Buy Viagra, Cialis, and Kamagra in the Dominican Republic

Male impotence is something you don’t have to stress over. It’s not the Dominican Republic alone, millions of people globally are living with ED. Here, at ViaBestBuys you can buy the excellent remedy for you with fast delivery to your country.

ED can be solved through many effective remedies such as using assistive devices like pumps or lifestyle changes. No matter the underlying condition, the good news is that there are cost-effective medications that help reverse impotence if carefully managed.

You don’t have to worry about impotence. There is a remedy. Regain your self-confidence and don’t let your relationship strain due to the inability to get or keep an erection.

Satisfy your woman’s sexual desire with a fully erect penis – strong and firm enough for sexual intercourse with the help of highly effective remedies.

Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation in the Dominican Republic

There are some conditions that restrict blood flow to the penile veins and arteries which over time cause chronic health conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction (or ED). Nonetheless, this problem can be managed if the root cause is probably treated.

Although there are various ways to reverse impotence, most men find the use of ED medication can rapidly solve their problem.

Prior to taking any drug for impotence, first consult with a doctor. This is the most important step towards treating ED. As stated earlier, ED can be managed with other effective remedies besides using ED drugs and your doctor can guide you through this.

Buy Viagra, Cialis, and Kamagra in the Dominican RepublicIf your doctor prescribes you ED drugs, choose the right type, as there are many drugs that are used to treat this condition. Note that premature ejaculation (PE) mostly happens as a result of ED. There are some drugs that come as a combination of two active substances to treat both ED and PE at the time.

Here is a table showing the top ED drugs sold in the Dominican Republic:

Generic ED Treatment Drug Active Substance
Viagra sildenafil citrate
Cialis tadalafil
Levitra vardenafil
Kamagra sildenafil citrate
Cenforce sildenafil citrate
Stendra avanafil
Fildena sildenafil citrate
Malegra sildenafil citrate
Tadapox tadalafil + dapoxetine
Super P-Force sildenafil + dapoxetine
Snovitra Super Power vardenafil + dapoxetine
Zhewitra vardenafil
Priligy dapoxetine

All these drugs are generic versions which work the same as their branded counterparts, but are available at a lower price. If you’re not sure which tablet to use, a doctor can help you make the right choice. Most of these tablets nearly have the same effect, but have a varying duration of effect. All are these tabs are a daily pill.

Why Is Viagra So Popular?

Man takes ViagraCompared to other ED medications like Cialis and Levitra, Viagra is the best-known drug to treat male impotence, followed by Cialis. Why? Its history reveals some facts about this drug.

First, Viagra was the first drug to treat male impotence. Although it was discovered accidentally by a research team on a mission to find a drug to treat hypertension and angina pectoris.

Sildenafil became the first active substance to treat male impotence. Pfizer marketed its drug with the brand name Viagra in 1998.

Having been approved by the U.S. FDA, Viagra first enjoyed the market monopoly helping millions of men treat their impotence. It was the turning point giving hope to mend a broken relationship and boost male self-confidence.

Viagra is a drug with high efficacy and tolerability with minor side effects. It’s a 24-hour pill (or daily tab) used by men to gain a firm, strong and fully erect penis that he can maintain for complete sexual intercourse. Your lady can’t be disappointed by the failure of penile erection.

Just take this one tab a day 30 minutes to an hour prior to sexual intercourse. Viagra is highly effective with its onset felt within the shortest time. Some men report the first effect in less than 20 minutes. The duration of the effect of Viagra lasts up to 5 hours and its effect fades away as time progresses.

There is also Viagra for women (Female Viagra) which is available in pink, and male Viagra is available in blue. Based on your dosage preferences, Viagra is available in various forms – tablet, oral jelly, and liquid, to serve various groups of people with impotence.

The best part? What if the drug doesn’t give you the effect you need? To avoid this potential pitfall, Viagra is available in various strengths. There are 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.


It all boils down to dose efficacy and tolerability. Men with impotence have varying experiences when they use ED medication. Some men find the 25 mg highly effective while tolerable at the same time. Other men find the 100 mg dose highly effective and tolerable giving them the perfect erection they need for complete and satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Is It Safe to Use Generic Viagra?

Yes, but with care. You see, when a drug gains ground or becomes so popular, it’s easy to have fake drugs especially if there is a generic version of it. The effect of these dosages may seriously cause harm to your health.

Using Viagra

Generic drugs are a relief to the low-income population. Its prices are cheap and the drug is the same as the brand-name counterparts. That’s the case of generic Viagra.

Generic alternatives to Viagra contain the same active ingredient – sildenafil – as the branded version. To be fully effective and guaranteed to have the same tolerability as the original version and ready to be used, it must pass medical tests for approval. The same active ingredients as in branded products are presented in Levitra alternatives and Cialis alternatives.

The FDA and WHO must approve every medication. By law, the FDA must approve drugs before making them available for use in healthcare. All approved medications (be it the branded or the generic version) must go through tests to prove the drug is safe and effective for its intended use. Fortunately, generic Viagra is one of the ED drugs that’s safe and now available to treat male impotence at an extremely cheap price.

