Penis Changes with Age

Penis Changes with Age

Penis Changes with Age

Age-related changes in old age occur in all body systems, and male genitals are not an exception. How do you distinguish aging from the symptoms of a disease? What is the norm and what is not? Is it true that with age the size of the penis can change? You will find answers to all these questions below.

Age-related changes sooner or later will face every man. Changes in internal organs occur in different ways. The penis is not an exception. With age, men can notice changes that can cause confusion and even fear. Suddenly, are these harbingers of some disease? For this reason, it is important to be well-informed about the normal processes of aging and the symptoms of various diseases of the genital organs.

Let’s find out what exactly happens with the penis of a man during the course of life.

What Age Does the Penis Stop Growing?

A lot of people believe that the penis grows for the whole life of man. This is far from the case. However, elderly men often notice the elongation of their penis with age, but this is simply because of tissue elasticity loss. Just as other organs do, the skin loses its elasticity, deforms, and undergoes ptosis, thus penis in the quiescent state can look slightly longer. Also, because of such phenomena, there are opinions that with age, the penis gets smaller. Of course, this is not true, either. You needn’t be afraid of penis skin droop – this does not affect the actual size of the genital organ in an erected state.

The penis stops growing at the age of 18-19 and maintains its gained length throughout all the life of a man. It is noteworthy that the maximum length of the penis is at 16-17 years of age, but after that its width starts increasing. As a result, the sexual organ becomes bigger in diameter and slightly shorter (by about 0.5 cm).
Penis Changes with Age

Average Penis Size by Age Chart

Active growth of the penis in boys begins with an increase of testosterone production. The increased release of this hormone occurs between ages of 9 to 15 years. At 20 years, the testosterone level decreases slightly and stabilizes for the next 20 years. If a man during this period does not reduce the level of testosterone (because of injuries, illnesses and bad habits), then in 40 years and even later his potency remains at a high level, as it was at 25 years.

There is statistical data on how boys’ penis changes in size by age in puberty.

Age 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Length of erect penis 3.8 5 5.9 6 6.3 6.5 6.28 6.29

The length of the penis of 95% of adult men is in the interval from 4.3 to 7.5 inches with an average value of 5.9-6.29 inches in the erect state. This actual length does not change during the whole life. Additional statistical data is shown below in the special chart.

Changes in Penis with Age

Changes in penisAny changes in the genitals rarely start until reaching 40 years of age. After reaching this age, the body begins producing large amounts of the protein globulin. It inhibits the sex hormones, gradually reducing their number, and all this is reflected in the state of the internal organs. How quickly changes will come depends on the health of the man and his lifestyle.

Elderly men may notice that their penis has changed its shape and size. The main cause of this is aging and the deformation of soft tissue cells. It is proved that in men who lead a healthy and active lifestyle, such changes occur later and they are insignificant. Thus, bodies of those men remain young for a much longer time.

Testicles Droop

The first thing that older men face is drooping of the testicles. This phenomenon happens due to two factors – changes in soft tissues and a decrease of seminal gland size. Testicles are glands that produce seminal fluid and hormones needed to provide male health. Their work directly depends on the man’s hormonal balance. After 40 years, testicular tissues are replaced with connective tissue. In a healthy person, this process is very slow, so the changes become visible only with the onset of old age. Testicles change their structure and decrease in volume, so a slightly empty scrotum begins to droop. Skin with age loses its elasticity, so it can be easily stretched and deformed. This can happen with the skin of the face and body, but on the testicles this is more noticeable because they poorly connected by muscle tissue and their age-related droop is not impeded by anything.

Is it possible to prevent such a phenomenon? No, this is an inevitable age-related change. Modern cosmetic surgery can help with its correction.

Does Penis Shrink with Age?

ErectionAs was mentioned above, the penis becomes fully grown at 18-19 years of age and then its size does not change during whole life. However, the tissues of the genital organ lose collagen and their elasticity decreases. The skin tissues covering the organ shrink and as a result, the penis looks like it is shorter and thinner vs young age state.

A lot of men think that their penis in elderly age becomes smaller because they have poor-quality erections. Because of this, the erect penis looks sluggish. Usually, the use of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, and others) allows a man to gain a strong erection and be sure that the size of the penis has not changed over the years.

