Gay male celebrities naked or misunderstood leading men

Gay Male Celebrities Naked Or Misunderstood Leading Men?

Men and women enjoy steamy pictures of gay male celebrities naked. Don’t bother denying that fact. It’s a guilty pleasure we all have. Well, back the tuck up! You’ve come to the right place. Hollywood’s pretty boys have been defending their masculinity since the silent film era. It’s nothing new. Want to see Christiano Ronaldo Naked?

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It seems that questionable sexuality rumors surrounding our favorite silver screen heavy hitters is commonplace now. Just stand in line at the checkout counter and you won’t miss the allegations. Some of these actors have had the misfortune of being entangled in superstar gossip. To be honest, many of their actions are downright shifty. Weak arguments from Hollywood’s most influential men put them in a mega-pink spotlight. We can’t help but be tickled. If there is truth to any of this gay chit-chat, it’s time for our most loved leading men to step out of the closet. Are they misunderstood or are they really just g behind closed doors? You decide!

Tom Cruise

Young Tom Cruise

Let’s consider Tom Cruise and the gay arguments that follow him. We’re sure Tom sees this as a headache that won’t go away. His temper hits new heights every time a fabricated (so he says) gay male celebrity story threatens to taint his manhood. Why the big fuss, Tom? If you’re not leading a closeted homosexual life, no need to pursue everyone who questions your sexual orientation. You’re not a major league ball player. If accused of loving baseball, would you be this upset? As Shakespeare said, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.

Tom’s private life is constantly under scrutiny. False accusations of an intimate relationship with porn actor Chad Slater must have been upsetting for Tom. But, who wouldn’t love to see that pair of gay male celebrities naked? In any case, Tom frustration is justified. He’s fit to be tied, or rather tied up.

John Travolta

John Travolta Gay Swimming Party

Chad Slater is not Tom’s only alleged partner. While we’re on the subject of gay male celebrities, it would be shameful to leave out our other well-loved scientologist. John Travolta is known for his fascination with Tom and their eyebrow-raising excursions. If scientology interests you, the frequent sweaty workouts as partners have to be distracting. John and Tom as a same-sex item might be speculation; however, like does attract like. John has plenty of his own sordid affairs. There’s no need to waste time on Tom’s temper tantrums. After all, John fondling those male masseurs must leave him with little time for other men.

John Travolta Gay Dancing

We don’t want to be insensitive. Who’s to say groping the male staff in massage parlors is evidence of homosexual tendencies? Let’s show some compassion for these gay male celebrities. John’s alleged sexual orientation has caused plenty of stress with Kelly Preston. Besides, it makes sense that a marriage would end in divorce over gay ‘rumors’. That’s a little thin; certainly, gay ‘truth’ would do it.

Young John Travolta Gay Underwear

We’re sorry, John. We don’t want to jump to conclusions. Please accept our apologies. We know your legal battle with former gay lover Doug Gotterba doesn’t prove a thing. These are stressful accusations. The humiliation of your insatiable desire for gay sex must be unbearable. A macho heartthrob image reduced to a queen with dirty little secrets. Don’t be ashamed, John. We believe your claims of heterosexuality. It doesn’t seem odd that you prefer to seduce bodybuilders at the gym than spend time with your wife. Many straight men are attracted to gay male celebrities. We believe you.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Board Ocean Relax Together

There’s no way we could properly cover gale male celebrities without mentioning Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Masculine bromance or gay lovers, which is it? Damon said, “It’s just like any piece of gossip… and it put us in a weird position of having to answer, you know what I mean?” Matt claims that stating he is heterosexual is offensive. It seems he didn’t want to suggest that homosexuality is a life-threatening disease.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Gay Couple Oscar

He hated to ostracize any of his gay friends. That’s a nice attitude. We’re glad that you’re tolerant. However, we’re not sure that citing a long list of gay friends that you find handsome is explainable by having an open mind. Moreover, Matt is always reluctant to discuss his sexual orientation. He feels actors should have privacy in life off screen. That’s true. But, we can’t help but notice that his expression of acceptance may be avoidance.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Cutest Gay Celebs Couple

Matt and Ben are long supporters of gay marriage and being discreet about their own sexuality. Neither openly states their orientation. Instead, they give lengthy speeches about gay rumors being gross. They refuse to answer questions about sexual preference. Being unwilling to budge may be all the proof we need. In this case, a lack of answer seems to be an affirmative answer. They don’t admit or deny. Personally, we prefer to think about Matt and Ben as a pair of male gay celebrities naked on the beach. We’re not sure if that’s truth, but they aren’t stating otherwise.

One of The Hottest Gay Male Celebrities Naked – Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner shows naked hard dick

Finally, the smoking hot Taylor Lautner spends many nights in two of West Hollywood’s hottest gay bars. Is he gay? It’s too soon to tell. Most say he isn’t. But spending incognito evenings at private parties with gay male celebrities does intensify the gay fantasy. Taylor is from a more progressive generation.

Taylor Lautner Gay Party

Spending all of his time with gay boy toys is no big deal. However, the sightings of him at private gay parties Is enough to make us wonder. We’re sure it’s just recreational. But, is it really no big deal or is he not yet ready to come out? Who cares if he’s gay or if he’s straight? He looks great without a shirt!

Taylor Lautner Underwear

These men are not the first to be caught in rumors of being gay male celebrities, naked is a good look for all of them. This is an impressive list of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ actors. There are other equally hot leading men at the center of sexual scandals also. The fascinating fact is it looks as if they are as unsure of their sexuality as we are. Fortunately, we all love gay male celebrities.

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