The Best Ways to Increase Female Sexual Desire

The Best Ways to Increase Female Sexual Desire

The Best Ways to Increase Female Sexual Desire

Sexual desire in women slows down with age. It’s a natural fact, because sex drive may change over the years. It can be high and low and depends on the major changes in life, relationship, illnesses, pregnancy or menopause. And yet, what can help return a woman to her former life? Keep reading!

The American Medical Association research shows that nearly 45% of the female population suffers from the absence of sex drive. Called by doctors as “female sexual arousal disorder” it should be thoroughly examined and treated. Don’t be afraid, the treatment process is not always accompanied by a pill intake, injections and other scary and unpleasant things. The point is that women should not conceal such disorders like some matters of minor importance. Talk to your doctor and find out the genuine causes of the problem.

Professional advice and timely treatment will restore your happy sexual life.

Causes of Low Female Libido

Lack of libido in women is very common. Luckily, for the majority of females such a lack of desire is temporary, and it usually has a reasonable explanation. Some women handle this problem by themselves, and the rest can be helped by a professional medical or psychological advice.

Primarily, it should be highlighted that if you need sex less often than your partner, it doesn’t mean necessarily that one of you is outside the norm.

The Best Ways to Increase Female Sexual Desire

There are no any permanent numbers and statistics to define how low your sex drive is. In case your sex desire is weaker than it was before, though, it can be returned to normal, but it depends on the woman.

Here are some symptoms and signs that are the indications of low libido:

  • a woman shows no interest in sexual activity, even by self-stimulation;
  • a woman doesn’t have sexual thoughts and fantasies, and she is bothered of this fact.

In this case, talk to your doctor: he will help to reveal the true cause of the disorder.

A women’s sexual desire is based on multiple interactions of a number of components that affect intimacy, physical and emotional well-being, lifestyle, experiences, beliefs, and the current relationship. If a woman experiences a problem in any of these spheres, it affects her sexual desire.

Physical Causes

Low libido in women can be of either psychological or physical origin. Physical causes occur quite rarely.

AlcoholThe most typical of them are listed below:

  • alcohol and drug abuse (smoking also decreases a flow of blood, which may affect arousal);
  • anaemia (it is common in women as a result of iron loss during periods);
  • some diseases (like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, neurological diseases);
  • sexual problems (if a woman experiences pain during sex);
  • surgery (especially those related to breasts or women’s genital tract);
  • some prescribed drugs (like tranquilizers or antidepressants);
  • coolness after childbirth (it is usually bound with hormonal changes that occur during this time, but it was not proved. On the other hand, it is true because of general injury of childbirth. When a baby is born, a lot of women are still weary out to think about sex);
  • fatigue (exhaustion from caring for old parents or small kids can promote to low sexual drive);
  • hormone abnormalities (many women with low libido require particular male hormones, as testosterone. Though, this point of view is controversial).

The menopause was not mentioned as a physical cause of a loss of sex interest. That is not a mistake! Debunking the myth, it was clinically tested and proven that menopause doesn’t cause any loss of libido. On the contrary, a lot of women feel sexier and are able to have more orgasms in their postmenopausal life. The cause of low interest in sex can be the drop of estrogen level and dry vaginal tissues, which result in uncomfortable and painful sex.

Psychological Causes

Psychological causes are very common. It is true that when a woman has an emotional disbalance, it can hamper her interest in sex.

AnxietyThe most typical psychological causes include:

  • stress (financial or work stress), overwork;
  • depression or anxiety (or other mental problems);
  • poor body image;
  • relationship problems with your partner;
  • low self-esteem;
  • difficulties in living conditions (sharing a home with parents);
  • negative sexual experiences in the past;
  • physical or sexual abuse in the past (probably, rape);
  • latent lesbianism.

For many women, emotional intimacy with a partner is an essential prelude to sexual intimacy. As a result, relationship problems can be the number one libido killers. Lack of connection with a partner, bad communication about sexual preferences, breach of trust, or even fights are often a result of low interest in sex.

What to Do If I Have Lack of Libido?

The first thing to do is visit your healthcare practitioner, to discuss the problem with him and do the required tests. As an alternative, you may go to a woman’s doctor at a family planning clinic, because these specialists are accustomed dealing with this particular problem.

A woman may be diagnosed with a sexual desire disorder if she frequently lacks sexual desire or thoughts. Whether she fits this medical diagnosis or not, the doctor will look for reasons and ways to help. He will ask some questions about your medical history.

Sex therapistAs an addition, he may also:

  • perform a pelvic examination (during this exam, he can check for signs of any physical changes which contribute to your low sexual desire. It could be pain-triggering spots, a thinning of genital tissues or vaginal dryness);
  • recommend some tests (the doctor will perform blood tests to control hormone levels in order to reveal diabetes, liver disorders or high cholesterol);
  • refer a woman to a specialist (a specialized sex therapist will be able to better estimate relationship and emotional characteristics that can result in low libido).

Nowadays, big pharmaceutical companies are looking for a medicine that could help women to boost their libido, but they have little success. Sometimes drugs are not an appropriate way for an average woman to help to turn her on. More important is to feel the understanding and support of a partner who tends to help you in overcoming the problem. Only he understands how to get his woman excited in bed.

