Countries that love sex toys on the map

TOP-20 Countries That Love Sex Toys

TOP-20 Countries That Love Sex Toys

What are the horniest countries with the most lustful citizens in the world? Read this article to learn the top 20 countries that love and enjoy sex toys.

Different sex toys will help bring to your sex life a variety, learn the secret desires of your sexual partner and realize the reality of erotic fantasies.

Each country is different in its customs, traditions and laws. Sexual preferences and rules are also no exception. Let’s see which nations prefer to do their intimate life more diverse with sex toys.


According to a new report by Mashable, a popular sex toy retailer and discount curator investigated adult toy shoppers by geo-target. The goal was to find out the top countries on Earth that are most interested in buying sex toys.

Using Google Keyword Planner, the researchers inputted more than a dozen bestselling sex toys and key phrases in all languages. A few examples include dildos, vibrators, jingle balls and love eggs.


The results were astounding. The top 20 countries were all concentrated in Northern Europe.

Сountries that love sex toys

Countries that have long been seen as the world’s most romantic, such as France, or daring Fifty Shades of Grey types (think Japan), disappointed big time as they didn’t even make the top 10. The findings also revealed that countries with more conservative views on sexuality, such as India and Bangladesh, ranked much lower on the list.

Countries that love sex toys on the map

The study didn’t take into account brick-and-mortar purchases, neither does it filter the findings for sex toy searches by gender. Even so, these metrics offer key insights into general consumer buying behaviors regarding sex toy shopping around the world.

Sex: Is it the Key to Happiness?

Based on the discoveries, it’s unclear if sex toy usage is actually correlated to happiness, as Denmark is pervasively listed as “one of the happiest countries in the world”, according to Forbes magazine. Danish internet users also top the list for sex toy searches.

15 of the happiest countries in the world

Improve Your Sex Life

So what’s the takeaway from this study? Our take is that it may be high time to reignite your sex life with adult toys.

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