Ways to keep your penis healthy

Ways to Keep Your Penis Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Penis Healthy

Male power – this is what every man wants to save until a very old age. Is it possible? Doctors answer this question unequivocally – yes, absolutely! What is necessary to do for this result? You will find all information in the article presented below.

It is generally believed that the cause of sexual disorders is old age, and it is impossible to avoid age-related changes. In fact, doctors have established that the age-related deformity of the male genital organs is not very significant – it rarely becomes the cause of sexual impotence. Most often, problems with potency are caused by an incorrect lifestyle and a variety of bad habits. This means that penis health is completely up to you and you can keep own male power up to a very old age. Below are presented the main ways which will keep your erection strong and solid for many years.

Stay Sexually Active

Any organ in the human body grows old and atrophies much more slowly if it is actively used. Sexual organs are not an exception to this. A regular sex life supports a healthy hormonal background, improves blood circulation, and supports muscles in tone. In addition, sex excellently improves mood and helps to successfully deal with stress and insomnia, as well as has many other bonuses. Regular sex maintains a high level of testosterone, which is necessary for men’s health.

Numerous studies have shown that sexually active men in old age are much less likely to face erectile dysfunction. Therefore, if you want to successfully have sex in the future, do it often now.

Do Sports Regularly

To keep your own sexual health at a high level, some sexual “exercises” are not enough – you also need to do sports. Naturally, it is not necessary to become a professional athlete, just do a few workouts per week.

Ways to keep your penis healthy

Physical exercises not only make you stronger and more attractive, but also help to prevent a number of diseases:

  • diabetes;
  • stroke;
  • osteoporosis;
  • anemia;
  • muscle atrophy;
  • obesity;
  • and even some types of cancer!

In addition, exercises heal the cardiovascular system – good potency is highly dependent on its condition. Sports will make the heart hardier, blood circulation intense, and blood vessels strong, so during sex the penis will be filled with blood. Exercise also helps to fight stress and depression, which negatively affect the sexual sphere. Do not forget – men doing sports look more attractive, so they have more chances to have sex.

Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

Male orgasmFor a normal sexual function, a man needs strong pelvic floor muscles. They not only maintain a good erection during sex, but also contribute to the movement of ejaculate during orgasm. If these are weak muscles, the genitals become deformed, and the erection begins to become weaker. In this case, Kegel exercises will help. Kegel has developed a system of exercises not only for women, but also for men, which will help to keep own male power for a long time. You can start the exercises at any age, but it is better, of course, to start them before any changes in pelvic floor muscles have appeared.

Kegel exercises for men are aimed at strengthening the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. To find it is simple enough – you just need to press your finger on the skin under the testicles and strain the muscles as if trying to stop the flow when urinating. You will feel the tension of the muscles with your fingers. Also, you may notice that the penis and testicles are slightly displaced when the PC muscle is working.

How to do the exercises:

  • slowly and smoothly strain the PC muscle for 5 seconds;
  • slowly relax the muscle. This should also take 5 seconds;
  • repeat the exercise 10 times;
  • repeat the exercise three times a day.

Gradually increase the duration of the contraction to 30 seconds. This exercise is better to perform lying down, but gradually you can do it while sitting or standing. Do not forget about the PC muscle during sex – its tension helps make the erection stronger and prevent premature ejaculation.

Hike Every Day

Healthy lifestyleDaily walks are a great way to improve blood circulation, stretch muscles, and saturate the body with oxygen. Walking is an easy physical exercise, but almost all muscle groups are participating in it. A quick walk can be a good alternative to a cardio load, if you do not have enough time. Organizing such a hike is very simple – it is as easy as refusing transport as much as possible and walking on foot instead.

Everyone knows that regular walking tours improve health. Dr. Lamm argues that the healthy male body produces more nitric oxide (during the excitation). This substance is the main stimulant of an erection.

If you hike every day, then depression is not terrible for you, and your nervous system will cope well with any stress. As is known, stress and a depressed state negatively affect potency.

Eat a Healthy Food

Perhaps, you have often heard the phrase: “We are what we eat.” These words are incredibly accurate, since not only does the appearance and well-being of a person depend on nutrition, but also on his health, including his sexual health. The diet must have a sufficient number of proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is better to give preference to simple food and complex carbohydrates, and to regularly eat fruits and vegetables.

Especially useful for sexual health are omega-3 acids, which are found in large quantities in eggs, some seeds and nuts, and also in fish. The regular consumption of fish helps to reduce the level of stress and normalize the work of the nervous system. Note that some fish species, especially large oceanic fish, can accumulate PCBs and dioxins in their fat. These substances are dangerous to health and reduce the fertility of men. Therefore, refuse the meat of a shark and large salmon in favor of sea bass and small species of salmon.

