos of celebrities appear on the internet. Some of them post such images themselves, but in most cases, the photos are uploaded by hackers. In this article, you will see whose photos have been shown in public recently.

Famous people rarely can afford such a luxury as a private life, because they can become a victim of photographers and journalists everywhere.

Each year, on the Internet, there appear naked photos of stars which were obtained in different ways, including not very honest ways. They appear as a result of hacking and other methods, but this does not matter. The fact is that scandalous photos of celebrities periodically appear on the internet. 2017 was also quite rich year with leaked celebrity photos from Apple iCloud and other sources.

Shock – Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a popular American actress and television anchorperson who became a star after the “Hunger Games” trilogy. In 2014, the whole world was discussing her intimate photos that appeared on the internet due to a hack attack. There were only three photographs, but they were quite steamy. Jennifer Lawrence left no doubts that these photos are original, reacting very violently.

Leaked celebrity photos from Apple iCloud 2017

The woman suffered a lot because images which were intended for her boyfriend Nick had been seen by the whole world, and she wanted to punish the hacker. Gradually, this incident was forgotten, but in early 2017, fans of the actress had a new reason to review her nude photos – the person who had stolen the images was caught and convicted. It was George Garofano, one of the hackers who organized the phishing scheme. He also hacked the photos of dozens of celebrities, such as Kate Upton, Lucy Hale, Rihanna, and Kirsten Dunst. Jennifer Lawrence now can feel a little relief – the man was sentenced to eight months in prison.

Amanda Seyfried Naked

Amanda Seyfried is an American actress, singer, and former model who also could not avoid a scandal with nude photos. In 2017, her photos were revealed online by a hacker. There are no doubts that it was Amanda in the images, as there are no doubts that the photos were stolen. It’s generally agreed that no celebrity will present nude photos in which she has undies on her own head to the public. In any case, the fans of the singer and actress found out that the woman has a good figure and sense of humor. On several photos Amanda Seyfried is captured by her boyfriend, and in one of the photos, she even gives him a blowjob.

Amanda Seyfried with boyfriend

Blake Lively Nude iCloud Images

Blake Lively is a popular American model and actress who gained big popularity due to the role of Serena van der Woodsen in the TV series “Gossip Girl.” The woman often appeared nude on the screen, so for no one was it intriguing how the actress looks naked. For example, you can see her almost naked boobs in the Glamor magazine (September 2017). Nevertheless, the photos where Blake poses near the mirror were stolen from her phone and immediately appeared on the internet.Blake Lively naked

Miley Cyrus Stolen Pictures

On April 12, 2017 someone put pictures of naked Miley Cyrus on the internet. The photos were taken by an unknown photographer while Miley rested in the sauna and were stolen by hackers, but this does not force the American singer to feel embarrassed. Miley Cyrus has long been known for her passion for undressing and regularly uploads photos which are not much more modest than those that were obtained by hackers to Instagram. Therefore, there was no loud sensation from such theft, and the singer reacted to this quite calmly.

Miley Cyrus in sauna

Nude Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart became famous and popular thanks to the role of Bella Swan in the “Twilight” movie series. On the screen, the actress appeared naked in two films. The first time was in 2007 in the film “The Cake Eaters.” However, it is difficult to name those scenes as spicy – only her undressed back was exposed. The second nude scene was in 2012 in the film “On the Road,” where the woman showed her breasts. In real life, the actress is far from being shy – she often chooses translucent outfits with deep decollete.

Nude Kristen Stewart

In August 2017, fans (and not fans, too) could see naked Kristen Stewart from other angles. Hackers have spread some embarrassing pictures onto the Internet. The lawyers of the actress said that they are going to bring legal action against the violators.

Emma Watson iCloud Photos

A lot of fans of Harry Potter movies did not notice how little Hermione had grown up, but Emma Watson’s nude photos leave no doubts about this. She has not appeared naked on screen yet, and all her steamy photos on the internet were fakes. The only piquant shot was made on the day of the girl’s 18th birthday – when getting out of the car in a short dress, she showed paparazzi her translucent panties and intimate hairstyle.

Emma Watson nude

March 17, 2017, the real photos of naked Emma Watson appeared after they had been stolen by hackers. There we can see that the woman is laying in the bathroom. Despite the fact that her face is not visible, the authenticity of the images left no doubts – the fans compared Emma’s photo in a swimsuit and, according to the location of the birthmarks, they came to the conclusion that it was really her in them.

Anne Hathaway

As you can see, in the modern world, keeping intimate photos on the iCloud or phone, especially if there is a hunt going on for them, is rather reckless. However, Anne Hathaway forgot about caution and became another victim of hackers. In August 2017, the network blew up with her stolen photos of erotic content. In some of them, the actress is in the company of a man. Although his face on the photos is not visible, this can only be Anne’s husband – jewelry designer Adam Shulman. Since Hathaway was already filming nude, the fans were disappointed – they expected to see more than the just topless actress.

Anne Hathaway

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan is an American singer and actress who starred in such films as “Scream,” “Conan,” “Fifty Dead Men Walking,” “Planet of Fear,” but the most popular for her was the role in “Charmed” series. In March 2017, the whole world saw that the woman is very prone to narcissism and likes to photograph herself naked in the process of masturbation and even during sex. Of course, all these photos were made for personal use, but hackers made them public. Steamy photos are not only exciting but also confirm that McGowan, in her fifth decade, is in an excellent physical shape and looks beautiful.

Rose McGowan

The Bottom Line

The vast majority of people should not worry that their intimate photos will be stolen from their phone, iCloud account, or 4chan and become the center of everyone’s attention. From such a keen interest in intimate details suffer only celebrities and for the rest there is nothing to fear. Often, nude celebrity photos are used in the same way as any other photo of a similar nature – in order to get somebody excited to have sex. However, sometimes excitement does not lead to a solid and stable erection, as there can be erectile dysfunction. This disease is not a sentence – at the very beginning, it can be cured by the elimination of its causes. If this is not possible, there are special drugs that have a temporary but very good effect. These drugs include:

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