All about female orgasm

All About Female Orgasm

All About Female Orgasm

Female orgasm is an amazing phenomenon, but impermanent and elusive. The article describes what a female orgasm is, how it happens, and what its features are. Here you will find information about the main advantages of female orgasm. Also, you will learn why there can be problems with achieving orgasm and how to get rid of them.

It is difficult to find a woman for whom the love relations wouldn’t be important. One of the main components of a harmonious relationship is good sexual intercourse which brings pleasure. What is sexual intercourse? Ideally, this is not only physical intimacy, but also a strong passion and an expression of love. 90% of men always reach a peak during it. Unfortunately, women cannot say the same thing. Only every fourth lady regularly experiences orgasms during sexual acts. For other women, orgasm is a rare visitor. Also, there are “lucky” woman, who never in their lives reach an orgasm during sex. Well, what is this mysterious and elusive female orgasm, and why sometimes it so hard to have?

What Is Female Orgasm?

Orgasm is the peak of sexual arousal, the culmination of sexual intercourse. It is characterized by muscle spasms and an intense sense of pleasure. An orgasm is the result of accumulation of sexual tension during sex, but there are cases when orgasm can occur because of overexcitement and without stimulation of the genitals. If we compare a male vs female orgasm, the woman variant is not mandatory for pregnancy, so for a long time it was believed that it does not need to occur for a woman at all. This also explains the difficulties with its achievement. Modern doctors argue that a woman’s orgasm can indirectly contribute to impregnation. During the culmination, the uterus rhythmically contracts, “sucking” the sperm into itself, so spermatozoa can enter the Fallopian tubes and “meet” with the ovum much easier. In addition, the female orgasm has many positive moments.

All about female orgasm

What Causes Orgasm in Women?

Female orgasm is impossible without strong sexual arousal. A lady usually feels excitement like a warm wave that pours out in the lower abdomen. The reason for this “wave” is an intense rush of blood to the inner and outer genitals. Blood rushes to the clitoris and labia, making them more sensitive, and a lubricant is released into the vagina. The shape of the vagina also changes – its lower part becomes narrower, and the upper part – wider. This provides a tight girth for the penis and space for its intensive movement. Excitation in women also has an external manifestation – rapid heartbeat, frequent breathing, and possibly redness of the skin.

If during sex the woman has not been distracted by anything and the partner is sufficiently attentive, she can easily reach orgasm.

How Does a Female Orgasm Work?

A lot of ladies wish to know how does a female orgasm work, and here we will answer this question. To achieve orgasm, in addition to arousal, the stimulation of sexual organs is necessary.

Sexual intercourse

The main organ, which has a lot of nerve endings and is “responsible” for the onset of orgasm, is the clitoris. Its visible part has only a small area – most of it is in tissues. It has two “legs,” which go with their base under the labia minora. During intercourse, the labia are stretched by penis and transmit the stimulation to the clitoris. This provides the reaching of orgasm in most cases.

Orgasm can also be:

  • vaginal;
  • clitoral;
  • uterine.

Their names come from the body parts, the stimulation of which leads to an orgasm. Most doctors have come to the conclusion that clitoral and vaginal orgasms are one and the same. The only difference is that clitoral orgasm is achieved through direct stimulation of the clitoris, and vaginal – by indirect stimulation.

A very rare phenomenon is myotonic orgasm. A woman can reach it by squeezing her hips and straining the muscles of her legs and vagina.

During orgasm, a woman experiences the rhythmic contraction of the uterus together with an increased flow of blood to the genitals. At this point, the heart rate can reach 130 beats per minute or more. Such load on the cardiovascular system can be compared to heavy physical work.

How Long Does Orgasm in Women Last?

How long does a female orgasm last? This question is difficult to answer, relying only on subjective feeling. The duration of orgasm depends largely on excitation, as the stronger it is – the longer and more intense will be the culmination. During orgasm, spasms of the uterus are observed with an interval of about 1 second. If the orgasm is weak, it will only last 3-5 spasms. A powerful orgasm can have up to 10-15 muscle contractions. In rare cases, women report an orgasm duration of 30-60 seconds. This duration is usually explained by a fused multiple orgasm or the physiological characteristics of a particular woman.

What Hormones Are Released During Orgasm?

During an orgasm in a woman’s body, the hormone named oxytocin is produced. Since uterine spasms can contribute to impregnation, it can be concluded that increased production of oxytocin is the approval of a partner as a possible father of her children.

