Vacuum Penile Pump Devices (VCD)

Vacuum Penile Pump Devices (VCD)

Vacuum Penile Pump Devices (VCD)

Is it a toy or a real ED treatment? People suffering from men’s health issues are still wondering how the penis pump works. This device claims to be a natural erection enhancer without any hormonal or chemical impact on the human’s body. Facts on the effectiveness of the penis pump, how to choose the best option for you, and the rules on its use – find out everything you need to know in this article.

Viagra and similar drugs are not the only solutions for erectile dysfunction (further referred to as ED). Some people prefer its herbal substitutes or try to treat their conditions with vitamins and minerals, but these are not all the options that the medicine can offer you. Welcome an unfairly neglected cure – a vacuum penile pump device (or VCD).

A few decades ago, a penis pump was considered as a doubtful toy listed on the pages of adult magazines or gathering dust on sex shops’ shelves. Now, vacuum therapy is proven to be a great addition to the list of FDA approved drugs for ED treatment.

What Is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a natural remedy for ED. The device has a cylindrical form and is placed over the penis while using it. It consists of a pump itself, a vacuum chamber, and constriction rings. The VCD works mechanically but involves the same mechanism of erection maintenance as the chemical substances do: it increases the blood flow to the penis through negative pressure injection.

This method of ED treatment works the best in cases of organic or psychogenic causes of the disorder such as diabetes, arterial insufficiency, anxiety, or spinal cord injuries. It is also a great alternative to Viagra for those who can’t or don’t want to take pills or use any chemicals.

The device has the following advantages over other male health enhancers:

  • quick action: VCD causes an erection in 2-3 minutes;
  • the absence of chemical impact on the body;
  • no harmful interactions with the other medications;
  • more affordable cost if compare to the drug therapy;
  • non-invasive;
  • have lesser contraindications than both natural and brand Viagra;
  • available without a prescription;
  • may be combined with other methods of treatment.

Vacuum Penile Pump Devices (VCD)

Penis Pumps – Do They Work?

A lot of men suffering from erectile dysfunction can’t believe in penis pumps’ efficiency. They have a skeptical opinion about it and see them only as a kind of funny device which is used by the people who would like to diversify their sexual experience. A lot of patients have never heard about this product and its main purpose.

Erectile dysfunctionHowever, some reputable scientists have conducted studies on the effect of the device on ED. For instance, the American Urological Association strongly recommends the penis pump as a helpful remedy for stable erections. Its efficiency is estimated at 50-90% according to various experiments.

VCDs have been found to be a great option for men with moderate erectile dysfunction, while patients with the mild or severe form of ED were mostly dissatisfied with this method. Also, the reports of long-term experience showed that the satisfaction rate declines over time. 65% of consumers stopped medication after a certain period (usually 1-4 months) of the penis pump’s purchase.

It may be suggested that such a result is caused by a short-term effect of the device application. The erection state of the penis differs from a normal one and lasts only for 30 minutes after the pump’s use. The skin temperature is lower, the veins seem distended and the base of the penis may revolve, so the patient should regulate its position during sex.

Top Penis Pumps & Review

There are many VCDs offered on the market by different manufacturers. You are free to choose the one which is appropriate for your needs, but some of them are more effective, convenient, or safe for patients than others. That is the main reason why we provide you with ED vacuum pumps’ reviews dedicated to the models which are the best in the industry according to the testimonials of real customers.


This VCD claimed to be a revolutionary product due to its AquaPressure based on the water pumping. It has a pleasant design and looks like a transparent cylinder with colorful tension rings. The device was introduced in 2010 and has been updated since then. Nowadays it is a leading penis pump which won 3 awards: Best New Product at Venus Awards, Best Male Enhancement Device in 2013, and Jury Award in 2014.


The manufacturer is positioning the product as a great ED solution and penis size enlargement method. The package is delivered with instructions inside which contain an exercise plan to achieve the desired result. Penomet has been tested for two years in real life and got the certification for European Union manufacturing standards before it was launched for sale.

