Cristiano Ronaldo Naked – Cock & 10 Nude Gay Sex Celebs

Cristiano Ronaldo Naked! Bonus: Top 10 Gay Celebrities

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Check out Cristiano Ronaldo naked gay sex photos & top 10 gay celebrities 2015! Sometimes they come out late. Sometimes they don’t come out at all, but the evidence is there, at least enough of it to raise the occasional eyebrow. See if your pin-up boy is on our list of gay celebrities – you never know.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Gay?

A French TV broke the news that sex symbol and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo regularly jetted off to Morocco to meet with his kickboxer buddy Badr Hari for cuddles. This sent the rumor mill flying and journalists on a quest to find the truth about whether Cristiano Ronaldo was really gay.


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Several semi-nude images surfaced with the two stars, fueling the fire even more. One photo showed the two stars with their bare beach bodysuit smiling giddily at a poolside with the caption: “Just married. Hahahaha”.

Cristiano Ronaldo Naked – Nude Gay Sex Photos

While rumors continue to swirl that Cristiano Ronaldo is gay, the bad boy football star continues to flaunt his fine taste in women with numerous high-profile dates across the globe. He’s brushed off countless speculations and insults by his fellow players with witty responses. In one instance midfielder Jorge Merodio called Ronaldo a faggot.

Cristiano Ronaldo leaked nude photo

Ronaldo retaliated by saying he’s a faggot with a lot of money. Some readers interpreted this as just another sarcastic comeback. Whether Ronaldo is gay or straight is yet to be confirmed. One thing’s for sure though. Cristiano Ronaldo’s dick is always covered. He’s made sure of that. Nevertheless, his half nude pictures are pure perfection as they leave you drooling and salivating for more.

John Travolta Is a Gay

In his prime years, John Travolta was the dream for folks on both sides of the aisle. Women rushed him and gay men secretly daydreamed the two doing the tango. Remember Grease? Even proud Ricky Marty even declared in an interview that John Travolta was his first crush.

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While John Travolta has never come out as gay, there’ve been never-ending gossips about his sexuality. For example, in 2014 the actor’s former pilot Doug Gotterba alleged that John Travolta had a six-year affair with him in the mid-70s. The pilot planned on releasing a tell-all book, however, Travolta filed a defamation suit against him for violating confidentiality agreements. The pilot sued but the case was later dropped in 2015 putting the rumor to rest – for now.

Kevin Spacey

House of Cards star Kevin Spacey is on fire. He’s been listed time and again as one of the sexiest men alive, yet there have been persistent reports of him being gay. Spacey has vehemently denied these allegations. Adding fuel to fire, gay host extraordinaire, Andy Cohen, released a memoir in which he called on Spacey to “please come out sir”.

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The claims about Spacey’s sexuality began when he was young. In the early 2000s, Star Magazine published intriguing photos of the actor in compromising positions with a male companion at a park. Shockingly, Spacey managed to turn this publicity crisis around with a string of shots with women.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias skyrocketed as a sex symbol in the early 90s and ever since he’s been labeled as a gay icon. Whenever you have a well known star this hot and without a ring, there’s bound to be questions about sexuality.

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Some of the main reasons Enrique Iglesias’ gay rumors persists include that he has a huge gay fan base. Secondly, he’s openly declared his love for flirting with both genders. And… he’s never been married. One has to wonder, but only time will tell.

Shock – Tom Cruise Gay

Who could forget Tom Cruise’s Risky Business dance moves! For years, he’s tried to dust off stories about his sexual preferences. Yet, he’s been married three times to super hot women. On all three occasions, gay-related stories were published.

After his first marriage to Mimi Rogers ended, she claimed the reason for divorce was celibacy. And during his second marriage to Nicole Kidman in the 90s a gay porn star told a celeb magazine he had an affair with the famous star. The trend continued after his divorce from Kidman when another gay porn actor Kyle Bradford made the same claims.

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After his latest split from Katie Holmes, the Huffington Post reported that a gay sex site offered Tom Cruise a lifetime of membership. Hilarious, we know. To this day Tom Cruise has repeatedly stated “I am not gay” during several well-known interviews.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

The romance between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is real. Undeniably, both male actors are studs and both are married with children. But are they gay and is any hot actor truly off the table when it comes to gay rumors?

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck - Gay Celebrities

In this case, there’s no story to tell except that the pair are longtime friends since childhood. They even broke on the Hollywood scene together when they made a name for themselves in Good Will Hunting – released in the late 90s. Both have relatively chosen to stay mum on the topic but have also reiterated that what goes on behind a person’s closed doors is their business.

Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe is best known for being Gabrielle Solis’ main muse on Desperate Housewives. He’s easy on the eyes and bronzed to perfection. So now the question arises, is he gay? Let’s set the record straight.