Where Can I Buy Viagra and Cialis?

Since generic ED drugs are available in the Dominican Republic, there are various ways to order generic Viagra, Cialis or other ED medications.

Although these tabs are sold without a doctor’s prescription, it’s important to make sure that you visit a doctor. Most suppliers may sell you these tablets without consultation and it’s your responsibility to take care of your health prior to using them.

Note that drugs interact with other medications. Other illnesses may severely worsen if you initiate any drug regimen without fully assessing your health to see if you are fit for such medications.

Although Cialis and Viagra are known to be highly effective and tolerable with fewer side effects, always have a doctor assess your impotence.

A doctor may recommend nearby chemists, pharmacies or clinics for your ED medications. But most men don’t like this and prefer privacy or anonymity when ordering these medications.

The best and most cost-effective choice is to order online. You don’t have to give your identity when ordering your tablets via an online drugstore site. There are online pharmacies that process your purchases with same day or next day delivery.

But there is a problem.

Online orders are the best, but the price is a factor. Generic medication ought to be substantially cheaper. But if you compare these online suppliers, you’ll discover that there are those online pharmacies that make their prices higher than the others.

The only solution is to fully research and find an online pharmacy you dearly trust. ViaBestBuys have you in mind. Our drugstore is highly-rated and offers ED drugs at an extremely cheap price. There is no match for our prices since our pricing is based on the manufacturing cost in India.

How Much Does Viagra Cost in the Dominican Republic?

CostDepending on the place you choose to order Viagra, prices vary from store to store. Buying locally will cost you more money than ordering online.

Local online ED drug suppliers can cost you more if you don’t perform thorough research to compare prices. For example, they may charge you a higher delivery fee as well as more money depending on your urgency.

Some Dominican Republic pharmacy stores will sell generic Viagra at $3 per tab or more and barely give you any discount or offers to reduce the cost.

What about if you order more tablets with that price rate per tab? Extremely high. That’s not the point of generic medication. It should be cheap and accessible to the low-income population.

To help you save more money and get hundreds of tabs that can last for several months, we recommended you ViaBestBuys online ED pharmacy drugstore.

ViaBestBuys understands your situation and we are dedicated to providing you quality Viagra or other ED tabs at a much cheaper price not found anywhere. Don’t mistake low prices for low-quality ED tablets. All our drugs are FDA approved.

Which tab strength do you need? Here is a breakdown of the prices of Viagra 100 mg tabs.

Tablets (quantity) Price in $ (applicable for all strengths) Price per tab
500 399 0.79
300 249 0.83
200 179 0.89
100 99 0.99
50 79 1.59

As you can see, the more tabs you order, the cheaper the price.

We trust all our products and we are willing to give you free ED drug samples to try. You only need to pay the shipping fee and monitor your impotence with each drug tablet.

Head on over and order our 30-pill free trial sample containing 10 samples of Levitra, Viagra Soft, Cialis and Viagra to test each generic’s effectiveness and tolerability.

And that’s not all we have for you when you choose our site for your ED purchase. From time to time, we provide our customers or visitors with various coupons and discounts for the ED drugs they order from our store.

Leave us an honest review for any ED drug you order from our store and get $30. Check out with bitcoin and exclusively get 35% off your total purchase. Are you a returning customer? Great, we give you $25 off your orders.

What more can you ask? We are dedicated to serving you to your full satisfaction. We are the top seller of ED drugs with the lowest cost possible. Rectify your relationship to the earlier state and make your lady happier than ever with the power of Viagra.

Fast and Safe Delivery

DiscountsApart from selling approved, quality and cost-effective ED drugs, our delivery to the Dominican Republic is super fast and secure. Our shipping is trackable and you can monitor your products 24/7 until they arrive at your door.

Orders above $80 are shipped free of charge with standard delivery. If you need faster free delivery, place an order of $150 or more and enjoy express shipping that takes 10-21 days to arrive at your destination.

Once your orders are confirmed, we dispatch it within two hours and get it ready for shipping. For security purposes, and since you love privacy, we supply all our orders in discreet packaging. No one would be able to tell what’s inside the package or the source of the pharmacy.

Delivery to All Major Cities of the Dominican Republic

Which city do you live in? Delivery is available to all cities of the country, including:

  • Santo Domingo;
  • Santiago de los Caballeros;
  • Santo Domingo Oeste;
  • Santo Domingo Este;
  • San Pedro de Macoris;
  • La Romana;
  • Bella Vista;
  • San Cristobal;
  • Puerto Plata;
  • San Francisco de Macoris.

While checking out, ensure you enter the right address. Most ViaBestBuys deliveries go through U.S. customs smoothly without any complications. In some cases, if your package is held up in costumes based on reasons beyond our control, we are always ready to reship.

We always strive to provide quality service to all our customers. Trust and transparency is our passion. In case you don’t need a reship and ask for your money back, we give you a full refund to your satisfaction.

