Top male and female sexual fantasies

Top Male and Female Sexual Fantasies

Top Male and Female Sexual Fantasies

A lot of people have sexual fantasies because it is a normal part of human sexuality. Do any of these erotic thoughts reflect your own forbidden wishes that you feel uncomfortable to admit? Be careful: we are trespassing in an erotic zone.

Some fantasies may look romantic, where imagination portrays an unforgettable night spent with a person of your dreams.

Other fantasies may be less decent and picture something that is socially unacceptable or taboo, making people even feel embarrassed to talk about it. These thoughts may be taken from past experience or can be totally imaginary.

List of Women Sexual Fantasies

Top male and female sexual fantasies

Letโ€™s find out how modern women are wandering off in their thoughts. Most ladies leave their fantasies unrealized, while others have a list of successfully accomplished ones:

  • to have sex with multiple people is a very popular female fantasy. The thought of being nude in front of a group of strangers and let different women and men caress each other simultaneously makes women feel hot (especially for women with extreme sex drives);
  • to have intercourse with a famous person is also a widely spread female desire;
  • to have intimacy with a mystery man in some hotel. The idea of spending a passionate night in a dark room with someone nameless, whom you will never see again, sounds very erotic;
  • to have an audience watching your sexual act. The idea of knowing that other people become turned on by your performance, makes you feel like an erotic movie star;
  • to dominate a man, making him do various things that women want or spanking him;
  • to have same-gender sex. Touching another hairless body seems pretty inviting, which makes other guys be jealous as they watch this odd scene. For some women, it doesnโ€™t look like a weird fantasy, instead of being in real life;
  • to play a game of being surrendered to a master and perform all his demands or disobey his commands;
  • to imagine being a stripper or a prostitute and perform a dance for a customer getting good tips;
  • to dress and act like a man penetrating a male partner with a strap-on penis;
  • to act like a naive and innocent girl being raped by a predator-like man;
  • to have two men around her body;
  • to have sex with an alien arrived via spaceship.

This survey can help men to feel more comfortable in bed sharing the thoughts of their women. This knowledge may lead to a more satisfactory sex performance for a couple.

Top Male Sexual Fantasies


What are the erotic dreams common among men? Here are the craziest intimate fantasies, which may be not so unusual and partially known for some women:

  • to have sex with a woman with large breasts. The size criterion is unclear but not less than DD bra size;
  • to be pleasured by your female partner. Men like to relax, sit back, and have fun by experiencing arousal from his woman in charge;
  • to have a romantic encounter with a strange woman. To hook up with an unknown person sounds thrilling. How many men are really ready for living out this explicit fantasy?
  • to explore the female anatomy with a tongue;
  • to have an orgy with several naked and highly attractive women;
  • to make love in a romantic location. Yes, being secret romantics, men share the same understanding of a perfect date that is typical for most girls;
  • to watch a lesbian couple making love to each other. It is one of the hottest male fantasies and there are numerous TV shows flooded with it;
  • to ejaculate on a female partner. This fantasy is easily explained because most women do not allow practicing it in real life;
  • to spice up his sexual life by hooking up in unusual places, like a public toilet, in a hospital bed, or in oneโ€™s office;
  • to have intercourse with your wife or a girlfriend while fantasizing about another woman (a young secretary in tight clothes, etc.);
  • to have intimacy in a public place. With no fear of a funny picture of being caught with their pants down, men are ready to look for new sensations when making love openly.

A lot of married couples have fantasies about extramarital affairs, what is easily explained as both partners become bored with each other.

Being completely private and safe, sexual thoughts and fantasies give a way to oneโ€™s feelings and allow people trying different positions, partners, and situations. They help people to escape from real life which is burdened with pressure and problems and enjoy new sensations without any worry about diseases.

Fantasies are considered a healthy and natural part of a personโ€™s sexual life and can increase desire to a partner. It is the best way for women to feel sexier, to improve their self-esteem, to satisfy their curiosity, and to relax. Fantasies should not be thought of as something dirty and forbidden if they do not harm anyone. They are common in everyday life and should be cultivated. Such dreams tell you what is erotic for you and what you can put into practice.

ED pillsThey help you to explore your body and find out its response to touch. Share your thoughts with a partner, as probably you both have similar inclinations. It is also a good thing if your fantasies turn into reality and contribute to satisfying intimacy.

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