Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra Comparison Chart

Tadalafil vs Sildenafil Comparison Chart

Tadalafil vs Sildenafil Comparison Chart

Tadalafil vs Sildenafil сomparison сhart – which is better?

Tadalafil is a drug that is an orange coloured pill manufactured by ICOS and market mainly by Eli Lilly. It is a drug which has been on the market since the year 2003 and its main use is to see to it that those who are sexually inert are stimulated to be able to perform actively. It is a medication that is to be taken in through swallowing. It is a sexual stimulant that has been available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg pills for people to buy and use.

Sildenafil is also a sexual stimulant which has been around since the year 1998 when it became legal to take it. Though the main purpose of it was somehow twisted by a number of individuals who thought that it was a drug that could cure them from impotency, it is a drug that stimulates an individual to become sexual active. With varying sizes like the 25mg, 50mg and the 100mg pills, each and every sexually inert individual can have one that perfectly provides him with the sexual drive that he so craves for. Find out more in Tadalafil vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

Differences That Exist Between Tadalafil vs Sildenafil

Tadalafil renders an individual active 45 minutes after the drug has been taken and it has the capability to sustain the sexual arousal of the individual for as long as 36 hours. Sildenafil however renders the individual active 30 minutes after it has been taken and it has the capability to sustain sexual urge in the person for close to four hours. As say customer reviews – Tadalafil therefore takes much longer to start working and it also lasts longer than Sildenafil.

The intake of fatty food substances with Sildenafil has been found out to reduce the effects and also increase the duration within which it begins to work. That is not the case with Tadalafil which works no matter what the individual has eaten. Find out more in Tadalafil vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

Best for Daily Usage

Tadalafil and Sildenafil are both drugs that are supposed to be taken on a daily basis however, a pill of Tadalafil is sufficient to take an individual through the whole day whilst Sildenafil can only guarantee you four hours of sexual sensitivity. This simply means that when you are in the mood to have sex for just some few hours a day then how say users reviews the Sildenafil is your best shot but if you are looking for a prolonged sexual activity through the whole day on a continuous basis then Tadalafil is your best shot. They are therefore both equally good to be used on a daily basis but it should be noted down that two or more pills of either Tadalafil or Sildenafil should never ever be taken by the individual.

Performance of Tadalafil vs Sildenafil When Alcohol Is Taken

Tadalafil vs Sildenafil – which is better? The effects of Tadalafil are always minimized whenever alcohol is taken and also it takes more time than necessary to get the individual sexually prepared. That is exactly the same when it comes to drinking any alcoholic beverages whilst you have swallowed a pill of Sildenafil. They therefore do not perform to their best with the intake of alcohol. Find out more in Tadalafil vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

Price of Tadalafil vs Sildenafil

Each of these sexual stimulants are very costly to purchase from any of the drugs stores that you may come across in your vicinity but their generic brands are very cheap and starts from as low as $0.59 for a pill. Find out more in Tadalafil vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

User’s Testimonies & Reviews

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Getting Either Tadalafil or Sildenafil Without Prescription

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