In addition to physical manifestations, this hormone causes sensations of pleasure, tranquility, and satisfaction. It suppresses such emotions as fear and anxiety. That’s why right after orgasm many people feel happy with warm feelings for their partner. It is possible that in the future the hormones released during orgasm will be used to combat anxiety and insomnia.

Male vs Female Orgasm: What’s the Difference?

Man and womanMale and female orgasms are of the same nature. The main difference is that during orgasm, a man has an ejaculation and a woman has contractions of the uterus. Because of the different physiology, different stimulation is needed. The difference is also in the production of the oxytocin. A man’s body during sex produces a small amount of oxytocin and does this as much as possible during orgasm. Therefore, pleasure is felt as a peak, a culmination. In women, oxytocin begins to develop during excitement and sexual act, so orgasm is felt more smoothly and gently. This can explain the fact that many women enjoy sex without even experiencing orgasm. Due to the gradually increasing and steady excitation, a woman can have even multiple orgasms within a small interval. For a second orgasm a man, as a rule, needs to get excited again.

Benefits of Orgasm in Women

Despite the fact that orgasm is not necessary for women who want to get pregnant, it has many benefits. The main ones are:

  • increased blood circulation with regular orgasm saturates the genital organs with nutrients. As a result, the woman normalizes her menstrual cycle and it becomes less painful;
  • hormonal background becomes better, and thanks to this the woman’s fertility increases. In addition, the work of all internal organs and glands is more enhanced with systematic satisfaction;
  • increased lymph flow. This improves the elimination of toxins from the body and prevents the appearance of cancer cells;
  • the level of estrogen that supports skin elasticity becomes normal. Women who have satisfaction during sex at least once a week, look younger than their age;
  • regular orgasm makes a woman happier, more calm, and friendlier;
  • acts as a sedative. Therefore, in any stressful situation, having sex is a good idea;
  • orgasm enhances immunity and helps to fight various viruses;
  • oxytocin significantly increases the pain threshold.

Pain Relieve

Sexual arousalSometimes women refuse sex under the pretext that they have a headache. A headache is a great reason to have sex! Oxytocin, which is produced during sexual arousal and orgasm, can reduce pain. It removes pain from rheumatism, headache, etc. True, the anesthetic effects does not last long – about 8-10 minutes, but this is enough to significantly improve the emotional state. To get anesthetic effects a woman even does not need to have sex, if there is no such possibility. It’s enough just to think about it and have sexual arousal.

Help to Sleep Better

A lot of women are surprised at how men quickly fall asleep after orgasm, and many are upset about this. However, instead of being upset, women could fall asleep even faster and they have all the possibilities to do this.

What are the reasons for falling asleep after an orgasm? During sex, as was already mentioned above, a large amount of the hormone oxytocin is produced. It causes a sense of satisfaction, calmness, and anxieties and all fears go away. For most people, negative thoughts and anxiety prevent one from relaxing and falling asleep, so sex perfectly replaces sleeping pills. Active sex is a good physical exercise, so a sense of fatigue naturally leads to drowsiness. In addition, most couples have sex in the night and in the evening, so the fatigue accumulated during the day leads to a quick falling asleep.

Enhance Sense of Smell

During orgasm, a woman has a short-term increase of prolactin in the blood. Prolactin is a hormone that is produced in large numbers in pregnant women and enhances the sense of smell. The enhancement of this sense is conceived by nature, so that a pregnant woman is able to find definition for spoiled or dangerous foods that could harm her future child. Enhancing the sense of smell after orgasm is inherently useless. Still, this moment can be used to determine the freshness of products, for example.

Beat Inflammation

Oxytocin, which is produced in large quantities during orgasm, lowers blood pressure and improves digestion. In this regard, women suffering from inflammation can feel considerable relief. Regular orgasm can significantly reduce the strength of inflammation and remove problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Naturally, orgasm is not a panacea, and with persistent inflammation, you need to see a doctor.

Appetite Curbing

Active sexual lifeAn active sex life, which brings pleasure, speeds up all metabolic processes that occur in the body. This applies to digestion and energy metabolism.

During sex, a woman spends a certain amount of calories, which the body seeks to regain. Despite a good appetite, sexually active women rarely gain excess weight. Appetite after sex can be compared with the desire to eat after a good workout in the gym. In addition, after orgasm a woman will not want to eat something harmful. Most likely, the body itself will push her toward a choice of useful food.

Improve Your Social Life

A woman who regularly experiences orgasm becomes more emotionally balanced, resistant to stress, and friendly to others. She is more confident in herself and less critical of others. Also, some scientists put forward the theory that orgasm improves mental abilities. A woman who enjoys sex finds it easier to find the right solutions in any situation, thus keeping her cool and not panicking in difficult times.

