What Does an Orgasm Feel Like?

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like?

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like?

The female orgasm is a mysterious phenomenon even for women themselves. Ironically, there are women who cannot give a clear answer on the question “Do I have an orgasm?”. These ladies simply are not sure whether their feelings are orgasmic. This article describes the main signs of female sexual culmination and has descriptions about this from the words of other women.

The female orgasm is a phenomenon that always been shrouded by mysticism. There were even times when female orgasm was generally recognized as non-existent and not normal, and its presence in a woman was considered to be a sign of a mental disorder. Now this phenomenon is considered as true, moreover – many men know very well how to successfully deliver sexual pleasure to a woman.

However, there is a question that certainly interests everyone – what a female orgasm feels like?

What Exactly Is Female Orgasm?

To roughly understand what exactly women feel at the moment of orgasm, you need to understand what this phenomenon is. Orgasm is the culmination of sexual arousal, which is accompanied by a strong sense of satisfaction and pleasure. At this point, breathing becomes more frequent, blood pressure increases, and the heart rate can be increased up to 180 times per minute. The heart at this moment is experiencing an extreme load, which can be compared to that of heavy physical labor. Often, woman during an orgasm can have a reddened face and chest.

Pleasant sensations increase gradually and in the same way gradually decrease. Regardless of the type of orgasm (clitoral, vaginal, uterine, or myotonic), this phenomenon is always accompanied by rhythmic contractions of the uterus and muscles in the pelvic area. Even if the orgasm came without genital stimulation (for example, from caressing the nipples, watching porn, or reading exciting literature), it will have the exact same mechanism.
What Does an Orgasm Feel Like?

What Women Orgasm Feels Like

Despite the fact that the mechanism of the orgasm is the same for all women, the subjective perception of it can vary greatly. Vanessa Marin, a sexual therapist, conducted a survey among ladies, which will allow further understanding of what women feel during orgasm.

OrgasmWhy do we need this knowledge? As the survey showed, 32% of women do not know if they have an orgasm or not. All of them note the appearance of pleasant sensations during sex or masturbation, sometimes even some muscle contractions appear, but they cannot distinguish the “peak of pleasure.” Knowing the features of orgasm, they will be able to understand whether they are experiencing it or not.

First of all, we must understand that there is no single formula by which one can describe orgasmic sensations. Each woman feels an orgasm differently, depending on the characteristics of her nerve impulses, their perception, own experience, etc. It’s not necessary to feel state same “out-of-body,” “little death,” or “butterflies in the stomach” that your friends describe. For you, this can be felt in a completely different way.

In the same woman, orgasms can be completely different, just like snowflakes. They can be very powerful or light and superficial. If now you have just such superficial and almost imperceptible orgasms, this does not mean that this will not change with time. Not all orgasms are equally stunning. Some of them can really tear the woman off the ground and throw her on the clouds, but some are quite mediocre. It is also important to remember that some women like to embellish their senses when telling about them to their girlfriends.

Orgasm can always become stronger as you gain an experience. Sex and masturbation (especially masturbation) allow a woman to know her body better, by determining the best penetration angle, erogenous zones, and intensity of stimulation. Therefore, a woman with more experience with sex has more pleasant and stronger orgasms.

Woman masturbation

The muscle contractions of the body are the most accurate symptoms of orgasm. However, even they can be different for each woman.

If, after the onset of orgasm, a sense of satisfaction does not appear, then it means that the stimulation must be continued. Women are lucky – many of them can get several orgasms in a short period.

This was all theoretical data, but what happens in practice?

According to surveys, many women have following sensations during orgasm:

  • climbing to the top of the cliff and jumping from there;
  • severe pulsation in the vagina;
  • appearance of heat in the body as the orgasm approaches. Sometimes the heat is so strong that it becomes almost unbearable. Orgasm after it is felt like an explosion;
  • darkening in eyes almost to loss of consciousness;
  • tension in all muscles, trembling in the upper part of the thighs;
  • severe sweating during orgasm;
  • sense of explosion and loss of control over the body and thoughts;
  • pleasure that fills the body like a glass of water, and then overflows;
  • waves of pleasure that sweep the body;
  • fast dances combined with a roller coaster feeling. Heart-pumping fun feeling;
  • tingling and lightness throughout the body;
  • irresistible wave that banishes stress from the body and any thoughts.

As you can see, even this small list shows that women feel completely different and describe an orgasm differently. However, they still have something in common – the sense of satisfaction after sex or masturbation.

Many ladies reported the desire to eat and/or to sleep after orgasm, as well as feel more calm and peaceful.

What Happens to Female Body During Orgasm

Despite completely different descriptions, the mechanism of orgasm is the same for all women, although it can be to a lesser or greater extent. The path to orgasm begins with the onset of sexual arousal – the heart begins to work in a faster rhythm, breathing becomes more frequent, and changes occur in the genital organs – their sensitivity considerably increases. During sex or masturbation, a woman’s body begins to develop oxytocin, which helps her not to experience any unpleasant sensations, and also to throw all disturbing thoughts out of her head. At the culmination of sexual tension, there is a discharge – a series of nerve impulses. At this point, a large amount of oxytocin is released into the bloodstream, which causes the uterus to rhythmically contract. Together with the uterus, the muscles of the hips, abdomen, arms, legs, and face begin their contractions, too. In addition, oxytocin causes a feelings of bliss, relaxation, and tenderness that arise during and after orgasm.


Sexual arousalSummarizing, we can say that the female orgasm is the result of very strong arousal which is accompanied by the contraction of the uterus. The sensations of women at this point are very subjective, so descriptions of female orgasm can be completely different. The main thing for a woman is to understand and feel her body and find the right “buttons” that will switch on her orgasm. To achieve orgasm, a lady should not rely on the stories of girlfriends about what they feel, but focus solely on her own feelings.

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