How Do Custom-Fit Condoms Change Sex?

How Do Custom-Fit Condoms Change Sex?

How Do Custom-Fit Condoms Change Sex?

It is a common complaint among men that they have never found an ideal-fitting condom. In fact, the size of the penis means for men much more than the size of anything else in their body. Why aren’t condoms issued in several sizes like hats, suits, and shoes? Really, these birth-control products should be also sold custom-fit.

Size Really Matters

There are lot of men who lament that condoms don’t fit well, that they are too long, too tight, or too uncomfortable. They diminish sensations and are always eager to slip off. Almost two-thirds of American men don’t use this kind of protection, and most of them because of sizing issues.

In fact, myONE Perfect Fit has created bespoke condoms to provide sexual health and safety. This company initiates a revolutionary experience offering a great number of condom sizes. It is a completely new approach to wearing and buying these latex things.

According to the studies made by this company, most condoms are 7 inches long, while an average penis size is 5 to 6 inches. They are an inch longer than they have to be. An anonymous survey held among 1,660 American men shows that 80% of the participants have a male organ shorter than a size of an average condom. Actually, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated such minimal size selection and requested condoms to be 7 inches long with a clearance for bigger sizes.

myONE Perfect Fit could have been available in the American market since 2011. The FDA prevented the company from launching the production because condoms are viewed as medical devices and are subject to certain international regulations.

Now there can be no more excuses for discomfort or improper condom fit as we’ve got products like the myONE Perfect Fit, which include a variety of sizes.
How Do Custom-Fit Condoms Change Sex

Custom-Fit Condom Is a Key of Wearing Condom During Sex

This company is based in Boston, and it has recently introduced 60 condom sizes comprised of 9 different circumferences and 10 different lengths. Instead of ordering a condom size by centimeters or inches, the company uses a system of encoded letters (for length) and numbers (for width) to name the size, for example, B17. It is done for the reason that men may feel inadequate by making an order of some particular, generally known size.

CondomsYou have to print a measuring plot, cut it out and wrap around an erect penis. This printable device is called a FitKit. Then you send the data to the company and wait for a sample pack. It comes in a discreet packaging, and all your measurements are kept confidential by the company.

No more loose condoms that roll up at the bottom resulting in an uncomfortable and tight “rubber-band effect”. With such tailored goods, every man can enjoy safe sex and prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

myONE Perfect Fit Experience & Benefits

Condoms with a bad fit can cause slippage or breakage and lead to a penile irritation. Using bespoke latex products gives a number of benefits to a user. There is no sliding off or bunching, which usually happens to store-bought things. The fit doesn’t constrict, like it is non-latex, and it doesn’t kill men’s boners. The sensations are still strong, as if you are not wearing anything on.

Made-to-order condoms are less capable of breaking as compared with standard-sized products. These goods are sure to become popular on the market. Modern customers just require proper education on how to use them. Sometimes these custom-fit products receive a bit of criticism, because some men find the ordering process too “tiresome” and “complicated,” but myONE Perfect Fit tends to help and educate males to keep their own bodies and women’s bodies safe.

What Do Women Say?

Safe sexmyONE Perfect Fit brands itself as a company, which produces safer and better pleasure products. Involving new technology, they try not only to increase pleasure for both partners, but also to ensure their safety.

They offer educational articles about how the way a man wears a condom can ensure a better conversation surrounding sexual intimacy. Female partners benefit from such myONE Fit activity as well, because this conversation begins outside the bedroom among professionals and researchers who care about the importance of safe sex.

They try to change people’s attitude to condoms and decrease the number of STIs and unintended pregnancies. It is essential to stay protected, at the same time creating a comfortable fit for the male organ and encouraging safe sex for both partners.

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