Sexually active women rarely suffer from depression. They are ready for anything new – hobbies, interests, etc. Therefore, the social life of such a woman is rarely boring. Thus, in order to be successful at work and in society, it is important for a woman to establish a personal life.

Boost Testosterone Level

Testosterone is considered to be a male hormone, but for a woman it is also of great importance. With its lack a woman becomes apathetic and loses interest in sex. With an excess of this hormone, a woman has a body hair and her voice becomes rough. The hormonal background is broken too because of the absence of ovulation. Orgasm normalizes the hormonal background and brings the testosterone level back to normal, no matter whether it was too high or too low.

What You Need to Know About Orgasm

It would seem if you know how females get orgasm physically, sex would become as enjoyable as possible. Still, this is not so. Anorgasmia as a case of physical and hormonal reasons is extremely rare. In the vast majority of cases, problems with achieving orgasm are psychological. Distrust of a partner, self-doubt, dissatisfaction with her own look – all of this can prevent a lady from reaching orgasm. Many women began to get satisfaction during sex after they visit a beautician, or play sports. In some cases, it is not superfluous to visit a psychologist who will help you to understand yourself.

Knowing their body also helps women develop their sensuality. Often, masturbation (without direct stimulation of the clitoris) allows you to adjust the body to receive orgasms from vaginal sex. Also, the combination of several types of sex and changing positions during sexual intercourse significantly increases the chances of achieving an orgasm.

Women Don’t Need an Orgasm to Enjoy Sex

Sexual desireA lot of men believe that for a woman sex without orgasm is just wasted time. But ladies know that this is not so. Oxytocin in the female body begins to produce in large quantities already during excitation. Therefore, to get pleasure from sex, for a woman it is enough to be excited. Of course, an orgasm will give her much more pleasant sensations. In case this does not happen, the lady will still estimate the sex as successful.

30% of Women Have Troubles with Orgasm

Ladies often think: “Do women have orgasms or no?” Why do they think so? This is happening because 2/3 of all ladies do not experience difficulty in achieving orgasm. Many of them cannot get an orgasm during standard vaginal sex, but they can reach a climax if they also stimulate the clitoris during sex.

There are rare cases when a lady is unable to get this maximum pleasure from sex because of a hormonal imbalance or a congenital anomaly of the genital organs. Anorgasmia often occurs in women with thyroid and pancreatic diseases. In such cases, special medication can help. Still, in the most cases, the inability to achieve satisfaction during sex is due to the lack of knowledge of one’s body and many psychological aspects.

Vibrators Affect Specific Nerves

Doctors recommend women to use a vibrator as an addition to sexual act, but not as its replacement. A vibrator will help a woman to better study her body, determine the most sensitive parts of the vagina, and discover her own sensuality. At the same time, a woman, especially a younger girl with little sexual experience, can start to use only a vibrator for satisfaction. In such a situation, her body can develop a reflex and react only to certain stimulation which can be made only by the vibrator. If a man cannot recreate exactly the same stimulation, then a woman cannot achieve orgasm.

Orgasm Gets Better with Age

Numerous studies show that with age, for women, it becomes easier to achieve orgasm. According to statistics, girls of 18-24 years are much less likely to orgasm during sex than women of 35 and 45 years old. There are several explanations for this:

  • firstly, mature women have more solid hormonal backgrounds, and they have a sufficient amount of estrogen and testosterone. These hormones make sex much better;
  • secondly, adult ladies are more confident in themselves. They do not fear that they are not attractive enough in the eyes of their partner, so they can relax in bed and not worry about anything. Most of them have a beloved man and a regular intimate life that supports sensuality at the proper level;
  • thirdly, an adult woman has a big bonus – sexual experience and knowledge of her body. If the partner does something wrong, she can always tell him about this.

You Can Have an Orgasm and Don’t Know It

OrgasmKnowing the meaning of such a phenomenon as an orgasm, it is very difficult to assume that it can pass unnoticed. Why do women have such strange questions? The fact is that some ladies can experience intense excitement and pleasant sensations during sex, which are main symptoms of orgasm, but it still does not come. After the peak falls, the woman tries to understand whether she had an orgasm or not. Sexologists in such a situation advise the ladies not to stop sex, because reaching orgasm with a strong excitation is simple enough. Perhaps, it is necessary to change the pose or the rate of frictions and that will help her to climax.

