Spedra New Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Spedra New Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Spedra New Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Spedra – what is it? Does it better than Viagra and Cialis? What are dosages and side sffects? Is Spedra better than Cialis and Levitra?

Statistics surmise that roughly 50% of men experience this issue to varying extents. However, PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra have been on the market to help men gain their confidence in the bedroom. This review explores a newer, faster-acting drug in the game, Spedra.

Spedra is a relatively newer medicament in the same class as Cialis and Viagra. Avanafil, which is the key ingredient in Spedra, allows the relaxation of the muscles and allows more blood flow into the penis which induces a stronger and longer lasting erection.

What Is Spedra?

Spedra, also known as Avanafil, is a new erectile dysfunction drug that is a potent PDE5 inhibitor. It is in the same class as drugs such as Viagra but presents a more beneficial profile. Just like Sildenafil, Spedra works by increasing blood flow to the penis during stimulation, thereby guaranteeing a stronger erection and more pleasurable sexual experience.

Spedra New Erectile Dysfunction Drug


The benefits of Spedra are multiple, from its fast mode of action to its ability to be used on-demand, unlike Cialis Daily which demands you take it every day and build up a constant concentration in the body. The problem with this is it might make it harder for you to operate a motor vehicle, heavy machinery or even to drink alcohol due to the ability of side effects.

Spedra is also cheaper than many of the older erectile dysfunction drugs such as Sildenafil (Generic Viagra). As opposed to a medication such as Cialis Daily which must be taken daily to reach peak levels, Spedra can be taken on-demand, and it exits the body quite quickly, allowing you take other medications you might need, or engage in other activities due to the issue of sedation and drowsiness not being a problem.

When Do I Need to Use Spedra?

Spedra must be taken as needed before sexual activity. Spedra is a fast acting erectile dysfunction drug that works within 15 minutes of being administered on an empty stomach. Spedra takes close to 2 hours to work if taken on a full stomach. It is best to take the drug when you are certain of engaging in sexual activity and plan your eating habits accordingly.

Are There Contraindications?

There are contraindications regarding the taking of Spedra in the following:

  • individuals with sensitivity to the active ingredient (Avanafil);
  • individuals who might have had heart issues in the past, including a stroke or high blood pressure;
  • individuals with kidney problems, such as renal failure;
  • individuals who might be on certain antibiotics such as Clarithromycin and Ketoconazole;
  • individuals who might be suffering from high blood pressure.

Does Spedra Work?

Spedra works and does so very quickly. Unlike older PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis, Spedra works in as little as 15 minutes due to its rapid absorption. It is the fastest of the on-demand PDE5 inhibitors. Cialis daily works constantly, but only because it is taken daily. Spedra works by relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow to the penis which allows for the maintenance of an erection for a longer time.


Spedra comes in tablets at 3 different strength, 50 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg. The dosage that is taken depends entirely on the severity of the erectile dysfunction of the individual. Mixing whichever of the 3 doses with alcohol is not advisable due to the potential increase of side effects.

Side Effects

Spedra is very well tolerated, with very few side effects being seen compared to older PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra. Of the side effects experienced, the most common were headaches, some flushing and nasal congestion.

The dose of Spedra currently recommended for initial usage is 100 mg taken once daily. However, depending on your physiology or needs, the dosage might need to be adjusted up to 200 mg or down to 50 mg depending on tolerability.

Spedra vs Cialis

Spedra and CialisSpedra and Cialis are both potent PDE5 inhibitors. Although Spedra and Cialis are taken on demand, Spedra acts faster and also leaves the body faster (within five hours). Cialis, on the other hand, can remain in the system for up to 36 hours, if the daily version is taken, earning it the nickname “the weekend pill”.

While taking alcohol with Cialis is not recommended, mixing it with Spedra is highly inadvisable due to the possibility of an increased heart rate. Taking Cialis with food is fine as it does not affect absorption of the drug. However, taking Spedra with food will slow down the absorption of the drug by up to an hour.

Driving or the operation of heavy machinery while on Spedra is not recommended, due to the relaxation of muscles which might be potentiated by the simultaneous intake of alcohol. Cialis is not as sedating to the system, which means one should be able to drink on it, as long as they experience no side effects from the medication.

Ultimately, the question of what is the best pill must be tailored to whether or not you just want a 24-hour remedy, as opposed to an on-demand one. Cialis is also less expensive than Spedra as a generic. Due to its slower start, some people are attempted to dose Cialis at 40 mg which is highly inadvisable due to the greater potential for unwanted side effects.

Is Spedra Better Than Levitra?

LevitraThough Spedra and Levitra are both inhibitors of PDE5, there are differences with regard to the medications. Spedra is faster acting that Levitra at 15 -30 minutes compared to 25-60 minutes. Spedra is also generally cheaper than Levitra. Both Spedra and Levitra stay in the system for roughly 5 hours.

Drinking is not advised on Levitra, but just in the case of Cialis, it depends on the side effects that you might experience. Spedra must not be taken with alcohol due to the higher chance of experiencing side effects of increased sedation due to the increased muscle relaxation.

Where to Buy Spedra Avanafil?

Indian pharmaceutical companies are a very good choice for the purchase of Spedra. India is not restricted by the patent of Spedra, which allows it to create a generic medication of Spedra (Avanafil). There are strict standards when it comes to creating medication in India, and all pharmaceutical companies fall under a regulatory body is known as The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) which falls under Ministry of Health.

India also offers Spedra at a price that won’t break your budget. Spedra costs up to $14 a pill in the United States while costing just under $4 a pill in India. For a typical monthly supply, you will pay $120, compared to $420.

Spedra is sold in 3 doses. 50 mg is recommended to men who might be more sensitive to the drug and experience more side effects than at 100 mg. 100 mg is the standard starting point for men, while 200 mg is for men who did not respond to the drug at 100 mg and needed their doses adjusted up accordingly. Spedra’s price is expected to fall in the coming months as more generics come on the market. Currently, at the generic level, it costs more than Viagra or Cialis.

Taken Time to work (Mins) Taken with food Price per pill
Generic Spedra As needed 15-30 Not recommended $ 3.76
Generic Viagra As needed 30-60 Not recommended $ 0.79
Generic Cialis As needed 30-60 It’s fine $ 1.29
Generic Cialis Daily Immediately It’s fine $ 1.03
Generic Levitra As needed 25-60 Not recommended $ 1.72

Will Generic Spedra Work for Me?

Free ShippingSpedra, as one of the newer PDE5 inhibitors, allows you through its generic form to experience all the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Indian pharmaceutical companies are providing Spedra, which is known by its generic ingredient Avanafil, at very low prices while also offering benefits such as free shipping and membership bonuses/discounts.

Due to the issue of patents, generics of the drug are not available in the US, UK, EU, Australia and other countries. The price of buying brand name medication is very expensive, but India provides the safest alternative for sourcing this medication at the same quality.