The benefits of Penomet’s usage for men’s health:

  • relief and prevention of the ED symptoms;
  • libido and confidence boosting;
  • reducing the cases of premature ejaculation;
  • pumping takes effect within 15 minutes after application;
  • regular use leads to penis enlargement to 3 inches in length and 30% in girth;
  • treatment of the Peyronie’s disease;
  • increase in the stamina.

Penomet should be applied with water for a better effect. The pumping creates the vacuum inside a cylinder and the penis engorges under the pressure. The device includes 5 gaiter settings which allow you to increase the pressure gradually, unlike the majority of other pumps. All of them are made of medical-grade silicon while the cylinder is produced from solid polycarbonate plastic. Also, the VCD has a small weight and compact dimensions, so it is great to bring along wherever you wish.

The customers report faster and better erections, as well as penis enlargement. Most of them appreciate the variety of gaiter very much because they can set the device for the needed pressure. This penis pump helps them feel the confidence and concentrate more on the partner than on ED while having sex.

You can order the device on the official manufacturer’s website. Avoid the buying a product from other sources – you face the risk of getting a fake one.

X4 Pumps

The X4 Labs manufacturer offers a variety of devices for erectile dysfunction. The company was established in 2005 and produced many medically approved VCDs since then. Unlike the previous penis pump, Penomet based on water, these products are air-assisted. Such devices give you an opportunity to use them anywhere without the risk to wet all around and make the device even more portable.

Air based penis pump

As a leading maker of vacuum penile pumps, X4 Labs provides customers with all 3 types of air-assisted devices existing on the market:

    1. The squeeze ball pump.

This one is the cheapest and the simplest option among them. It looks like a transparent cylinder with a tube connected to it. The tube includes a valve inside and ends with the ball similar to those which are used in instruments for measuring blood pressure.

The device is very easy to handle. After placing the pump over the penis, you squeeze the ball to remove the air from the tube and create pressure. To cease the suction, open the air valve.

The main risk of this VCD is the lack of control over the pressure the patient may create during the pumping session. You can apply too much power and hurt your penis, so follow your sensations and stop squeezing when you feel it is enough.

The examples of the devices from X4 Labs are Male Power Penis Pump and Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump.

    1. The hand grip penis pump.

Even though this type has a bit more complicated construction, it is recognized as more efficient than devices with a squeeze ball. Here you also pressurize your penis manually, but you have more control, especially when the VCD is equipped with a gauge, like Gauge Penis Pump. The other representatives of this kind are Pump Worx Sure-Grip Power Pump and Power Grip Pump.

    1. The electric penis pump.

Greatest erectionIt is the most advanced option provided by a company. This hands-free device ensures you with full control over pressure and brings the greatest erections due to extra vibration stimulation. Moreover, it can be used as sexual stamina enhancer and as a masturbator.

X4 extenders are all intended for increasing penis size, boosting libido and ED treatment. You can choose any of them based on your demands.

Sinclair Endow

Sinclair is a well-established company on the sex aide market. It has produced various toys and libido improvement devices since 1991. Endow is the only model of VCD offered by a brand which is intended for both penis girth engorgement and erectile dysfunction relief.

Endow is a handgrip water-based pump equipped with a 10 inch long by 2 inch wide cylinder and 4 TPR jelly constriction rings. Another great feature of this product is an additional battery which stops the session after achieving the right level of pressure. Moreover, its cylinder is changeable and can be replaced by the other popular cylinders. With such an opportunity, you can try ball pumping or extreme girth pumping without changing the initial device.

Customers like this pump because of:

  • its ability to treat erectile dysfunction;
  • the regulating battery fully replaces the gauge, the missing part in some hand pumps;
  • the tube and other elements in the box (apart from battery) are easy to clean;
  • a full erection that comes after 2 minutes of pumping;
  • removable sleeves.

The duration of Endow’s effect isn’t different from the other devices. The erection caused by a pump will last up to 30 minutes.