Our Payment Process

Payment optionsThere is a new digital monetary system called bitcoin. It’s the most secure, super fast, and easy to use with just a few clicks. It’s the favorite mode of payment for most digital products and stores.

That’s why we have implemented it on our site. Bitcoin comes with great benefits. Other than the ones stated above, your bitcoin wallet cannot be seized, frozen or transactions declined. Everything is processed anonymously and smoothly with a few clicks, just like you would with PayPal.

To show our support for this payment method, we give our clients a whopping 35% off. How much money will you save from this discount?

If you don’t have access to bitcoin at the moment, we have other payment options with a Visa or MasterCard. We regret we don’t accept PayPal at the moment and you can opt for the aforementioned alternatives. PayPal is one of the best methods of payment but their rules make it difficult to make payments via this option. Oftentimes, your transactions get canceled or declined with PayPal. We don’t like this approach and we make it easy for you to complete your orders with bitcoin.

Our site is safe and secure. All your payments are protected by 128-bit encryption with an SSL certificate. Be confident and securely check out with your preferred option of payment.


Have a question? If the FAQs below can’t satisfy your needs, feel free to ask us and we will immediately reply to your inquiry. Here are the top questions asked by our clients as they use our ED products.

Can I Buy Viagra Over-the-Counter in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic allows its citizens to order Viagra OTC without restrictions. To ensure safe medication, it’s highly advisable to you visit a doctor prior to taking these tablets. As discussed, some men with impotence can treat their problem without ED drugs. Maybe changing your lifestyle or treating the underlying illness can resolve impotence.

In the Dominican Republic, ED medicines are available OTC via local pharmacies, chemists, clinics and online mail order. Mail order is easy, cheap and privacy is assured.

Can I Buy Viagra Online in the Dominican Republic?

Make an online orderApart from ordering your tabs from a local healthcare provider, the internet provides a gateway to order your medication via mail order. And there are benefits too.

Online purchases are extremely cheap compared to your local healthcare provider. Perform thorough research comparing various drugstores with the cheapest price possible. To help you save time, ViaBestBuys is the top, most reliable and highly-rated quality provider of ED drugs at extremely low prices.

Shopping with us is easy, secure and fast. You won’t regret ordering from our online shop.

Is It Safe to Buy Viagra in the Dominican Republic?

Drug safety is paramount to your health. In this country, there are various versions of ED drugs that can be sold either on approved pharmacies clinics or chemists. You can safely buy Viagra tablets from these places.

Another option is to buy online. Online mail order is simple and cheaper compared to the aforementioned locations but it poses a high risk. Make sure you order Viagra only from a trusted ED drug store like ViaBestBuys. Remember there are scams online and you don’t have to be lured into those traps.

Like any other medication, although you can get these drugs without consultation, consulting with a doctor is essential in getting quality Viagra either from a local medical specialist or via a genuine online ED drug provider.

When Does Viagra Patent Expire in the Dominican Republic?

Viagra patent for sildenafil is set to expire in 2020. Since several patents of Viagra for male impotence outside the US have already expired, big pharma is eyeing generic versions of Viagra. In 2017, Teva Pharmaceuticals gained the rights to design a generic version of Viagra.

The availability of generic Viagra from Teva allows for wide use of Viagra especially by males from low-income populations globally.

How Can I Get Viagra from My Doctor in the Dominican Republic?

DoctorYour doctor is the ultimate hope for your impotence.

He/she can help you with the right remedy while you’re stuck in a deteriorating relationship due to ED.

That’s really sad. The first step to bid bye to impotence is to get a prescription from a doctor. It doesn’t have to be a drug.

Some impotence can be rectified by other actionable remedies such as changing lifestyles and treating the underlying illness.

Always get the doctors approval for Viagra and choose the best place (e.g. ViaBestBuys) to order your medication.

ViaBestBuys Bestsellers in the Dominican Republic

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  • We make it affordable for everyone to take advantage of the benefits of generic ED medications from India by being 95-98% cheaper than the brand drug. But don't mistake low prices for inferior quality. We ensure that purity and potency of generics are consistent to that of the branded version.

    First class U.S. online pharmacy

    30 free samples with every order

    Secure 128-bit SSL payment

    FDA approved ED meds only

    Returning customer $25 off

    Discreet looking packages

    Dispatched within 2 hours

    7 days delivery to the U.S.

    Effective for 96% of men

    No prescription needed

    Advanced tracking tool

    Verified reviews only

    Unbeatable prices

    Full refunds

    Order like it’s Amazon

    Expiry date: November, 2026

    Estimated delivery: Tuesday 28 May

    Boost your sexual confidence!

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  • 100/200/300/500/1000 Tabs ED Pack Details

    Your ED Combo Pack of 100/200/300/500/1000 tabs may include the following tablets:

    • Any Dosage Viagra (Malegra generic brand);
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    • Expiry date: November, 2026
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    Combo Pack Preferences

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