Quit Smoking

SmokingEverybody is perfectly aware of the fact that cigarettes have a detrimental effect on health. For potency, smoking is also a threat. Nicotine and tar disrupt the work of blood vessels, so an erection becomes worse and worse. Very often, smokers, are diagnosed with plaques in the vessels, along with erectile dysfunction.

In addition to the negative effect on blood circulation in the genital organs, toxic substances in cigarettes slow regeneration and weaken the nervous system. Smoking men are often more irritable, have a harder time tolerating stress and have troubles with falling asleep. If you want to keep your sexual health until old age, give up cigarettes or at least reduce their number to a minimum.

Maintain a Normal Weight

Excess weight does not add beauty or health to anyone. Your vessels, musculoskeletal system, and also potency suffer from it. Abdominal fat is especially dangerous. This is fat which is not deposited under the skin, but in the peritoneum. This is the “beer gut,” which appears in many men who love passive rest and fat-abundant food. Abdominal fat lowers the level of testosterone, which has a very negative effect on sexual function. Excess weight worsens the condition of the vessels, increases the load on the heart, and leads to atherosclerosis. Bad vessels and blood circulation are cases of a bad erection, which can cause impotence long before the onset of old age.

Physicians noticed one effect – the more excess weight a man has, the smaller his penis looks. The organ becomes hidden under a thick layer of fat on the pubic and lower abdomen. Therefore, excess weight not only violates the health of the penis, but also reduces its size.

To bring your weight back to normal, you need to give up a lot of fatty carbohydrates and pick up a set of physical exercises.

Sleep Well Every Night

Sleep after sexIn dreamtime, the rest and restoration of all systems of human organs and improvement of the endocrine system happen. If sleep is inadequate, all organs suffer, and the hormonal balance becomes broken and hypertension or sleep apnea can develop. A lot of people who are systematically not getting enough sleep get chronic drowsiness. Due to this, they feel tired throughout the day. According to statistics, every fifth person in the USA suffers from constant fatigue and drowsiness.

It is important not only to sleep at least seven hours a day, but also to do it at the right time. Doctors advise you to go to bed as early as possible before midnight, as at nighttime the body rests and restores itself best of all. In the morning hours there is a peak of testosterone, so at this time it is better for a man to begin his activity (including sex).

Consume Alcohol in Moderate Doses

The Californian professor of urology and the doctor of medicine Ira Sharlip says that a moderate amount of alcohol does not pose any threat to sexual health. At the same time, excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, especially on a regular basis, can significantly worsen potency.

Ethanol destroys liver cells, causes intoxication and poisoning, overloads the kidneys, and damages the heart and blood vessels. Also, regular abuse of alcoholic beverages, especially strong ones, disrupts the hormonal balance. All this leads to erectile dysfunction.

It is noteworthy that a small amount of alcohol acts as an antidepressant – it disinhibits the posterior cortex of the brain, removes inhibitions, including sexual ones. A glass of red wine can significantly improve blood circulation and libido, but in the large quantities, ethyl alcohol reduces sensitivity and makes sexual intercourse quite bad.

Minimize Stress

AnxietyStress is a condition when a person’s nervous system is working at the limit. If the stress is short, then it is accompanied by the release of adrenaline, but with prolonged stress, cortisol is produced. Both these hormones are aimed at increasing the “survival abilities” of a person in difficult conditions. Prolonged stress and a large amount of cortisol narrow the blood vessels, which leads to the deterioration of the erection. Constant nervousness and anxiety prevent sleep and sports. Often, for a man in this situation, there is a desire to eat more food to reduce the stress. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of abdominal fat, which is also harmful to sexual health. In addition, apathy, insecurity, weakness, and a sense of the futility of life can all kill sexual desire.

Keep Healthy Relationship

Sexual relations do not lose their sharpness with time if they are harmony. It’s not a secret that scandals, quarrels, and misunderstandings not only destroy relationships, but also worsen their sex life. Numerous grievances and words spoken in the throes of anger completely deprive the partner of sexual attractiveness, and as a result, the intimate life ceases and that provides a negative effect on health and mood. Unhappy people in their personal lives face not only sexual problems, but also depression, anxiety, psychosomatic diseases, and excessive weight gain. Therefore, take care of relationships with your loved ones, and sexual harmony in your life will last for a long time.

See Your Urologist Regularly

A lot of men face serious diseases in the intimate sphere, including erectile dysfunction, due to the fact that they do not go to a doctor when they notice small problems. Not only is it important to take care of yourself, but timely health screenings will also help to maintain your sexual health. Do not be shy to go see a doctor if something is bothering you. A qualified specialist will help to solve all your problems, prescribing treatment and giving the necessary advice about health care.


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