The Vibrating Big Man’s Pump

Another producer of intimate products for men and women, Calexotics, presented its pump primarily designed for ED. However, nowadays it can be used as a sex toy for greater pleasure due to its vibrating abilities.

How do they work for erectile dysfunction? Vibration stimulates nerve endings in the penis and induces better sexual arousal together with the greater blood flow to the penile chambers. The whole erection’s mechanism is based on the vessels’ dilation and the improvement of blood circulation in the penis. That is why the Vibrating Big Man’s Pump obviously helps with ED.

The Vibrating Big Mans Pump

The name of this pump speaks for itself. The device is intended for men with bigger penis sizes than average.

The package includes:

  • 12 inches in length and 2.5 inches in girth transparent cylinder;
  • the removable vibrating stimulator (requires 2 AA batteries) with latex pouch and a few speed settings;
  • 3 silicone interchangeable sleeves – regular, large and extra large.

Users consider the pump to be well-constructed, and praise the quality of suction. The improvement of a normal erectile function becomes noticeable after 2 months of use. They also recommend applying water lube before usage.

ErecAid Esteem Manual Erection Pump

ErecAid Esteem Manual Erection Pump by Timm Osbon is the qualitative device approved by the American Urology Association. According to the conducted studies, 9 out of 10 patients find it effective in their erectile dysfunction treatment.

The distinguishing feature of this product is the unique construction allowing the man to use the pump with one hand instead of two. The package contains 4 Pressure-Point penis rings of various sizes and an easy-action ring applicator which make the process of the rings’ application much simpler. The lubricant inside is another pleasant bonus.

The full list of components:

  • 8.5 inches in length and 2 inches in girth transparent cylinder;
  • adapter sleeve;
  • lubricant;
  • loading cone;
  • manual and DVD guide;
  • pouch;
  • easy-action ring applicator;
  • 4 tension rings.

The cylinder is made of thick plastic and has smooth edges, so it can be used without the adapter. The pressure release button is located in a place where it is very hard to push it accidentally. Such a construction minimizes the risk of injuries.

There is also an automatic version of the pump equipped with a battery. This type of device makes pumping even easier than before.

Encore Deluxe Battery and Manual Vacuum Pump

Manual vacuum pumpEven though this vacuum pump by Encore is a relatively affordable option, it can boast of one of the richest kits on the market. Just imagine: two pumps (manual and battery) and 7 constriction rings of all sizes you could ever possess.

Besides, you get a plenty of additional features including:

  • body shield protecting the skin and pubic hair during pumping;
  • ring loading cone simplifying the tension rings stretching;
  • patented ring ejector;
  • detailed printed instructions and manual with demonstration videos;
  • carrying pouch;
  • 4 ounces lubricant.

You can choose between manual or automatic pumps based on your needs. Some people prefer controlling the process by themselves while others trust the machine more. You can see how to use both devices in the instruction booklet or watch the special training video.

Precision Penis Pumps

It is probably the most affordable penis pump in our review. The construction of this device is very simple: it consists of only three elements – a tinted cylinder, a squeeze ball connected to the tube, and only one constriction ring for erection maintenance. The pump belongs to the air-assisted kind of VCD.

The cylinder has a precision scale, so you can measure the pressure during pumping. It prevents your penis from incurring injuries.

In the testimonials, you can see controversial opinions about this vacuum penile pump. Most of the people are satisfied with its features, while the others are complaining about weak construction and that the quality of materials is far from high-grade. In other words, Precision justifies its price and is great for novices but may be not appropriate for experienced or demanding users.


Bathmate water pumpBathmate water pump is considered as the first hydro pump worldwide on the official website. True or not, the device is quite popular and is sold in more than 70 countries. The company is positioning their product as an efficient remedy for penis enlargement but it has all the necessary features to use it as an ED treatment as well.

Being a hydro pump, Bathmate distributes pressure over the penis’s surface more evenly than air-assisted devices. It is recommended to use it in the shower or bath by filling the cylinder with warm water. The warmth increases the blood flow in tissues and helps them to stretch before the procedure. You should pump the water out of the cylinder until the erection appears.

