What Do Older Women Want in Bed?

What Do Older Women Want in Bed?

What Do Older Women Want in Bed?

Mature women appreciate reliable and attentive man and the emotional intimacy plays the main role. Still, sex between two experienced people can be bright, unforgettable as well as beneficial and the following article will certainly prove this fact.

During menopause, a woman’s body undergoes some hormonal changes, but it is in no way a signal of the end of their sexual life. Menopause brings a sudden drop of the essential female hormone of sex – estrogen, while a man’s body produces testosterone up to twenty times more.

The primary inconvenience that a lack of estrogen bears is vaginal dryness, because this hormone regulates genital blood flow, vagina lubrication and elasticity of vagina tissues. All these circumstances result in painful and less comfortable intercourse. In addition, it takes longer for women in postmenopause to become sexually aroused.

What Do Older Women Want in Bed?Nevertheless, most elderly women confess that sexual intimacy can be as enjoyable and satisfying as in premenopause. They have to make only a few adjustments and take all the benefits of the situation.

Female ViagraFirst, let’s combat the problem of an estrogen decrease. To cope with vaginal dryness, make use of sexual lubricants. They are available in both suppository and gel forms and should be applied prior to sex. Try a transvaginal hormonal treatment as an effective alternative therapy. Estrogen is introduced into the vagina, increasing the flow of blood and amplifying sensations and lubrication. Modern pharmacology offers various estrogen-enriched tablets and silicon rings that are inserted into the vagina and gradually release this hormone. It is important to find your own comfortable way of a healthy vagina functioning.

Any woman may turn to libido supplements as a powerful enhancer of sex drive. Female Viagra is a successful treatment to manage arousal disorders. It is a proven means for increasing the intensity of sexual satisfaction and women’s libido, as well as boosting sexual recall. It starts working 40 minutes after pill intake and causes no side effects in a healthy female body.

The problem is over. If some women still have some unpleasant sensations during intercourse, encourage your partner to focus on foreplay. Making it a priority during intimacy allows the partners to enjoy a more erotic and slow introduction.

Another moment that makes older women go off sex is not associated with hormonal imbalance. The thing is trivial: they don’t feel aroused with their partners at hand and lose interest in sex. Some women may have lost a spouse by this time, others may have male partners with different health concerns or erection problems.

Most women find a solution and relieve their sexual tension by using a vibrator. However, it helps only to a certain extent, because any human being also suffers from “skin hunger.” Women are dependent on physical contact and long for a man’s caress. Services that offer erotic massage and similar assists do not work for all females, because some women require a gentleman’s arms wrapped around their waist and all those romantic things.

Sex with a new man can set a woman’s libido on fire. A brand new (even younger) partner with new pheromones and odor is able to boost sexual desire even in an experienced and hard-boiled woman.

With each age period, women’s preferences are changed. They get older and mature, so dating with a woman in her 50s requires another kind of relationship than with a young girl. Older women are looking for a gentleman who is considerate and thoughtful as opposite to a fun-making guy. They are interested in a loving partner, honest and kind to take care of her. Their sexual priority is more focused on emotional intimacy and finding better ways to get an orgasm.

What are the special advantages for older women in having sex?

  • they are not bothered by menses anymore;
  • there is no need to schedule sex when your children are out of the home;
  • there is no worry about pregnancy;
  • they have years of sexual experience and know what they want in bed;
  • they are confident in their bodies;
  • they are not afraid to communicate and discuss with a partner their desires;
  • they are honest and frank and don’t worry to lose a man if they express themselves.

With the necessary knowledge of what women want, men can derive useful hints and tips on how to seduce an older woman, bring her pleasure and enjoy wonderful mutual intimacy.

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