Does marijuana cause erectile problems

Does Marijuana Cause Erectile Problems?

Does Marijuana Cause Erectile Problems?

In some states of the U.S., marijuana is allowed as a relief for some diseases. How does this herb affect erectile function? In this regard, there are conflicting pieces of evidence. From this article, you will learn whether the drug can be used to treat sexual problems or not.

Marijuana is a substance that is produced from parts of the Cannabis sativa herb.

At the moment, there are over a hundred narcotic substances that are made from cannabis. These substances cause a change in time perception and mood, as well as make thinking and memorizing difficult. With prolonged use, marijuana can disrupt brain function and learning ability. In some states of the U.S., this narcotic substance can be bought legally in order to ease the condition of certain diseases. Despite such a law, the FDA has not approved marijuana, because its harm is greater than its benefits. What threat to health is concealed in this herb? A lot of men are worried whether this drug will damage their potency and cause erectile dysfunction. Let’s find out if this is really so.

Health and Marijuana

Marijuana can relieve the person’s condition with certain diseases. However, it is not a medicine and is allowed for use only in extreme cases when the benefits of narcotic effects are greater than its harm. Weed smoking is legal if a person is suffering from such diseases:

  • HIV and AIDS;
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • epilepsy and convulsions;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • glaucoma;
  • cancer;
  • exhaustion;
  • strong pain;
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease;
  • post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • nausea.

Marijuana can be smoked through pipes (bongs), or in the form of cigarettes. In some cases, the weed is brewed like tea or added to cookies.

Does marijuana cause erectile problems

About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to problems with erections or the complete absence of them, thus full-fledged sexual intercourse becomes impossible. There are many reasons for this ailment, and they can be of both physiological and psychological origin. In a number of cases, ED is only a symptom of another disease. As soon as it is detected and cured, problems with erection disappear themselves.

Can marijuana cause ED? Or maybe this herb is good for the intimate health of a man? In this regard, doctors do not have a unanimous opinion since narcotic substances of herbal origin affect people in different ways. The question of how does marijuana affect sex has been discussed for more than a decade, but one thing is clear – using it as a treatment for ED is highly undesirable.

Smoking Marijuana

The effect of smoking marijuana on the body has been studied for a long time. It showed that animals under the effect of this narcotic substance lost interest in sex and had difficulty mating. Based on this, it can be said that marijuana is harmful to potency. However, a man’s brain is much more complicated than the brain of experimental animals, as humans have a very powerful psyche and a special attitude towards sex, therefore the influence of marijuana can be ambiguous.

Homer smokes weed

If a healthy man smokes marijuana, then he will not get any bonuses for his sexuality. It is noteworthy that most men who smoke weed are young, healthy, and at the peak of their sexual potential. So, the question of marijuana influence on potency remains open.

Pros and Cons of Marijuana

What good can a narcotic give to a person? For those who are healthy mentally and physically it may be useless, but for those who are suffering from some illnesses – the opposite. It’s not a secret for anyone that ED is often caused by psychological factors like fears and fixations. Weed allows getting rid of them. Under its effect, people feel euphoric, more confident, and happier. In such a mood, achieving excitement is much easier, so it may seem that solid marijuana erection is real. However, this is not completely true – an erection is the result of a relaxed state and absence of self-doubts.

One of the causes of ED is cholesterol which spoils the blood vessels. There is information that marijuana can destroy “bad cholesterol,” providing a beneficial effect on blood circulation and potency.

At the same time, weed also has a negative impact on libido. It is able to change the hormonal background of men until the appearance of gynecomastia. This disease causes the occurrence of increased mammary glands in men, which sometimes is painful. Also, marijuana can lower the testosterone level. Testosterone is a hormone that does not directly affect sexual performance but is responsible for sexual desire. If there is no desire, then the libido decreases, and interest in sex becomes minimal or disappears completely. Viagra and similar drugs also will not help if there is no sexual arousal.

What Can Be Good for You

Marijuana for medicinal purposes can be good if it is pain or fear experiences that prevent a man from getting excited. In this case, the weed can really help with ED, but still does guarantee nothing. Anesthetics, sedatives, and work with a psychologist can give the same effect, but they do not have such side effects as marijuana.

If you do not have any diseases that allow the use of marijuana, do not use this drug to treat ED – its effectiveness is very doubtful.


Erectile dysfunctionHow can marijuana affect a man’s sexual health? It can disrupt its hormonal background, reduce the level of testosterone, and increase the mammary glands’ size. Also, it can lead to orgasmic disorder. Statistical surveys have shown that regular use of marijuana can lead to the mild ED even in a healthy man, and for those who have already diagnosed ED, it is very difficult to give any specific forecast. Moreover, in the Journal of Sexual Medicine after numerous studies, an article has been published and it says that marijuana can cause impotence. The narcotic substance changes the work of the brain and causes euphoria, making many natural processes difficult or impossible. A lot of men have reported that they could not reach orgasm after smoking weed.


Marijuana can be used as directed by a doctor, but for maximum safety, it is necessary to know about its combination with other medicines. Weed cannot be combined with:

  • drugs that reduce coagulation of blood (aspirin, warfarin, ibuprofen, etc.). Marijuana also thins blood, so there is a threat of bleeding;
  • drugs that reduce blood sugar levels, including insulin;
  • drugs that lower blood pressure;
  • sedatives and hypnotics.

Marijuana cannot be combined with drugs for the treatment of ED, as the herb disrupts the metabolism of medicines and is able to change their effect. In particular, there can be problems with the heart.

If you take any medications, then always ask your doctor whether they can be combined with marijuana or not.

Conclusion: Smoking Weed As Impotence Treatment

Online drugstoreAs you can see, in some cases marijuana can really improve the situation with ED, especially if the problems with the erection were from psychological causes. However, this narcotic substance cannot be used to improve potency, since it has not proven effective and has many side effects. At the moment, the most effective mean for the treatment of ED are PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitors, which include the world-famous Viagra, Cialis, and Stendra.

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