According to the information from the manufacturer, the regular use of Bathmate leads to longer and more durable erections.

The penis pump is available in 3 color options: transparent, blue, and red. There are also 2 sizes named Hercules and Goliath. The second one was created for men with large penises and is claimed to be the world’s biggest water pump. The Hydromax X-series is a 30% more powerful version of the device.

Classic Bathmate (Hercules) has the following benefits:

  • instant results;
  • up to 2 inches increase in penis length and 40% in girth;
  • improvement of sexual stamina and performance;
  • 2.5 times more effective than air-assisted pumps;
  • the device is medically approved.

The pump also has an integrated gauge which indicates the current level of pressure. It ensures safety due to full control over suction power. To take a proper care of your Bathmate, order the cleaning kit as well.

Size Doctor Electric Pump

Size Doctor by Converter Lab is a medical-grade male health enhancer. The main advantage of the device is its compact size and high portability.

Size Doctor electric pumpThe pump includes:

  • 8 inches in length and 2 inches in girth tube with the connected electric generator based on AAA batteries;
  • soft silicone gel sleeve;
  • adapter bushing;
  • loading cone;
  • 3 tension rings of different sizes;
  • carrying pouch.

Two buttons – on/off and frequency control – are strategically located on the head of the pump. You may stop the pressure injection or regulate suction by pushing them immediately. The device is designed in pleasant neutral colors and made of thick unbreakable plastic.

Size Doctor Electric Pump is quite popular on and obtained mostly positive testimonials. Customers report that it is very easy to use and has a great impact on erectile function. One person warns others to be careful with the suction because the quick valve release works not as quickly as it is claimed in the product’s description. Another man is surprised with the outstanding effect of using the device together with ED medications.

Vacurect Vacuum Erection Device

Another popular air-assisted VCD is fully compliant with the FDA standards. Studies on its effect showed that Vacurect Vacuum Erection Device has 96% of success rate in ED treatment. Such results are quite striking and raise the question: why is it so good?

Vacurect provides the user with the following benefits:

  • 10 tension rings made of durable material ensures the best seal: one of them will be suitable for your penis regardless of its size and shape;
  • it takes only 1 minute to achieve the strong erection;
  • the pump can be used by one hand;
  • the delivered package will also include two 4 ounces lubricants: the regular one and with strawberry flavor and 2 ounces service oil;
  • a solid zippered bag instead of simple pouch make the transportation and storage even safer;
  • lifetime warranty on a cylinder.

ReviewsHowever, the reviews on Amazon are divided into 2 large groups – extremely positive and negative. Some people are totally satisfied with its features and note the fast action of this device as compared to the similar ones. The other customers complain about weak suction and fragility in use due to an unusual construction. Anyway, Vacurect VCD is great but may be not suitable for everyone.

How to Choose the Best Pump: Key Factors

According to the reviews you read before, it becomes obvious that the devices are quite different. Each of them can be the best and the worst option depending on personal demands and peculiar properties. To choose the appropriate device, you should consider these essential factors:

    1. Size of your penis.

Regardless of a widespread myth, this is the only situation when the size really matters. Vacuum penile pump devices have various sizes of cylinders which should be placed over the penis during use. If the length and girth of your penis correspond to the average values or approach them, almost every device will be suitable for you.

Men with large penises should be more careful: average cylinders can be too little for them and can cause an accidental injury. In such cases, you can purchase the bigger device such as Bathmate Goliath.

    1. The severity of erectile dysfunction.

There are three possible forms of ED:

      • mild;
      • moderate;
      • severe.

Severe erectile dysfunctionPenis pumps work the best with the moderate form of ED. They can bring benefits for mild form, too, but it is better to treat such a disorder with non-hormonal supplements (vitamins, herbs) or look for the cause.

