Can vasectomy cause erectile dysfunction?

Can Vasectomy Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Man’s Relationship with His Mother Can Cause Impotence

Vasectomy is a fairly common procedure, to which men resort in order to control their fertility. Is this operation dangerous? Does it affect potency and libido? Does ejaculation change? You will find the answers to these questions in this article.

However, the psychological problems after the procedure that can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) are not excluded. Often after a vasectomy, when faced with ED, men begin to blame it for their ailment, although the vasectomy probably is not responsible for this. To understand the correlation between ED and vasectomy, you need to understand what this operation is.

What Is Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a small surgical operation, during which access to the sperm is blocked for spermatozoa. This procedure is also called male sterilization, and it is used by men who have the firm decision to not have children in the future. Although doctors say that the operation is reversible in most cases, it is impossible to guarantee that male fertility can be restored. The effectiveness of vasectomy contraception is 99%.

A vasectomy is performed under local anesthesia and it takes no more than 15 minutes. There are two types of it – “ordinary vasectomy” and “vasectomy without a scalpel.”

Can vasectomy cause erectile dysfunction

The vasectomy without a scalpel almost never causes complications and painful sensations. During the procedure, the doctor gropes the vas deferens and presses it with a clamp in order to fix it in one position. After this, a thin puncture is made in the scrotum, through which a part of the seed canal is excised with the help of instruments. The seed canal is a thin tube through which spermatozoa are transported to sperm. After the part of the channel is cut out, small stitches are applied to its edges. Since the whole operation is carried out through a puncture, no scars remain.

An ordinary vasectomy involves a cut on the scrotum, through which a part of the vas deferens can be excised. The procedure is identical to the previous one, but all the manipulations are carried out through the incision, not through the puncture.

After a vasectomy, the contraceptive effect does not come immediately – it will take at least three months and after 20 ejaculations must pass.

Protection against STDsThis procedure is shadowed by a lot of myths and fables that are not relevant to reality. What happens to a man after surgery?

  • hormonal background will not change;
  • amount, appearance, and taste of ejaculate will not change, since spermatozoa are only three percent of the total volume of the fluid;
  • masculinity will not change;
  • there will be no damage to the genitals;
  • no painful feelings will occur;
  • vasectomy and ED are not related;
  • does not protect against STDs.

If you have any doubts or questions, be sure to consult with your doctor before the vasectomy.

Risks and Side Effects After Vasectomy

Despite the fact that a vasectomy is a simple and quick operation, it sometimes causes complications, since no surgical intervention is insured against them.

Shortly after the procedure, the following side effects may occur:

  • appearance of blood in the sperm;
  • bleeding at the puncture or incision site;
  • hematoma of the scrotum;
  • infection of the incision or puncture place;
  • swelling;
  • pain (usually weak).

In addition, there are very rare complications, which are also important to know. These include:

  • persistent pain;
  • swelling of the scrotum;
  • accumulation of fluid in the testicle;
  • pain during orgasm.

If any of the above appears, contact your doctor as soon as possible. In extremely rare cases, the operation might be performed unsuccessfully, and the seed canal can restore its function. In this case, the man remains fertile.

To avoid the appearance of side effects, the careful selection of the clinic and specialist is important, as well as following all doctor’s recommendations.

Does Vasectomy Cause Impotence?

A lot of men planning to make male sterilization, are afraid that operation will lead them to impotence. In fact, the link between ED and vasectomy does not exist. After the operation, the body functions will not change, and the testosterone level will not decrease. A man’s body will also continue to produce spermatozoa and sperm, but they will not intersect anymore. Spermatozoa will be absorbed by the body without getting into the seminal fluid. These processes are related to an erection like chalk to cheese. Impotence occurs when the blood vessels that fill the penis with blood cease to cope their function. A vasectomy does not affect large blood vessels, so it does not affect the potency of a man.

Studies show that the percentage of men suffering from ED, with or without vasectomy, is approximately the same. Physicians argue that a vasectomy can even indirectly improve erectile function. This is connected with the fact that a man and a woman no longer fear an unplanned pregnancy, have sex more often, and regular sex positively influences intimate health.

After the procedure, impotence is usually complained of by those men who previously had sexual problems. The operation is not curative, therefore ED will not pass if it was already present earlier. If after the vasectomy signs of ED appear, they are most likely associated with psychological problems.

What If I Experience ED Symptoms After Vasectomy?

Erectile dysfunctionAs mentioned above – if after the vasectomy the ED happens, it most likely associated with psychological causes. The fact is that a man associates his own fertility with masculinity. Having lost the opportunity for fertilization, he begins to feel inferior and thinks that he is “not a man.” This mood is detrimental to a man’s health, as the body can soon begin to “respond” to such a request. Most often, this happens in those men who decided to have surgery without weighing all the pros and cons. Working with a psychologist will help to overcome emotional and mental disorders. It is much better if a man consults with a psychologist before a vasectomy.

According to statistics, 10% of all men who have had a sterilization regret it and want to restore their fertility. This once again confirms that it is necessary to take such decisions very seriously.

Unfortunately, sometimes such a reversal occurs, after which the seed cannot be restored. Most often this problem is faced by men who wished to restore their fertility many years after the operation.

After a vasectomy, doctors do not recommend a man to have sex or engage in masturbation until the tissue is completely healed. After this, a man can return to an active sex life, as the vasectomy does not affect erectile function.

If you notice signs of ED after a vasectomy, then consult with a doctor. Most likely, the causes of sexual failures are purely psychological. It is also possible that your ED is developing under the influence of various negative factors (sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, diseases, etc.). A competent doctor will help you determine the true cause of your illness and prescribe a cure. Remember – a vasectomy does not reduce the risk of acquiring sexual infections, which can lead to ED.

Can I Normally Ejaculate After Procedure?

Sexual activityAs you already know from this article, the spermatozoa make up only 3% of the total sperm volume. This means that the man will not notice any changes in the volume of his seed, since the difference will be negligible. With a vasectomy, you can actively engage in sex, and the ejaculation will be standard, without any unpleasant sensations. In the first few months during sexual arousal, men may feel mild pain in the testicles, but this is normal and will soon go away completely.

You can have sex a few days after the procedure, as soon as the easy postoperative edema passes. Since sperm is completely renewed within three months, during this time there is still a possibility of pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to use additional methods of contraception. Usually, after three months, doctors recommend a semen analysis to make sure that the vasectomy has given the desired result.

Will Vasectomy Affect My Libido?

There is no correlation between libido and vasectomy. The operation does not affect the hormonal background and does not reduce the production of testosterone, so a man’s sexual desire should not decrease after the surgery. It is possible that a person has fears or psychological blocks that worsen the erection. Also, there can be an influence of other negative factors. If you notice a decrease in your libido, do not blame the vasectomy. Talk to your doctor, and he will help you find the true cause of your problem and prescribe the treatment. If you just think about the operation, it’s important to discuss all the issues that concern you with the doctor.

What to Do If You Feel Yourself Hesitant?

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