How to Make Your Penis Bigger

How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Big cars and trucks are favorite manly toys. Many men also look at women’s breasts and think the larger the better. And this size thing applies to their own bodies as well. Men go to great lengths of sweat and energy to appear fit. Think about the gyms opening up all over, and what a big business muscle-building supplements are.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Want to know how to make your penis bigger? Let’s learn about ways for penis enlargement. What methods are effective? What are scam? Let’s try to understand!

As vessels carrying testosterone, men by nature tend to judge things by size.

Big cars and trucks are favorite manly toys. Many men also look at women’s breasts and think the larger the better.
And this size thing applies to their own bodies as well. Men go to great lengths of sweat and energy to appear fit. Think about the gyms opening up all over, and what a big business muscle-building supplements are.
Along with all those visible muscles being worked out, males fret about that other hidden muscle: their dick.
No aspect of male health will get more attention, even if secretly, than sex and their penis.
The thing most males worry about is being able to perform adequately and satisfy their partner, and this seems to include size.

What Do Men Think About Their Penis?

A good percentage of men feel that they are inadequate in the size department.
They have been conditioned to believe that women need more than they have to give. A man like this looks down at himself and because of a bad angle and the proportions of his body, his penis seems to him to be on the small side.

Despite there being relatively few cases where this is actually true, the myth has become ingrained in the minds of modern men, and it is why there are so many products on the market designed to deal with the problem.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger

Size – Is It The Main Thing?

It depends on who you ask. A man comfortable with himself, who has taken out a ruler and measured his penis and found it above average may be free to say that size is not the main thing. He will cite performance, stamina, and longevity among things that matter.

A woman might agree with those points wholeheartedly.

But a man who for one reason or another feels inferior in regards to size might view it as the most important aspect. This inferiority may spring from unreal demands placed upon him by the society in which he lives, or it may just be part of that innate competitiveness that comes with testosterone, that impression that bigger is better.

When someone falls short of that unreal image, it can set in motion a sense of failure that may creep into the other aspects of sexuality. Performance and stamina, which are so connected to an individual’s state of mind, can suffer.

In an effort to combat the imagined deficits, the man may turn to various products and procedures meant to enlarge his penis.

What Do Women Think About It?

OrgasmSome women never achieve orgasm by penetration no matter how intense the sex. They prefer other sorts of stimulation like cunnilingus or friction against their clitoris. So to them, the size of the penis is practically irrelevant as long as it is not less than four or five inches, which is actually slightly less than average.

Other women find penetration and the sense of being filled to be what is among the better parts of the sexual experience. They want a penis that stays hard and can last.

Most women agree that size is not the most important factor providing the penis is of average length. One that is too long can be painful as it penetrates too deeply. Women do say that if they had to make a choice they much prefer a thicker penis to a longer one.

Ways For Penis Enhancement

There are quite a few ways to go about enlarging your penis. One of the safest ones is more a matter of perception than anything else. It involves dieting and won’t apply to people already fit:

  • if you aren’t in shape and maybe are a bit overweight, dieting and bodily exercise will do a few things. It will make you feel psychologically better since you are now being active. Activity releases endorphins which change your mood and outlook on life. When you feel better, things will seem less threatening. Your small penis problem may not appear as a problem anymore. Plus, losing weight will shrink your waist and your penis will seem larger by comparison;
  • there are exercises specifically for your penis and designed to increase length and girth. They are regimens which must be adhered to just like any other exercise program, and results often take time and come in small increments;
  • there are some topical creams applied to the penis which purportedly increase size by altering hormone levels and increasing blood flow;
  • surgical procedures can be performed to increase length and girth. These include invasive procedures (entering and changing penile structural tissue) and non-invasive ones.

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

If that isn’t for you, there are herbal supplements which you can try. Many of these increase blood flow to the penis, swelling it to a greater circumference. These also often enhance performance and help to dispel feelings of inferiority.