Medications to Increase Female Sexual Desire

A lot of women get benefits from a treatment approach that is aimed at a number of causes. The recommendations may involve counseling, sex education, and sometimes medication.

Visiting a sex therapist or an expert who is skilled in sexual concerns can help with a lack of sexual desire. This therapy usually involves education about sexual responses and different techniques. Counseling for couples may also help to increase feelings of desire and intimacy.

Your doctor will evaluate the medications that a woman is taking to see if any of them can be a reason for sexual side effects. As some of them may decrease sex drive, and the therapist can advise switching to a different type for increasing libido.

It can be difficult for some women to talk about low sexual desire with her therapist. So, some people turn to over-the-counter pills and herbal supplements instead. Such supplements may be not well-studied and not regulated. To avoid possible side effects or interactions with other medicines that may be taken, it’s necessary to discuss it with your therapist before using such products.


TestosteroneThe male hormone testosterone plays the main role in sexual desire for both women and men. Products containing this hormone are prescribed for women with low sexual drive. For females with low testosterone levels, it seems to increase not only desire, but also arousal and lubrication.

A specially developed testosterone-based skin patch was prescribed to menopausal women and became a medication approved for female sexual disorders. This testosterone gel is attached daily to the upper arm. The patients who used it for three months stated a satisfying increase in sexual events.

Still, such testosterone products are considered to be controversial because the safety of their long-term usage is unknown. There are fears of possible side effects during breast cancer and pregnancy. Moreover, this hormone replacement therapy may cause possible side effects including hairiness, acne, and a deep voice.


A great variety of creams and personal lubricants form the majority of remedies that are now available on the market to boost female sexual desire for enhancing arousal and women’s orgasm. These “desire creams” contain special ingredients produces a tingly sensation in the vagina and labia. The main active substance is usually menthol.

Some products have botanical oils as their ingredients and particular vitamin-based formulas, which increases blood flow to the genital area, thus enhancing “sensory nerve conduction”.

Medical experts explain that these experimental natural products may partly have a strong placebo effect that accounts for their effectiveness. Still, they encourage patients to use such products if they produce a positive effect increasing arousal. The only side effect could be a mild burning in the intimate zone. Anyway, it is a good option for women with sensitive vaginal tissues and vaginal dryness.

Estrogen can positively influence mood factors and brain function, thus also affecting sexual response. Small doses of estrogen increase the flow of blood to the vagina and help to improve women’s libido without the risks associated with its systemic usage. Your doctor may prescribe it in the form of a vaginal cream, which is applied to your vagina.

Suction Vibrators

Suction vibratorsInventions in international medicine go forward in order to increase female sexual desire. Suction vibrators are devices approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are specially developed to treat low sexual desire.

This hand-held instrument goes on the clitoris and heightens bloodflow and sensation by means of a gentle mini vacuum. Similar instruments can be applied during foreplay, thus increasing women’s desire.

Erection Drugs Like Female Viagra

Female Viagra is an effective medication for female sexual disorder which was developed in order to protect the health of women. Now you can boost your desire with a simple pink tablet, and months of sexual indifference will pass away.

These pills contain the unique active ingredient Tadalafil which has been developed particularly for ladies. This substance was tested and found to enhance the flow of blood to vagina receptors. Female Viagra relaxes the smooth muscles of the blood vessels around and in female genitalia. With the relaxed muscles, the flow of blood is reinforced. An increased amount of bloodflow allows a woman to be more sensitive and easily aroused.

Summing up, Female Viagra increases the intensity and time of sexual satisfaction and raises the level of testosterone in blood, thus intensifying women’s libido. As a result, a sexual recall boosts.

It takes the medicine 40-45 minutes to make an effect that lasts from 4 to 6 hours. As all its components are absolutely natural, and Female Viagra is completely safe for everyday use.

Can Low Women’s Libido Be Really Cured?

Pleasure during sexual intimacyNaturally, low sexual desire is not a normal part of a woman’s life. First, you need to look at the causes of the problem. In most cases, these problems vanish after successful treatment along with the loving support of your partner. A high percentage of women succeed in returning to normal libido.

A lot of women may blame menopause for the loss of desire, but, on the contrary, it is other health problems that are the real stoppers. Get a checkup with your doctor to make sure that there’s nothing in common between your health and the symptoms that bother you.

Women’s low sexual desire is really frustrating and sad for both partners. Have a look at your body image. Maybe extra pounds, graying hairs, and dry skin make you feel older than you are.

Become sexy and romantic! Find time to take care of your body and relationships! Things will change because your brain is one of your best sex organs.

Remember that such changes in sexual desire are a normal part of your everyday relationship. Try not to focus on sex, and spend some time bringing up yourself and your relationship.

In the case of a persistent lack of interest in sex you may refer to the medications. Female Viagra is always at hand, ready to support. A lot of our satisfied customers share their positive reviews at our webpage. All of them reported a better situation. Female Viagra, which is always available at ViaBestBuy, will help to lead your life full of untroubled lust. It is focused to win the combat against sexual disorders in the name of a happier woman’s life and bring you long lasting pleasure during sexual intimacy.