Is Morning Wood Healthy

Is Morning Wood Healthy?

Is Morning Wood Healthy?

Morning wood is a phenomenon that every man experiences. Did you know that it can diagnose sexual health? From this article, you will learn what causes the morning erection, at what age it should occur, and what is the relationship between the morning wood and potency strength.

Morning wood is a phenomenon which is present in the life of every man from an early age. What is a morning erection and why does it arise? Scientists argue that the morning wood can sometimes happen even in very young guys. Women also can have the similar state in the form of a clitoral erection.

Such a condition in the morning can cause some discomfort, especially if there is no woman nearby who also just woke up. Still, the meaning of the morning wood is an indication of a man’s health state and level of testosterone.

Why Do Men Get Morning Wood?

Erections in dream time and in the morning is a reaction on the hormones secreted by the glands of internal secretion and results of the processes occurring in the nervous system.

The blood vessels of the penis react on hormones and nerve impulses. With the onset of sexual arousal, the endocrine system sends a signal to the brain, from where an “order” to increase blood circulation in the inguinal region comes. As a result, spongy and cavernous bodies in the penis become filled with blood, the penis increases in size, and firm morning wood occurs.

The main hormone that is responsible for the male’s sexual activity is testosterone. It is one of those hormones that send sexual arousal signals to the brain. In some cases, testosterone affects the spinal cord, not the brain. In these cases, the erection occurs spontaneously. This explains the cases when a man has an erection without sexual arousal. As a rule, such phenomena are observed with some injuries of the spinal cord and when a person sleeps.

Morning and night wood in men are normal, as they indicate a good level of testosterone in the blood. Why can it be only in the morning or at the night? Since testosterone is able to induce an involuntary reaction without stimulation, in the daytime, it is suppressed by norepinephrine. Thanks to this, during wakefulness, men do not have sudden erections. During sleep time, the level of norepinephrine decreases, and that is why there can be observed a specific wish of “good morning” from the body.
Is Morning Wood Healthy

What Causes Morning Wood?

In order to understand what causes erections in the morning, it is necessary to figure out the mechanism of its action. At night, the person several times goes to a phase of fast sleep. This is the period when we see dreams. At this time, parts of the brain which are responsible for rest and production of serotonin (the so-called hormone of joy) begin to work. During the phase of deep sleep, the so-called sympathetic nerves of “struggle” and “movement” are activated. When the phase of deep sleep passes into the phase of fast sleep, the reaction of the parasympathetic nerve arises. As a result of it, an erection occurs. Sometimes it can be a quite weak erection or tumescence of the penis. This variant of the morning wood is often observed in elderly men.

Night erectionThus, an erection occurs not only in the morning, but also periodically during sleep. Men notice an erection in the morning because most often they wake up during the fast sleep phase. In addition, in the morning the testosterone level in the male body is higher. This testosterone level does not cause erotic dreams and fantasies. This happens due to the development of dopamine (a pleasure hormone) in the brain.

A healthy man can have an erection up to 5 times a night. It is noteworthy that a similar phenomenon occurs in women during sleep. They have an erection of the clitoris and moisturizing of the vagina’s walls.

There is also the opinion of scientists that morning wood can provoked by a filled bladder, since after emptying it relief typically comes.

Benefits of Morning Erection

Despite the fact that erection in the morning can cause some discomfort, you should rejoice in this phenomenon. An erection in a dream time and in the morning shows that the body of a man is healthy and there should not be problems with potency of a physiological origin. It is an indicator of good blood circulation, a sufficient level of testosterone, and hormonal balance. Physicians argue that the morning wood is not only normal, but also necessary. It shows good male health. How to explain this?

Morning Wood – Barometer of Health

Morning wood shows that physiologically an erection can occur at any other time. This is a phenomenon that makes it possible to identify problems with potency that have a physiological nature or have arisen because of psychological troubles.

Well-known biochemist Tommy Wood argues that the morning erection comes from the front parts of the brain, which are responsible for a person’s wish of physical pleasures. Such an erection shows that inside of the male body the right biochemical processes are proceeding.

Sign of Strong Blood Flow

Blood vesselsA steady and strong erection is provided by powerful blood flow to the penis. This means that the vessels in the body must be strong and impermeable, blood pressure – normal, and heart – healthy.

