What do guys need to know about oral sex - facts and tips

What Do Guys Need to Know About Oral Sex – Facts and Tips

What Do Guys Need to Know About Oral Sex – Facts and Tips

Cunnilingus is loved by many people – both men and women. If you are not experienced in this matter, or want to surprise your beloved with something unusual, our article will tell you about some nuances like how to start, what to try, and what not to do.

No matter how long you look for information about how to properly engage in oral sex with your girlfriend, there will be no clear instructions. Rather, you will find some instructions, but they might be irrelevant in your case. Each woman is unique, so there is no clear “instruction” on how to help her to achieve an orgasm. Even if your girl gets pleasure and happiness from oral sex, you can always surprise her. Perhaps there are new things that will blow your mind (and hers, too). Let’s find out some tricks that will probably make oral sex more vivid, out-of-the-ordinary, and unforgettable.

Importance of Oral Sex in a Woman’s Life

Opinions about oral sex are different, but most women love this kind of caress. There are ladies who have very sensitive clitorises, and thus are able to get an orgasm only when it is stimulated. Therefore, cunnilingus for them is a way to get a release during sex. Also, such caresses, as an “introduction” to classical sex, help a woman to relax and get excited, after which sex is especially bright and pleasant. It’s not a secret that many guys also love oral sex with a woman and many find it incredibly exciting, so do not deny yourself, and her, such pleasure.

Myths About Oral Sex with Woman

If you want to learn more about oral sex with a woman, you should not rely on what you see in porn movies. In a sense, correct cunnilingus is like the female orgasm – a semi-mythical phenomenon about which everyone knows but many do not know how to start. There are a lot of myths about cunnilingus, which you should forget if you really want to make your woman happy. Here is a list of some of them.

Oral sex should be hot. A lot of guys believe that during oral sex you need to be like a wild stallion – bold, aggressive, and assertive. The more intensive your tongue moves, the better. This is complete nonsense, since the clitoris and labia are very sensitive. Violent movements of the tongue will not give her any pleasure, but only unpleasant or even painful sensations.

What do guys need to know about oral sex - facts and tips

What to do if the female genitalia is unpleasant in taste? An unpleasant taste or smell is an indicator of the woman’s problems with hygiene and health. If the lady is not sick and regularly takes a shower, there will be no any unpleasant smell causing gagging. Moreover, the smell of a healthy, excited woman is a powerful stimulant for most men.

The clitoris is only a point of pleasure. To some extent, this is not a myth, since the clitoris is really very sensitive, but do not focus only on it. The vulva and labia are also sensitive, so caressing them can give a woman great pleasure.

The main myth – you need to do such as was written in the article/advised by a friend/shown in porn. You need to focus on the reaction of your woman first. The contractions of her muscles, the filling of the clitoris and the lips with blood, her groans – all of this will tell whether you are moving in the right direction or not.

How Quickly Does She Ejaculate?

OrgasmHow quickly does the female orgasm come? Nobody will be able to tell you this, not even the woman herself, as she does not know exactly how her body will work this time. Therefore, do not look at the clock during sexual intercourse and wait for the result. Since a woman cannot help you much to please her during oral sex, everything depends on you. You need to pay attention to the reaction of her body. All her words, movements, and any changes in the vulva, labia, and clitoris are the facts that a man should be guided by. After acquiring experience, you will know the approximate time which is needed for your woman to climax. In addition, through oral sex a woman can receive ultimate pleasure without ejaculating, for example – cunnilingus as a prelude to classical sex.

Girls Need a Sexual Foreplay

Men usually become excited very quickly, and are able to reach “full combat readiness” in a few seconds. However, with women it does not work that way – their excitement appears somewhat differently. It is important to remember the psychological factor. Otherwise, you will get a cold and clamped woman who will not be able to have fun. In the worst case, she will just refuse to have sex. Women need foreplay. It does not always have to be kisses or something like that. Offer to take a bath with foam and essential oils, especially if you live together and she just returned from work and is tired. Also, unobtrusive muffled music acts very relaxing. A lot of women will certainly appreciate dinner prepared for them. Wine will also help a lady to relax and tune in the right way.

Some women are very sensitive and love touching, so offer them a massage, but you can also add lip and tongue to your hands, for example. The combination of one or several of these techniques will cause your lady to “melt.”

Sometimes it happens that a lady on a date is immediately ready for sex afterward. In that case, forget about all the “rules of foreplay” and surrender to the flow of passion.

Sometimes Ladies Like to Do It in Darkness

Often in some novels it is written that all ladies love to watch their bodies for hours in front of a mirror, but in reality, this is not so. A lot of women have complexes and believe that their body is not in the best shape. Even if you think that your girl is beautiful, she cannot agree with this, so sex in a bright room can embarrass her and make her shy, especially if it concerns the beginning of relations. Moreover, many ladies do not see the aesthetics in their genitals, so they are embarrassed when their partner looks at them. Do not insist on sex in light, if the woman asks to turn it off. After that, it will be easier for her to relax and faster reach the peak of pleasure. In addition, there are opinions that tactile feelings and sense of smell become more acute in darkness, therefore this can also make oral sex much better and intense.

