Tribulus for ED and Weak Erection

Tribulus for ED and Weak Erection

Tribulus for ED and Weak Erection

Is it real to treat erectile dysfunction using herbs? Not only medications such as Viagra and Cialis that are able to maintain your stable erections. Nature has its own method for those who prefer all organic remedies: a plant called Tribulus enhances your sexual and physical performance.

However, there are plenty of other ways out. A southern plant called Tribulus terrestris may become one of the most effective natural treatments for you.

What Is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus could be originally found in places with tropical climate, generally in the Mediterranean, the southern parts of Asia, the north of Australia, and Africa. Nowadays, it adapts to a temperate climate and is present almost everywhere across North America. Tribulus looks like a low-growing plant with yellow flowers and spiny fruits.

Another popular name for Tribulus is devil’s weed. The reasons for such a title are that it spread rapidly across the world and has spikes located on its fruit.

Its extract has been widely used in both traditional and modern medicinal supplements to treat various diseases. The plant:

  • improves immune system;
  • boosts energy;
  • increases testosterone level;
  • treats liver, kidney and cardiac diseases;
  • has anti-inflammatory properties.

Remedies based on Tribulus include in its composition steroidal saponins, especially protodioscin. This component is responsible for libido and testosterone levels. As a result, it maintains an erection and helps increase muscle mass. Each particular plant may contain a different percent of protodioscin, depending on its native region.

Besides, it has a high content of phytosterols with their beneficial effects on cardiovascular conditions and spirostanol glycosides, helpful for the increase of sperm count motility.
Tribulus for ED and Weak Erection

Can Tribulus Terrestris Really Help with ED?

Let’s remind you how an erection appears. The muscles of the penis are usually contracted in their normal state. Every time a man is sexually aroused, a substance called nitric oxide releases and relaxes the smooth muscles in the penile chambers. This dilates vessels in the tissues and improves blood flow to the penis. After a while it becomes larger and harder, which is necessary for intercourse.

ED comes out while there are some problems with its mechanism. Usually it happens after a certain age and is partly related to a decrease in libido and testosterone level. Men with ED have vast opportunities to maintain a great erection with the assistance of different remedies. Is Tribulus terrestric among them?

Pros of Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestrisScientists have undertaken numerous studies on plants’ effects on ED. For instance, the study conducted by Gauthaman & Ganesan at the University of Singapore showed up to a 52% rise of testosterone in mammals such as rabbits, rats, and primates. It has been proven that steroidal saponin protodioscin plays an important role in erection maintenance. This component naturally set the body for androgens’ replenishment.

Another merit of protodioscin is the improvement of nitric oxide synthase. It is the solution of the problem at the initial stage of the erection’s mechanism. The penile tissues relax and the penis fills up with blood.

The second study tested the results of Tribulus extract usage on rats with prolonged sexual indifference as compared to other individuals. The animals were divided into two groups: the first one was receiving 50mg/kg, while the other one received 100mg/kg over 28 days. There were 30% and 50% testosterone, respectively. The frequency of intercourse among these rats increased as well as the erection quality.

During the next research, experts found its influence on luteinizing hormone release. The most important elements in normal testosterone production are leydig cells in the testicles. The luteinizing hormone normalizes the activity of these cells, so the man takes all the advantages of a steady erection.

If you compare the plant with Viagra, one study on rats reported almost the same effect on testosterone levels and sperm count increase while using the Tribulus terrestris extract. However, it works better on individuals with sexual health issues. The supplement may normalize the hormone levels but not lead to its excessive secretion.

Cons of Tribulus Terrestris

ErectionNevertheless, successful experiments on animals are not always the answer to the question “Is it effective to take Tribulus for ED?” The studies conducted on humans showed less positive results than the above-mentioned.

Both studies of the Tribulus effect on testosterone and luteinizing hormone levels in healthy men revealed no significant increase of them.

Although, the study in which participated a group of infertile man proved a 16% rise of testosterone and better erections and sensitivity during intercourse. Tribulus terrestris is able to increase sperm counts and motility. It is beneficial even for women’s pregnancies through neutralizing the antisperm antibodies.

According to all of the above, Tribulus terrestris supports erectile function and works as an effective aphrodisiac but only for the men who have some problems with sexual health. Others may observe benefits in their general health. Tribulus balances all systems and functions within the body due to its adaptogenic nature. Also, many athletes use this supplement to boost their performance during the workouts and gain muscle mass quicker.

Tribulus Dosage for Erectile Dysfunction

There are contradictory opinions on the necessary dosage of Tribulus for ED. Most scientists claim that the optimal dose for a man is 5 mg per 1 kg (between 200 and 450 mg daily for a human with average mass.) However, the modern supplements may contain a different percentage of steroidal saponins, so the proper dosage may vary.

The other studies showed that such dosages are very low to influence testosterone levels, so you need to increase it up to 2000 mg per day.

Consult your doctor before you start your medication because even such a natural ingredient as Tribulus terrestris can cause side effects.

Blood pressureAmong them:

  • difficulties with falling asleep;
  • prostate conditions;
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • aggression and irritability;
  • blood pressure fluctuations;
  • indigestion.

People reported about these effects after a prolonged use of Tribulus. If you take it as a short-term supplement, you will probably not experience any of them.

Are There Any Other Options to Cure My ED?

Apart from natural testosterone boosters, there are ED medications with guaranteed positive effects on erections. You will never know how plants such as Tribulus terrestris will work on you, so it is better to enhance this supplement with proven drugs like Kamagra, Viagra, or Cialis. Even if you don’t have a prescription, you can order them in an online pharmacy like our ViaBestBuy. You will get your package within 7-18 days depending on the delivery method. To get a 35% discount, use bitcoin for your payment.