Also, such situations are not uncommon when, after one weaker orgasm, there is still no satisfaction. The woman still feels sexual tension and suspects that her climax was “false.” In this situation, you can continue stimulation by continuing intercourse. The next orgasm will come quickly enough.

Orgasm Can Happen Without Genital Stimulation

In the vast majority of cases, female orgasm is the result of genital stimulation during sex or masturbation. Still, some women can have climax even without it. For example, some women are able to experience orgasm from the caresses of nipples, passionate kisses on their lips and neck, or the stroking of the internal surface of the hips. Less often it is also possible from flagellation, foot caresses, etc. The list can be very large, since in this case we will talk about fetishes, which can also lead a woman to orgasm. Some ladies are able to get maximum pleasure even just from reading erotic literature, watching movies, listening to exciting words from a partner, or remembering a past sexual act. They may not even need to touch themselves.

Condom Doesn’t Affect Orgasm Quality

There is a firm belief that a condom can prevent a woman from experiencing orgasm. In fact, this is nothing more than a myth. A condom can cause unpleasant sensations (for example, from friction), if the lady is not very excited and she does not have enough lubricant. With sufficient excitation, the presence of a latex product does not matter. Many women cannot relax with a partner, fearing an unwanted pregnancy. A condom will save them from nervousness, helping them to relax and get the maximum pleasure from sex.

The Most of Women Can’t Orgasm Only from Intercourse

Thousands of women experience difficulties in achieving orgasms only with vaginal sex. In this case, they can reach a climax with additional stimulation of the clitoris or masturbation. Sexologists say that the reason for their difficulties is in not enough excitement and the inability to relax. Still, at the same time, this situation is not pathological and is a variant of the norm. In most cases, those women manage to reach an orgasm during sex.

Orgasms Aren’t an Innate Ability

SexThe biology of a woman allows her to become pregnant regardless of whether she had an orgasm during sex or not. Thus, the peak of pleasure is not obligatory from the biological point of view, and the ability to achieve it is not innate. However, every healthy woman has the opportunity to experience orgasm. Therefore, it is important to listen to your own body and be happy from such a capability to get additional pleasure.

Why I Can’t Reach an Orgasm?

Why might a woman be unable to achieve orgasm? There can be many reasons. Sometimes this is caused by physiological causes – pathology of the genital organs, hormonal failures, and traumas. Still, in the vast majority of cases, the reasons for the lack of orgasm are different. The main ones are:

  • the woman does not have enough time. On occasion woman needs more time to reach orgasm. Some ladies seriously begin to consider themselves frigid because their partner reaches a peak before them;
  • excessive attention to own look. The lady cannot relax during sex because she constantly thinks how unattractive she looks. Such thoughts can lower the excitation to zero;
  • improper stimulation. The most sensitive points in the vagina of all women are different. This means that what way that one girl has satisfaction may not be suitable for another. Sex in only one pose, in one rhythm, at one angle may not be suitable for a particular woman, so she cannot reach orgasm;
  • stress and constant fatigue. During stress, the woman’s body is preoccupied with survival, so it blocks the excitation, “considering” that the reproduction function is not relevant at the moment;
  • excitement, but distrust of the partner. The overwhelming majority of women find it hard to get pleasure from sex with a man if they do not feel warm feelings for him. With grievances and quarrels, it is difficult for a woman to reach climax;
  • strict, Puritan upbringing. Ladies who from childhood were taught that sex is dirty and men are dangerous often experience problems with achieving orgasm.

Tips for Reaching Female Orgasm

What can help a woman experience an orgasm? The mechanism of its achievement can be different, because women have different erogenous zones, different fetishes, and hard psychological situations.

Woman masturbationIn most cases the lady can help with such tips:

  • choose an active pose in sex. Being on top, a woman can regulate penetration depth, angle, speed, and rhythm;
  • slow down the partner. If a woman needs more time to reach orgasm than a man, this issue needs to be discussed with him;
  • use different sex toys during sex;
  • do not give up the prelude. Prolonged preliminary caresses and oral sex will help a woman to get excited and accelerate the onset of orgasm;
  • masturbation, the use of a vibrator and other sex toys. All this will allow the lady to better study her body and its erogenous zones;
  • refusal of oral contraceptives. Hormonal drugs used to prevent pregnancy change the hormonal background of a woman, significantly reducing the level of testosterone. By choosing non-hormonal contraception, a woman significantly improves her chances of achieving orgasm;
  • healthy lifestyle and sport. A strong, healthy, and beautiful body increases self-confidence and libido.

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