Provide a Comfortable Position

Comfortable positionHow many couples do oral in the classic position? The answer is the vast majority of them, and this is absolutely logical. For a woman, here it is the easiest to relax, and for the man to get to all sensitive areas.

However, there are a lot of other interesting variants and some of them are no less convenient than the classical position. In any case, changing the position will bring novelty to your sex and it will also allow the stimulation of other points of the woman’s genitalia. After all, you can try something new just for fun.

Position 1

Headphones. This position is similar to the classical one, but its difference is that the woman squeezes the man’s head with her legs. She can lie on her back or hip.

Position 2

Scarf of passion. This is also one of the variations of the classical position, but its peculiarity lies in the fact that the lady grabs her partner’s neck with her legs. In order to make this position as comfortable as possible, it is recommended to put a pillow or roller under the woman’s hips.

Position 3

Descent. This position is more complicated than the previous ones, but it is worth trying. A man sits on the edge of the sofa or bed, and the woman leans back sitting on his laps. The partner leans over the girl and gives her cunnilingus. He can also caress her stomach and chest with hands.

Position 4

A fall. This is quite a difficult pose for oral caresses – a man should be strong and a woman needs not only boundless trust for her partner, but also high flexibility. The lady wraps her legs around the man’s neck and hangs from him. The best way is to take the position beginning from sitting, as in the version above, and then stand up.

Position 5

Rider. The girl sits on a man so he can reach her genitals. In this case, a lady can sit face to face or turn her back to her partner. Also, a woman can participate in the process by penetration her vagina with the man’s tongue.

There are also many other interesting poses, but to learn them, you need to look into the Kama Sutra.

What Does She Expect from You?

SexThe question “what does a woman want?” can be considered philosophical, but in sex, it is more specific. For many people who are in a relationship, sex is a way not only to have fun, but also to express one’s attitude and love to a partner. During oral sex, the girl waits for sensitivity and attention. She wants to relax and have fun. Since in most cases only a man acts during cunnilingus, the woman remains passive and it is very important for her to trust partner. Therefore, it is unlikely that she is waiting for aggressive actions. Of course, an inexperienced woman can immediately expect fireworks of feelings, so concentrating on her desire will leave her disappointed. Ladies with experience usually look at things realisticallyβ€”they know what they want and know their own body well. Therefore, you should listen to her words and body language– then you will know exactly what she wants. Due to this, very detailed tips for men are not appropriate, since all ladies are different.

Kiss Her Labia, Vulva and Clitoris

A lot of women love when sex begins with kissing, and oral sex is no exception. Start it with gentle kisses of the labia, vulva, and clitoris. You can start kissing without your tongue, gently touching your lips, and only then add the tongue. These organs in a woman are highly sensitive, but sensations are different for each lady. By touching them you can determine which area is more sensitive (by the reaction of your partner). Soft touches are especially relevant if it is only the beginning of oral sex or if the woman is not very excited. If a woman has a little excitement, almost all careless movements for her will be unpleasant, so it’s best to start with kissing.

Try Sucking Clitoris

PleasureThe sensitivity of the clitoris can be compared with the sensitivity of the glans penis (some girls have even higher). You can gently suck the clitoris – this will please your lady for sure. With a strong excitement, the clitoris becomes filled with blood as much as possible (just like the penis). Therefore, you will be able to grasp with your lips only when your lady is warmed up well. Do not try to forcefully “free” the clitoris from the skin fold which covers it (the hood) at the very beginning of sex, as this will certainly give the woman unpleasant sensations.

Clasping the clitoris with your lips, try to create a light vacuum with your mouth, but do not overdo it in order to avoid causing her pain. You can alternate such an action with an easy stroking of the clitoris with the tongue. To bring a girl to orgasm is often enough to find the right rhythm for a tongue. The reaction of her body will show you this.

Use Your Hands

Although sex is called oral, this does not mean that a man giving woman pleasure during cunnilingus only with his mouth. He can use his fingers, too. Alternate your actions and combine them. A lot of women like when during oral stimulation of the clitoris and/or labia, a man enters a finger or two into the vagina and massages the G point, making translational movements. To find it is not so difficult, as it is enough to just put your fingers to a depth of 1.5-2 inches in the vagina and lightly push on its front wall. If a woman is excited, you will feel a slightly rough tubercle. It is not large – just over 0.4-0.8 inches in diameter. Combine this stimulation with oral caresses, and the chances of orgasm in a woman will be very high.