Some natural herbal remedies one might consider using include:

  • ginseng – boosts nervous system function by means of ginsenosides. Is believed to help with sexual performance. Since it increases blood flow to the penis, it appears to have an effect on phallic size. 500 mg per day of Korean red ginseng root is considered an ideal dosage;
  • ginkgo biloba – primarily a nootropic (memory enhancer), it also increases vascular blood flow, including the spongy erectile tissue of the penis;
  • L-arginine – an amino acid which acts as a vasodilator to increase blood flow, making the penis larger during erection. Dosage is 1 gram three times per day;
  • maca powder – contains macamides and macaenes, energy boosters which help maintain erections and may possibly increase penis size.


Food items helpful in making your dick bigger.

Helpful Ingredients Vitamin A Vitamin B5 Vitamin C L-arginine L-carnitine
Food Sweet, Potatoes, Carrots,  Butternut Squash Liver, Bran, Sunflower Seeds, Shiitake Mushrooms Guava, Yellow Bell Pepper, Broccoli Pine Nuts, Tuna, Beef Flank Steak Red Meat Acetyl

Some other helpful foods:

  • onions create healthy blood flow throughout the body;
  • salmon increases blood flow to extremities including the penis;
  • bananas are a heart healthy food and good for the blood flow.



Some vitamins are believed to help increase penis size. Many of them do this by increasing blood flow:

  • vitamin A is an important anti-bacterial which keeps your penis healthy and infection-free during the regimen of enlargement exercises;
  • vitamin B3 (niacin) enhances circulation and blood flow;
  • vitamin B5 keeps the penis functioning at maximum efficiency. It regulates the metabolism, recovery, and rebuilding of body cells, including those of the penis;
  • vitamin C helps maintain normal sexual function. It aids in the growth and repair of body cells, processes necessary for penis enlargement;
  • vitamin D increases sexual performance and may lead to genital size increase;
  • vitamin E eases erectile dysfunction and ensures proper circulation;
  • L-arginine is a vasodilator promoting penile blood flow, tissue expansion, and engorgement;
  • acetyl L-carnitine is a neuroprotector promoting nerve regeneration and health.


An exercise recommended for penis enlargement is called the Jelq Method. Grasp the base of a semi-erect penis with thumb and forefinger. Form a tight O with these fingers to limit circulation, then move fingers forward. These forces collected blood into the penis shaft. When the tip of the penis is reached, repeat the motion with the opposite hand, bringing the first hand back to the base of the penis for another cycle.


Masturbation can double as release and an enlarging exercise. The motion of it can be altered to mimic Jelq techniques, helping to increase blood flow into the shaft of the penis.

In addition, the core muscles can be trained to withhold premature ejaculation and increase staying power.

Enhancement Drugs

One of the best male enhancement pills is Extenze. It is an all-natural supplement to increase penis size.

Among other drugs is Natural Gain Plus, a herbal supplement said to increase penis size and help delay premature ejaculation.

Other Medications

Penis Enlargement

Dihydrotestosterone is a male sex hormone, known as an androgen, which affects how male characteristics are developed and maintained. This is one of those no-pills methods since it is a topical cream applied directly to the penis and used in conjunction with penile-specific exercises like Jelq. It is said to increase size and performance.


Penis pumps operate on the suction principle. The penis is inserted into a cylinder. A seal is formed at the point of insertion by a lubricated gasket and suction is created either manually or by means of an automated pump. This suction draws blood into the penis and causes it to swell in size, although the effects are not permanent.

Pumps seem to be most useful in helping those with erectile dysfunction achieve hardness and consummate intercourse.



If surgery is chosen, there are two options. One is an invasive procedure called penile lengthening which involves cutting the suspensory ligaments in the penis, pulling them apart and then performing grafts to fill in the new length.

The problem with this is that sometimes the penis no longer stands straight but points downwards during erections due to the severed ligaments.

Girth-increasing procedures involve the injection of liposuctioned fat from other parts of the body into the penis.

What Is The Best Way To Make Penis Bigger?

Ultimately the choice of how to make your penis bigger lies with you. It is probably better to start simple and take natural steps and go from there.