After that, you can relieve your ED through the treatment of your initial health problem. VCDs have been proven to be ineffective for severe erectile dysfunction.

Take into account the difference in power capacities of each device. Those of them which provide the patient with the stronger suction may have an effect on more severe forms of ED than less powerful pumps.

    1. The presence of a gauge or other pressure regulator.

The hand-operating devices may threaten your safety if you exceed the permissible pressure level. The gauge and similar integrated elements indicate the current level of pressure, so you will always know when to stop. Pumps based on batteries are able to prevent this and turn off automatically.

    1. Water vs. air pump.

Water VCD ensures more even pressure distribution and help penis tissues to relax. They are recognized as safer than air-assisted pumps. The main shortcoming of these devices is an inability to use them outside of the bathroom.

Air pumps may cause tissue damage due to careless handling. Nevertheless, these models are portable enough to use them wherever you want.

    1. Number of constriction rings in a kit.

Consulting of healthcare providerThe more rings are inside the box, the better. Some manufacturers provide customers with only 1-3 rings – that is not quite right. Each penis has its unique size, and a variety of constriction bands will guarantee the best seal.

    1. Studies on a particular VCDs’ effect.

Companies usually test their creations before launching their mass production. The results of those experiments you can find on the web or in the media dedicated to the topic. Choose the pump that showed the best success rate in treating ED.

    1. Consulting the healthcare provider.

If you can’t make a choice by yourself because of having diseases or simply doubting, visit your doctor and ask his or her advice.

How to Use a Vacuum Pump for ED?

The application of the device is quite simple: you put the penis inside a VCD and start slowly pushing the air out of it. The pump can work both manually or automatically.

After that, you wait for some time – according to consumer’s testimonials it takes 2-3 minutes to achieve an erection – and pull the constriction ring up to the base of the penis with a help of the personal lubricant. This is necessary to maintain an erection for the longer time and prevent blood outflow. Later you release the vacuum and remove the cylinder. In the end of this easy procedure, you are ready for intercourse.

Stop pumping if you feel pain or another kind of discomfort. The majority of devices are equipped with “quick valve release” button. Push it to remove the vacuum from the tube immediately.

Hydro pumps can be applied only in a water environment. Here you fill the cylinder with warm water and only after that you place it over the penis. Otherwise, the mechanism of action is the same.

Is It Safe?

Cardiovascular diseasesVacuum penile pump devices are almost completely safe because they don’t interact with any medications and have no contraindications. The only danger is improper use: too much pressure, lack of seal, or application of the wrong sized constriction ring may lead to injuries. Carefully follow the instructions and your VCD will bring you only benefits.

Unlike prescription and over the counter drugs for ED, it can be used by patients with bleeding disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and recent operations. Moreover, it is recommended to use the penis pump after prostate surgery. In this case, a man should apply the device 4-5 times daily during several months to increase the blood flow to the penis.

However, there are some side effects which can appear during the treatment with vacuum pumps:

  1. A mark or a bruise on the shaft of the penis at the first stages of medication. This painless formation is a sign of adaptation for the device and will disappear after a few sessions.
  2. Weaker ejaculation because of fluid retention caused by the usage of constriction rings. Don’t worry, the remains of semen will secrete after you take off the bands. It won’t affect the quality of sex and pleasure within a climax.
  3. Numbness or cold skin and feeling of unnatural erection. It can happen with every man because the pumping method is still different from a regular erect state.
  4. Psychological moments. Some patients feel shy to use the device in front of the partner. That is why you should discuss the usage of penis pump with him or her before the intercourse to avoid an unpredictable reaction.

Where to Buy ED Vacuum Pumps Online?

Make an online orderThe best way of purchase is to order the VCD from the official manufacturer’s site. Most of the penis pumps are also available on the major platforms such as Amazon or eBay. We recommend you to buy the devices only from reputable sources.

Products ordered from doubtful online stores often come with defects and may be unsafe for your health.

Also, vacuum pumps can be combined with ED medications such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. You can buy them in our pharmacy without a prescription.