Excess weight and fat in the lower abdomen also visually reduces the penis size. Physicians say that every 30 pounds of excess weight make the penis less than half an inch – in fact, it just “sinks” in fat. This is another reason to care for your health and do sports at an elderly age.

Going Around the Bend

The slight bend of the penis (not exceeding a deviation of 20 degrees) is a common phenomenon. According to statistics, only 56% of all healthy men have a straight penis, while the rest have a slight bend to the right (more often) or to the left side. With age, this bending may increase. In some elderly men, the penis can be almost in the form of a question mark. Why does this happen?

Sports and an active sex life are the sources of minor injuries to the penis. Each of these injuries is minor and often goes unnoticed. However, at each place of injury, a connective tissue is formed. Over time, the number of connective tissue increases, and they form scars. As a result, per each year, due to scarring, the lop-sided filling of the cavernous bodies with blood increases and that causes the curvature of the penis. If the curvature of the penis appears in an adult male, then there is a high probability that over time it will increase significantly. What can be done with this phenomenon? It’s curious to relate, but injections of Botox help to correct not only mimic wrinkles, but also the curvature of the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction in menAll the changes that occur in the penis and testicles in old age are not big problems in comparison with erectile dysfunction. With age, testosterone levels decrease and blood circulation is disturbed, so unstable erections happen more and more often while the morning erection becomes a rare guest.

The age when ED begins is not established because it all depends on the state of the male’s health. For some, problems begin at 40 years and some people can lead a fairly active sex life till elderly age comes. However, what if the erection is not the same as before, and you can’t accept this? There is a solution!

PDE inhibitors will make an erection stable and strong again and allow you to have sex when you want it. These inhibitors include all known drugs – Cialis, Viagra and others. They are effective, reliable, and safe enough, but are quite expensive. ViaBestBuy online pharmacy offers you the high-quality generics (Kamagra, Cialis, Viagra Soft, etc.) of these drugs at a very competitive price. The cost of generics is much lower than their effectiveness!

Any of these medicines cause vasodilation, block the PDE5 enzymes (which stop the erection), and improve the potency state. Generics will help you to return to a normal sexual life. In our pharmacy, you can find exactly that medicine and dosage which is the most suitable for you. After ordering, the medicines will be delivered to your door in any city of the US.

Prostate and Testicular Cancer

Prostatitis is a common disease which accounts for about 8% of all urological diseases. It is divided into infectious and stagnant types. If the infectious form of the disease affects all men, then stagnant often occurs in mature and aged men. Most aging men suffer from this disease. Prostatitis which is found at the beginning of its development can be cured with a high probability of success. In order to see a doctor in time, you need to know the main symptoms of prostatitis.

ProstatitisThese include:

  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • pain in the lower abdomen, perineum and anus;
  • often fever and chill;
  • sperm mixed with blood;
  • feeling of fatigue and weakness;
  • pain in the muscles and joints;
  • rectal temperature differs from the temperature in the mouth by 32.9 F or more.

If you observe at least some of these symptoms, consult with a doctor as soon as possible.

Testicular cancer is much less common than prostatitis. Unlike stagnant prostatitis, this disease affects mainly young men from 25 to 35 years old. With timely diagnosis and properly selected treatment, the cancer is curable (a bad prognosis happens only in 16% of cases).

The main sign that a testicle has a tumor are:

  • pain and heaviness in the scrotal area;
  • swelling of the testicle, painful when pressing on it;
  • enlargement of mammary glands;
  • swelling of one of the testicles;
  • decreased libido.

There is no insurance against testicular cancer, therefore it is important to watch over the organism state and to be screened in time.


Healthy lifestyleAge-related changes in the sexual organs are inevitable, like the aging of the whole organism. With a healthy lifestyle, you can save your own male strength for a long time and avoid rapid aging. After the completion of puberty, an increase or decrease of penis size is impossible (except with surgical treatment).

Deterioration of potency state also comes with age, but there are a lot of means that can return a good erection. These include generic drugs based on Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil. You can buy them at a bargain price in the ViaBestBuy online store.

Elderly age is not an excuse to refuse an active sex life. Give yourself a second youth with the help of modern medicine for ED and PE.