Are you too old to make love

Are You Too Old to Make Love?

Are You Too Old to Make Love?

It is believed that elderly people are not interested in sex, but this is not true. In this article, you will learn why having an intimate life can remain until old age and how to achieve this.

A lot of facts demonstrate that the lack of an intimate life in old age is just a myth. Dozens of couples who stepped over the 70-year-old line noted that their sex life has had a second birth at the onset of the elderly age β€” retirement gives more free time, children have grown up, many worries have come to the fore, and a huge experience is made possible to perfectly feel their own body and the desire of their partner. Health, which deteriorates with age, depends on particular cases. Let’s find out the age at which is too late to have sex.

Age and Sexuality: What Happens to Your Body

Studies have shown that a person is able to have sex after 70, 80, and even 90 years of age. With good health, sex can be compared to expensive wine, which with every year becomes more delicious and rich in taste. So, when are you too old for making love? There is no such age. Moreover, regular sex will help to prolong youth, health, and an active life.

With age, a lot of changes happen in the human body, but doctors say that they have little influence on sex. With age, it’s harder to get excited quickly, so it takes a longer time, but that is the only reason which can prevent you from having sexual intercourse.

Are you too old to make love

Elderly men more often face erectile dysfunction, but this is not the result of age-related changes, instead it is from health problems. With age, blood circulation slows and tissues lose elasticity. The level of testosterone also falls, and thus sexual desire arises less often than it did before. However, with good health, seven out of ten men over 70 can have sex once a week. Regular sex keeps blood circulation at a good level, does not allow the testosterone level to decrease, and prevents the development of prostatitis. There are great chances that a sexually active 70-year-old man will keep his male power for the next 10-15 years. There is a myth that a man’s penis changes in size by age, but in reality, its size remains unchanged. The deformation of soft tissues can lead to the fact that a visually flaccid penis may seem slightly smaller or larger, but this does not affect the erection.

In women, age-related changes are more pronounced, and their sexual life can significantly change after menopause due to a decrease in estrogen levels. After the onset of menopause, many women lose libido and also do not get enough vaginal lubrication. Libido largely depends on the emotional state of the lady, and natural lubricant is easily replaced by a synthetic lubricant. A lot of women in old age have noted that sex has become better β€” they do not have to worry about the possibility of unwanted pregnancy, the libido does not depend on the day of the menstrual cycle, and PMS is also absent.

Myth: You Will Never Have Sex When You Get Older

Sexual activityThere is a steady myth that older people are not interested in sex. This does not cause questions since all sexual patterns (in movies, advertising, and culture) form the view that sex is only for young people. In fact, grandparents can have sex even more often than their children and grandchildren.

There are people who at the age of 60 or older deliberately refuse intimacy, but still, the vast majority of retirees do not deny themselves such joys. Their sex is a little different from what it was a few years ago, but it becomes much more sensual. Also, there are many sex toys for both men and women which make sex great again.

Tips for Great Sex

There are a few tips which can raise sex in old age to a new level and make it perfect.

  1. Accepting yourself. For a lot of women and men, especially for those who were handsome in their youth, it is very hard to accept age-related changes. They seem unattractive to themselves and afraid that they might disgust a partner, so they try to have sex less often. People who can find beauty at any age and accept changes in their body do not lose interest in making love until old age.
  2. Talking with your loved one. There are couples who never talk about sex with each other, and in an old age, this can play a nasty trick on them. The intimate needs of people change with age, and this should be discussed. So, a man can try to impress his lady, not realizing that she does not need frequent wild sex.
  3. Experiments. Retirement is the best time for sexual experiments and the use of all sorts of toys, role-playing games, and other things which you dreamed about before, but were embarrassed to offer. In addition, the elderly have a rich sexual experience, and they can demonstrate to a partner the ability to deliver pleasure without classical sex.
  4. Health. With age, health does not improve, but serious age-related problems can all be avoided. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and exercise can prolong youth, and aging will be beautiful and harmonious.
  5. Treatment. Not all health problems can be solved with the help of a healthy lifestyle. With age, more and more often you need to see a doctor and undergo a regular health examination. If you have any diseases of the genital area, tell them to your doctor. A competent specialist will help you to be in a good shape until old age.

Health problems are caused not by age, but by delayed regeneration, the accumulation of incorrect lifestyle consequences.

Keep It Up with Medications

MedicationsBad blood circulation and a decreased level of testosterone often lead to erectile dysfunction. This is not an excuse to give up sex for good. In this situation, men need an effective PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitor, which makes the erection strong and stable, and also improves blood circulation. At the ViaBestBuy online pharmacy you can find a wide range of medicines for the treatment of impotence β€” Viagra, Kamagra, Stendra, and others. Physicians recommend men over 65 years of age to use drugs based on tadalafil β€” they are well-tolerated, long-acting, and have a mild effect. These drugs include Cialis and its generics, which you can buy at the ViaBestBuy store. This pharmacy also offers various bonuses β€” discounts, coupons, and convenient shipping to any city in the United States.