Gently Bite Her Genitals

Sometimes you want to eat your favorite woman, and not just with biting, but with such things in sex, you need to be very accurate. With strong excitement, the pain threshold significantly increases, so even mild pain is perceived positively and seems piquant (especially if a lady experiences it in an intimate place). Before biting try firstly to slightly squeeze her labia – if the reaction is good, you can gently bite your partner’s genitals from time to time. But such “bites” should be moderate – do not dwell too much on them, but dilute them with other caresses.

Take Care of Sex Accessories

VibratorIn addition to the hands and mouth, you can use other accessories – a vibrator, special balls, or a dildo. This will add even more sensations for your woman. By the way, some sexologists advise combining the caresses of the clitoris with a vibrator for those women who can get an orgasm only with the stimulation of the clitoris. With this combination, an orgasm with vaginal sex becomes possible. If your woman has problems with vaginal orgasm, the use of a vibrator is not only a pleasant addition but also an investment in your intimate future.

If you have handcuffs, then you can also use them. An immobilized partner will feel completely in the power of a man, and many ladies like this. You can use sex toys in role-playing games – and maybe in such games, women will unburden as much as possible.

What Not to Do in Any Case?

Cunnilingus is a very delicate and individual matter, but there are a number of prohibitions:

  • do not be too rough, especially if it’s just the beginning;
  • do not try to “wipe” her clitoris with your tongue;
  • biting of the clitoris is also prohibited.

Some women also consider the following things unacceptable:

  • the mysterious look of the guy “from there.” Of course, if he depicts the partisan in bushes, then everything is fine;
  • chomping sounds. You are doing cunnilingus, not eating a burger;
  • conversations, jokes, laughing. If your mouth is busy with another matter, then it’s definitely not the best time to tell an old joke;
  • spitting of hairs. Even if your woman has a lush intimate haircut and sheds hair like a wild cat in the spring, do not spit defiantly. Pull the hairs out of your mouth unnoticed.

If you do something inappropriate, your lady will surely tell you about this. Or, she may just like jokes told with a tickling whisper between her legs.

Is It Possible to Attract Lube for Oral Sex?

Most couples do not use a special lubricant for oral sex since additional moisturizing is technically not necessary – the genitals of an excited woman are wet, and a man always has saliva in his mouth. A lot of men note that the slightly sour taste of an excited lady makes their arousal very high. However, if the guy for some reason wants a change or does not like the taste of his partner, then there are various oral lubricants. It can have many different tastes – coconut, berries, fruit, chocolate, etc. The choice in sex shops is very large. To use this lubricant is completely safe, it is not sticky, it can be swallowed, and after using it you can also do vaginal sex. Therefore, if you wanted to diversify the taste during oral sex, do not use whipped cream or condensed milk (like it is shown in some movies). Get oral lubrication with a smell and taste you like and enjoy.

Cooling Down Can Be Very Hot for Her

Ice cubesIce and fire are a very exciting combination. It is sometimes recommended using them to “warm up” the relationship, but during sex, it is also relevant. Take a small piece of ice in your mouth or take a sip of cold water – then your mouth will become cold. Also, keep hot water ready to warm your mouth and create a contrast. This combination will bring your woman much pleasure. Thanks to this sex will become special and unforgettable.

Do not keep a piece of ice in your mouth to touch the labia and clitoris as this is unlikely to be appreciated positively.

You Can Ask for Oral Sex in Return

Are you doing cunnilingus on your woman? Then you can safely expect a blow job. Of course, it is not necessary to conduct a barter exchange, and write down in a notebook, who owes who for oral sex. This approach can completely remove the desire to have sex with you. Still, a woman usually reacts positively toward this after receiving cunnilingus. Moreover – the lady who has received the pleasure from the cunnilingus might give you a blow job (without any request). Mutual desire – this is what holds love. If you decide not to spend a lot of time making love, then the 69 pose helps to deliver pleasure to each other at the same time. But remember – in this case, neither of you will completely relax and have 100% sensations.

Do Not Forget to Talk About It!

Intimate conversationA lot of problems in sex begin because of the lack of discussion about preferences. People can talk about everything in the world, but they do not touch the intimate topic, considering it too delicate. Of course, all the details (and who taught you to do this) should not be discussed in order to leave an easy flair for understatement, but you must speak to your partner about her, and your own, desires. Even if your girl is shy and has never engaged in oral sex, it is worth the offer – the main thing is finding the right moment, mood, and words. Maybe she always dreamed about this but was too shy to ask first.

Unfortunately, there is a category of men who say they love only cunnilingus, preferring it over classical sex. Usually, these are men who have problems with potency but are embarrassed about telling their lady this. To tell or not is a personal matter for each man, but you cannot make peace with erectile dysfunction. Do not limit yourself to oral sex only, because you can buy drugs that will restore your full male power. You can purchase them at the ViaBestBuy online pharmacy. They have a cheap price, act quickly, and their use is very convenient. All medicines are of high quality, have few side effects, and shipping is available to any city of the USA in the shortest possible time.