How do impotence and divorce related

How Do Impotence and Divorce Related

How Do Impotence and Divorce Related

Men after a divorce are free to have sex with anyone they like. In fact, this is a common stereotype which is not always true. A sudden bout of erectile dysfunction (ED) is what awaits most of them. However, if you know the causes, the condition can be successfully eliminated.

After the painful separation procedure with your ex which is often associated with disappointment and anger, men tend to soon initiate a new affair. It is rather tempting to return to all those dating games because sex makes everyone feel accepted and wanted. As history shows, some newly divorced men find it difficult to have intimacy with other women.

How do impotence and divorce related

Impotence and Common Reasons

It is quite a common thing that after marriage ends men may have libido issues arising out of doubts and worries. Fortunately, these problems are easily resolved. Here are a few ED causes to be mentioned:

  • naturally, stress occupies the leading position. So much of it happens when any relationship comes to an end. Men have to meet numerous financial and legal requirements that draw out all the energy resources from their body, so it seems impossible to relax and enjoy intimacy. Usually, stress is associated with high blood pressure, which doesn’t do you any favor in sex;
  • depression is also bound with impotence, because the inability to get an erection may be caused by mental reasons as well as physical ones. If a man was against separation, his sorrow is stronger (the impossibility to see the children every day, extreme life changes, etc.). If his brain is not healthy and is occupied with negative and unpleasant thoughts, it would be hard for the body to maintain an erection;
  • if men think of troubles in getting an erection, it triggers a cycle of stress and loss of confidence. A man acquires sexual performance anxiety, loses his confidence, and anticipates possible problems. It causes feelings of fear, which in turn leads to more stress and the inability to stay hard;
  • if a former couple rarely had sex, some men can change their sexual habits and refer to masturbation in order to compensate for a lack of sex. Used frequently, these techniques can make nerves in the genital area less sensitive and make men unable to maintain an erection during actual intercourse.


If divorces take place in men’s forties or fifties, men can develop impotence because of natural reasons. The risk factors include excessive smoking, fatigue, heart disorders, obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, etc. At this age, most people work too hard to support their families. Never-ending stress and pressure at work also contribute to poor erection.

In 99% of such cases, ED occurs due to a mental block. Even men in good physical conditions are likely to experience a similar sexual impairment.

How to Get Back the Male Power

If the problem of impotence is just a consequence of performance anxiety, and male physical dysfunction is not in play, then there are some methods to help them to overcome this psychological barrier:

  • stress-induced ED is eliminated by stress management techniques. Men may benefit from regular jogging and trying yoga;
  • even if a man is diagnosed with mild depression, he may consider visiting a psychologist and getting a professional consultation. Such specialists offer mental help and recommend some methods on how to live after a recent divorce;
  • because of social pressure, divorced men find it difficult to go out and start new relationships. Just loosen up and relax. Don’t focus on your inability as if you are forced to have an erection;
  • if erectile quality is decreased due to constant masturbation, doctors suggest giving a break for one or two weeks. Your problem is likely to go away.

Being purely mental, the problem should be first conquered in your mind. Psycho-sexual education with a specialist will be fine, and still one of the quickest ways to get your confidence back is to use ED drugs, like Viagra and Cialis. It is the easiest method to help the male reproductive system function properly. Visit ViaBestBuy as a reliable online pharmacy that sells quality generic ED drugs.

Healthy food, positive thinking, abstinence from alcohol and smoking, and regular exercise are always essential for a healthy sex drive. Include cardio in your workouts to improve the flow of blood throughout the body (to the genitals as well). Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Some Tips to Cope ED After Break Up

Couple on dateThe sooner men succeed in adapting to life after divorce, the sooner they restore their erectile functions. There are some common mistakes that men should avoid after a recent separation:

  • don’t rush into new relationships. Most men start dating too soon after a divorce, because they feel sad, vulnerable, and lonely. They start looking for some woman who can help them to feel better. Some individuals even jump into a new marriage within the first year. Dating casually is the best advice from psychologists. Serious bonds don’t work out in the long run during the first 2 years after a divorce;
  • don’t isolate yourself. This is a big mistake because isolation may worsen the situation due to feelings of guilt, depression, and loneliness. Such men are more prone to alcohol abuse, and their suicide rate is 2 times higher than married men. Expand your professional and social network and communicate with other people. Meet with old friends, or join a sports team or some other association. Go back to studies that will stimulate your mind, keep you active, promote your career, and get you out of the house.
  • don’t give in to hostility. This matters a lot, especially when your kids are involved in the process. Fighting with your former spouse is a bad idea that makes you look like the enemy. Act as a co-parent and put compromises before competition. Consider anger management classes because diplomacy and flexibility are the keys to success;
  • don’t introduce a new partner to your children. If you’ve met a woman, it is a mistake to expect your kids to welcome her. Leave it for the moment when you are sure the relationship is serious;
  • your divorce doesn’t change the fact that you are a dad. Maintain regular friendly relationships with your kids, and don’t just be a weekend visitor. Don’t back off from parenting.

As newly divorced men have many various feelings to deal with, professional counseling is highly recommended. It will be a good opportunity to determine what was wrong in your former relationships and what you have to avoid in the future. This should be discussed right away, while the situation is still fresh. Take a pause and move on to a new experience only when your confidence is restored. It will automatically affect your erectile quality and sexual performance. Effective ED drugs will help to manage with the situation as a temporary and quick solution and guarantee of immediate successful intercourse.

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

ED medicationsErectile dysfunction after divorce is a common issue, and your therapist can offer you treatments that have helped others in your position. It always takes a little time for your life to become normal, as well as for your sexual functions to get a rebound.

ED drugs have become popular in improving erectile quality in men since they provide prompt results with minimal adverse effects. Generic Stendra, Staxyn, Kamagra, and other effective remedies will cope with your problem and ensure stable and natural erections. Buying these meds at ViaBestBuy makes every purchase discreet and convenient, while every successful performance enhances your self-esteem and faith in your male power.