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Jesse Metcalfe may be one of the most attractive men on the planet, but he doesn’t swing for the LGBQT community. The sexy actor has denied all gay claims and has declared his love for a special lady in his life. This is disappointing news for some but there’s a ton of eye candy on the internet showcasing sexy images and half nude pics of Jesse Metcalfe. Feel free to peruse!

George Clooney

George Clooney is the complete package. He’s charming, witty, and intelligent. His sex appeal has attracted people from all sides of the spectrum, including the young and old, as well as guys and girls. For decades he managed to evade marriage until his equally attractive partner Amal Clooney, shut him down. The couple is expecting twins in the summer.

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One of his exes, italian model Elisabetta Canalis, was one of the lucky few that got a chance to see George Clooney’s man bits up close and personal. She eventually went off the tracks to state that sex was null and void in their former relationship. According to the model, it was more like a father-daughter type of get-together.

Like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, George Clooney has addressed gay rumors and expressed his support for friends in the gay community. He believes denying the rumors like some sort of “disease” is a no-go. It’s simply not in his nature to shun his gay friends like that.

Is Vin Diesel Gay?

The Fast and Furious wouldn’t be the Fast and the Furious without Vin Diesel. With all his hunky man muscles and a long history of attraction to the opposite sex, why’s his sexuality up for debate? Let’s take a look.

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Upon closer inspection of Vin Diesel’s life, he has three children with a Mexican model. The couple has been together for more than seven years, but they’ve never tied the knot. For the jealous and curious, this leads them to ask whether the partnership is an arrangement or cover-up for him being a dick loving actor.

Vin Diesel claims he lives by the code of silence practiced by his predecessors like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. This means that if indeed he’s gay, no one would actually know because he would never say so.

Surprise – Will Smith Gay

Will Smith is easily one of the most accomplished actors of all time. He’s successfully maintained an image of being a “family man”, but is there smoke behind all of these mirrors? For one, it’s alleged that both he and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith are into swinging in real life. Will Smith’s offspring, Jaden Smith also enjoys a genderfluid fashion style.

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The million-dollar question remains if Will Smith is into men behind closed doors. In 2016, when his longtime friend Duane Martin filed for bankruptcy, the popular actor was quick to bail him out. That’s what friends are for. However, the story twisted when a trustee asked Duane to turn over his personal computer. Martin refused and said this would only be done when a non-disclosure agreement was signed, leading many to speculate if gay nudes of Will and Duane are hidden.

How Many Celebrities Are Also Gays?

Now that some of the not-so gays celebrities have been covered, let’s dive into the list of the most famous male gays in the world. Here are our top 10 picks of famous people you never thought were gay based on their characters or careers onscreen:
Hollywood Gay

      1. Anderson Cooper – he’s a rich and famous CNN news anchor with dreamy eyes.
      2. Neil Patrick Harris – best known for being a heterosexual player on How I Met Your Mother.
      3. Guillermo Diaz – plays “Huck” on hit TV series scandal.
      4. Caitlyn Jenner – Bruce Jenner may have made the transition to a woman, but he still has a penis by all accounts.
      5. Jussie Smollett – the beautiful empire star recently came out disappointing millions of women around the world.
      6. Nyle DiMarco – The Dancing with the Stars made a surprise move to announce his sexual fluidity.
      7. Anderson CooperAaron and Austin Rhodes – these YouTube stars are twins who happen to share something else in common besides their good looks – they’re both openly gay.
      8. David Denson – in the world of sports where being gay is still very hush-hush, it’s pretty clear David Denson doesn’t care. He became the first openly gay player and is loud and proud.
      9. Chris Burns – he’s one of the many people coming out recently. Chris Burns happens to be a coach at Bryant’s university.
      10. Matt Cage – The Pro Wrestler came out on social media of all places.

      Percentage of Gay Characters In Hollywood

      The stigma surrounding being homosexual has diminished drastically compared to say 20 or 30 years ago when most celebs wouldn’t dream of shouting their sexual status from the rooftops. There is no real estimate on the ratio of gay men in Hollywood. However, you can refer to the chart below to get a snippet of what the American population’s sexual preferences are.

      Number of People Percentage of Lesbians or Gays
      318 Million 23%

      Steamy Gay Sex

      We hope you enjoyed this top ten list of openly male gay celebs. For a person to come out of the closet, it takes balls given the repercussions created by society. This is even with the relative acceptance of the LGBTQ community by liberals. Gay or straight, though, men in all social spheres sometimes have trouble maintaining a hard cock. That’s where ViaBestBuy comes in. There is a host of ED generics available to buy discreetly online, to help everyone including gay celebs with their sexual conquests.

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