30 Day Sex Challenge

30 Day Sex Challenge

30 Day Sex Challenge

When a couple has been in a long-term relationship, it is not a secret that when it comes to sex, once highly expected bedroom sessions are crashed by work, household chores, and kids. The way out for such partners is to try something fresh, something that can stimulate the brain’s natural desire for novelty. Maybe the 30 day sex challenge can rescue them from a routine and bored everyday life.

The challenge we offer is a widely promoted game with certain rules and fixed activities for each day during a month. The point of all this is to push your comfort zone and transform the average daily intercourse into a fantastic and crazy series of sexual adventures. We’ll check all pros and cons before and after a monthly experience to realize whether this scheme can be good or bad for an average modern citizen.

30 Day Sex Challenge

Before you start, study the list of instructions which have to be observed during the game:

  1. Before the game begins, each partner can modify the activity for two of the days. No changes are allowed after the start.
  2. Both partners have two VETO days each. They are free to choose ordinary sex and bypass the specific activity of the day.
  3. Each participant can add any new activity to the list in case both partners agree.
  4. Holidays, periods, and business trips can be treated as a “pause” if they occur.
  5. If one day is missed, one more day can be added to the game thus extending its length from 30 to 31, and so on. The game cannot exceed 40 days.

Ready, steady, go!

Day 1 Try another time for sex, not before going to bed. It can happen in the morning or after work.
Day 2 Try a new position for sex. Watch videos or look through some books. Don’t be afraid of experiments and share your ideas.
Day 3 Have sex two times during the day.
Day 4 Read erotica together before intercourse.
Day 5 Enjoy shower sex.
Day 6 Start with a body massage as foreplay to sex.
Day 7 Have quick sex (10 minutes or fewer). Find an unusual place for it, for example, while you prepare breakfast in the kitchen.
Day 8 Have sex during a trip in a car. If you are short of time, do it in your car in the garage.
Day 9 Have sex while you’re sitting on a sofa or chair.
Day 10 Have an oil massage before an intercourse. Use old towels.
Day 11 Use oral sex only, until you both orgasm.
Day 12 Have sex when she dominates. Use handcuffs or ropes.
Day 13 She brings her partner to orgasm without intercourse. Use your mouth, hands, and body.
Day 14 Have sex in a new place in your house: bath, kitchen, floor, etc.
Day 15 Both partners bring themselves to orgasm while they’re sitting in front of each other.
Day 16 Find a couple of challenging positions in Kama Sutra.
Day 17 Use sex toys during your lovemaking: rings, vibrators, etc.
Day 18 Watch porn videos together. Have sex while you are watching.
Day 19 Have sex and orgasm without intercourse. Use hands, toys, mouth.
Day 20 Share sexual fantasies by email. Choose one to play, try to find costumes. Do not use work email for this purpose.
Day 21 Visit a sex shop together. Make a purchase like a toy, book, game, etc.
Day 22 He brings his partner to orgasm without intercourse. Use your mouth, hands, and body.
Day 23 Have a break and enjoy one night of ordinary sex.
Day 24 Find a new sex game to play.
Day 25 Have slow sex. Make it at ¼ speed for at least 45 minutes until you both have orgasms.
Day 26 Have sex when he dominates. Use handcuffs or ropes.
Day 27 Have dinner out and touch together under the table. Then go home for sex.
Day 28 Enjoy a day of multiple orgasms. Cool down after an orgasm and start again.
Day 29 Flip a coin, pick a dominant. Your partner can do to you everything he/she wants. Fix the limits for your comfort.
Day 30 Have sex during the night as much as possible. Pick up your favorite pose from the previous days and try to reach at least 5 orgasms.
Day 31 Bonus day: caress each other and then have sex.

So, will having sex every day make partners happier? Will it rescue dying relationships? We will try to sum up all the information and find out if sex quantity really outweighs its quality.


YES” arguments:

  1. Frequent sex has lots of benefits for your health. As an excellent antidepressant, it decreases stress. The life-extending qualities of orgasm boost our immune system and have a positive impact on our hearts. Good sex is important for our physical and emotional well-being. It is proven to improve our muscles, respiration, and bladder control. Besides, it makes personal relationships within a couple smoother.
  2. A lot of sex makes partners feel desired. If your partner often wants to engage in a sexual activity with you, it is a sign you are attractive and sexy. It helps to boost your self-esteem.
  3. Sexual intimacy stimulates hormones that make partners desire each other. The production of testosterone, dopamine, and oxytocin is stimulated.

NO” arguments:

Regular, but not frequent, sex gives better results than daily sex. Having sex every day isn’t necessary: frequent sex is good, but regular sex does the best job:

  1. To have sex every day is not realistic and doesn’t work for lots of couples. We are so exhausted by our daily work that we have neither the mood nor the energy for it. It becomes another thing in the to-do list, which causes irritation.
  2. Sex cannot substitute an emotional and spiritual intimacy. Having a lot of sex doesn’t mean being affectionate outside of the bedroom. You can express more intimacy by communication via gestures, words, and actions.
  3. To have too much of a good thing is not always good. For example, if you love chicken, do you want to eat it every single day? When we postpone an intimate romantic night, it builds anticipation. How can we miss anything if we have it every single day?

What will actually work in this situation?

  1. Enjoy bite-size sex every day. Use simple sexy acts every day for each other. It doesn’t precisely mean sexual relations. Give a deep and long kiss or use teasing. Such intimate moments are easy to achieve and keep you both sexually connected.
  2. Having one sex session in a week is normal. The research conducted by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology reports that more sex doesn’t make couples happier. Partners who have sex more than once a week feel no happier than couples who have sex less than that.
  3. If you want a challenge, double the sex that you have. If you enjoy it, you can increase it again for a month. Such a mini-marathon is able to reset your sexual relations.

ED pillsSo, this monthly sex challenge can hardly work for a regular couple. It is difficult to find 30 perfect days when you don’t feel anxious/stressed/low, go on holidays, feel ill, go to work, hang out with friends, etc. The only philosophy is to do what you want now despite a calendar day.

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