Staxyn Effects and Benefits

Staxyn Effects and Benefits

Staxyn Effects and Benefits

If you are looking for an inexpensive, but effective drug to treat erectile dysfunction, then pay your attention on the Staxyn. This drug doesn’t differ from the well-known Viagra, but costs much less. The drug has almost no side effects and contradictions, and it can be safely taken at any age.

If earlier to struggle with erectile dysfunction was used only Viagra on the Sildenafil basis, then now other medicines of similar action is appeared.
One of them is Staxyn. Just like other generics, it works only when there is at least a weak excitement. Remember – with complete lack of sexual desire, the drug will not work.

What Is Staxyn?

In 2005, the promoted brand Viagra has a competitor – the drug based on Vardenafil. Its name was Staxyn. But, what is Staxyn and what are its main advantages? This is an effective drug that helps in most cases of erectile dysfunction and becomes the guarantee of successful sexual intercourse. Unlike the more popular drugs, Staxyn is manufactured in India, so its price is affordable for most men. At the same time, the quality of this medicine is very high.

Staxyn Effects and Benefits


Staxyn is available in dosage from 5 to 20 mg of active substance per pill. Dosage is determined depending on the degree of disease, age and state of man’s. With age, the dosage can be slightly reduced. Generally, for men after age 65 the one pill with 5 or 10 mg per day is suitable. Regardless of age the start of medication must be from 5 mg, and in the absence of side effects there can be dosage increasing (if necessary). Taking more than 20 mg per day is dangerous to health.

How Does Staxyn Work?

When excitation occurs, in the cavernous bodies of penis appears the nitrous oxide, which triggers the creation of certain enzymes. Some of them relax the smooth muscles in order to ensure in a good filling of penis with blood, and others – reduce the erection, when it is necessary (after the end of the sexual act). For men with erectile dysfunction, the enzyme which stops erection (PDE5) becomes an obstacle in the way to normal sexual intercourse.

By blocking the specific phosphodiesterase of the fifth type (PDE5), vardenafil contributes to the enhancement of the local action of nitrous oxide in the cavernous bodies during the sexual stimulation. This effect determines the ability of Staxyn to enhance the response on sexual stimulation. Thanks to this drug, the erection becomes stable and persists throughout all sexual intercourse.

Side Effects

Side effects of StaxynStaxyn sometimes can cause an allergic reaction, which manifests itself as the mucous edema of throat, tongue and shortness of breath. If such symptoms appear, you should immediately call a doctor, since an allergic reaction and an individual intolerance to the drug can be dangerous to health and life. Such cases are extremely rare, but it is important to know about them.

The main side effects of the Staxyn are:

  • dizziness;
  • hearing impairment and ringing in the ears;
  • edema of the extremities;
  • loss of vision;
  • convulsions;
  • shortness of breath;
  • symptoms that indicate a heart attack – pain in the chest and left shoulder, sweating, changes in the heart rate, numbness of the left arm. Such symptoms when taking the drug are false and are not signs of the heart disease;
  • forgetfulness, confusion;
  • an erection that doesn’t pass for 4 hours (priapism).

From all listed cases, only the priapism is a serious side effect, which requires immediate medical attention. All other symptoms pass without a trace after stopping the medication and don’t require additional treatment.

The most common harmless side effects are:

  • light dizziness;
  • redness of facial skin;
  • light nasal congestion;
  • stomach upset;
  • muscle pain in the back.


Many men are looking for information about how long does Staxyn last and why it is better than other generics. Its effect lasts about 4-5 hours, but it is difficult to say why Staxyn is better. All generics have the same mechanism of action, but their effect is different by strength and duration. Choose that drug what you need, basing on the own plans and health status.

Staxyn Vs Viagra

ViagraIf to consider the effect of this ED treatment vs Viagra, then it can be said that the main difference lies in the price. Viagra is a well promoted brand, so it costs more, in its turn the manufacturer of Staxyn is in India and not very well known, therefore it can be purchased by the cheap price. Also, these drugs have different active components: for Viagra it is sildenafil, and for Staxyn – vardenafil.

Versus Cialis

The Staxyn vs Cialis will be more effective if user needs a quick effect with short action time. Tadalafil, the main active components of Cialis, lasts up to a day and a half, but its effect is milder. Vardenafil acts 40 minutes after intake, and its effect is strong and stable.

Vs Levitra

It is difficult to compare the Staxyn vs Levitra because both of these drugs have the same active component and the same effect. In this case, it is better to focus on their cost.

The comparison of Staxyn with other medicines which are used for erectile dysfunction treatment will always be subjective, since the effectiveness of these drugs is almost same. They differ only in the duration of the effect, its intensity and by price.

How to Take Staxyn Pills?

Take the drug according to the instructions enclosed in the package. Tablets shouldn’t be washed down with water – they dissolve in the mouth, under the tongue. This ensures the fastest absorption of the drug and its rapid action.

Use the Staxyn of chosen dosage, but not more than 20 mg per day. This is the maximum dosage, and if it doesn’t help to restore an erection, then reason of the dysfunction is not vascular. You can take the pill even while eating, but it’s better to do this in a short time before or after meals.

About how to take the medicine correctly, you need to consult with a specialist and tell him about your state of health. Those men, who treated by alpha-blockers, shouldn’t take the Staxyn more than 5 mg per day. Also, the drug must carefully purchased by men with following problems:

  • Staxyn usessevere liver and kidney pathologies;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • serious heart diseases;
  • vision impairment and hearing disorder;
  • compositional disorder of blood, anemia;
  • hemophilia;
  • deformation or trauma of penis;
  • heart attack or stroke which occurred in the last six months;
  • need in exclusion of physical exertion, incl. sexual intercourse.

During the consultation about how to use this drug, you need to check your eyesight and, if possible, to stop smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes. This will help to lower the pressure on heart and blood vessels.


Staxyn does not chemically interact with most drugs and foods, so you shouldn’t change your eating habits. However, there is a small list of substances with which the drug can interact.

With Foods

The poor in fat food doesn’t affect the drug. But, fatty food can slow down the effect of vardenafil and reduce it up to 20%. Elderly people and men with kidney diseases shouldn’t afraid the impaired effectiveness, since they are more sensitive to this drug. Also, fatty foods can extend the waiting period of the desired effect (more than 1 hour). It is not advisable to drink citrus juice together with vardenafil.

What Other Drugs Will Affect Staxyn?

AntibioticsWhen taking Staxyn, it is important to exclude all other generics. Their simultaneous intake will give no result, but can lead to hypotension and increase the chance of side effects, including priapism. Also, undesirable simultaneous intake with:

  • some certain cardiac medicines (quinidine, disopyramide, etc.);
  • nitrates;
  • antibiotics;
  • antifungal drugs;
  • medicines used for AIDS and HIV infected people.

This is a list of funds that are contraindicated while taking Staxyn. There is still a large list of medicines, biologically active additives, vitamins and herbal remedies, which can slightly reduce the effect of vardenafil.


Alcohol, drunk in large quantities, can increase the chance of side, so it is undesirable. But small doses of alcohol don’t reduce the effectiveness of the drug. It is important to remember that fatty foods and alcohol in big amounts casing a bad effect on potency.

Staxyn Reviews

ReviewsAbout effectiveness of Staxyn can tell numerous reviews and testimonials of men who used this drug. To all of them, it helped to restore the former sexual strength and vigor.

Where to Buy Staxyn Without Prescription?

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