It does not matter how an erection occurs – under the influence of spontaneous nerve impulses or as a result of sexual arousal. If it happens, it means that your blood circulatory system is okay.

Morning and night wood is the individual preventive measures of the penis against vascular diseases. Even if a man does not live an active sex life, his body still maintains the erectile function in working order.

Indicator of Normal Testosterone Level

Testosterone is a hormone on which depend a lot of processes in the human body. It affects the growth of muscle tissue, is responsible for the distribution of adipose tissue, and promotes the production of red blood cells. Although women also have testosterone, it is considered as a male hormone, because it affects sexual activity, production of sperm, and libido. In the morning and at the end of the night, the concentration of this hormone in the blood is maximally great, and thus it is responsible for morning and night wood. Therefore, do not be angry by the morning “unwanted” erection. Congratulate yourself that your hormonal background is alright!

If the level of testosterone falls, morning wood will be observed less and less often. Lack of this hormone can cause problems with potency. Usually, with a rare morning erection, a soft form of erectile dysfunction (ED) is already observed. This can happen because of aging or lack of physical exercises, unhealthy lifestyle, and bad habits. At the same time, sports and a healthy lifestyle can significantly increase the amount of this hormone and prevent the emergence of ED.


ErectionAs was already mentioned above, morning wood is a normal and healthy phenomenon, according to which it is possible to determine the sexual health of a man. However, how exactly should it be? At what age does it arise and disappear?

Not every morning erection or something similar to it can be considered as the norm. Then how exactly can you assess the state of your sexual health? There are many questions about this phenomenon, answers on which are presented below.

What Age Did You Stop Getting Morning Wood At?

A stable and regular morning wood appears for the first time in teen age. Boys at an earlier age and even babies also have similar processes, but there is not a real erection, rather a slight tumescence of the penis. An erection in the morning is observed less often in elderly men, as with age the testosterone level is gradually decreasing. However, with an active lifestyle, proper nutrition, and regular physical activity, the level of male hormones may not go down for a very long time, so morning wood can occur until a very old age. This means that in old age a man still can be active in bed, but only if he takes care of his own health. Therefore, there is no specific age when the sexual function will definitely come to zero.

As was said earlier, age is not the main enemy of potency. Science notes the connection between the violation of blood circulation and deterioration of the erection power. However, this can be caused by some other reason. For example, if a man is suffering from diabetes, has varicose veins, or is leading a sedentary lifestyle, his morning wood may not occur often.

If a man suddenly noticed that an erection in the morning is not a frequent visitor, then it is worth it to consult with a doctor. It is likely that the body has a malfunction, which will soon lead to the development of ED. Medical assistance is also needed when an erection becomes painful.

If a man has erectile dysfunction caused by physiological causes, it will necessarily affect the night or morning erection. Normally, it should be not only present, but also strong enough and long-lasting. A weak, infrequent, or short erection is a sign of problems with potency. In case of such a phenomenon, take care of your health and visit a doctor.

Can I Have Morning Wood and ED?

Problems with potencyIt is not uncommon cases when a man has problems with potency, but he also has the morning wood. How is this possible?

Such a situation occurs when fears or psychological traumas of a sexual nature cause problems with potency, but erection at night and in the morning are still frequent and strong. An exception is severe depression, since it affects even unconscious processes.

In this case, it is advisable to seek help from sexologists or psychologists.

How Long Does Morning Wood Last?

Morning wood is considered normal and full if it lasts a certain amount of time. On average, the duration of such a spontaneous erection is no longer than 20-35 minutes. If the morning wood is less prolonged, then it is worth paying attention on this. Truly speaking, the definition of night erection duration is problematic, since this process occurs in dream time. The morning wood upon an awakening also begins in dream time, so it is also hard to determine its exact duration.

However, the duration of a night erection is not so important as its presence and frequency.

Can Cialis Cause Morning Wood?

If on explicit erectile dysfunction men immediately pay attention and begin to sound an alarm, then the “malfunctions” with morning wood often go unnoticed. In addition, for men it is usually embarrassing to tell a doctor about the absence of morning erections.

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Such an ED cure not only improves potency, but also makes night erections possible. This happens due to improved blood circulation.

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