Does tight underwear cause ED

Does Tight Underwear Cause ED?

Does Tight Underwear Cause ED?

When men experience problems with sexual performance, they commonly start blaming themselves, thinking it has happened because they are old, they smoke much, or have too much stress at work. Some of these arguments have a reasonable background, but others remain mere misconceptions which men tend to believe.

Does tight underwear cause ED? The answer is short: no. To break this sex myth, we’ll analyze the true causes of impotence and which precautions should be taken to prevent this disability in men.

Too restrictive underwear is not a cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). Various clinical studies conducted by international health organizations found zero correlation between impotence and a pair of tighty-whities. Underpants may put pressure on the testicles and male organ, but they don’t lead to constricted blood vessels or make an erection impossible.

Does tight underwear cause ED

It’s another story for your testicles, which are not so lucky. For normal functioning, they need a certain temperature. They should hang loose from the body to regulate their own temperature. Normally, it should be 2-7 degrees below the rest of the body. Pulled up to the body due to pants, they get overheated. Scrotal hyperthermia leads to low sperm count, impaired quality, and semen degradation. Gradually, sperm starts to die off. Not all of it is damaged, but this fact brings no good. This occurs when men wear tight undies for a long time (several months or years) and may contribute to infertility.

The logic is that men who are planning to have kids should switch to boxer briefs. A doctor advises opting for cotton underwear. Replace your tight undergarments with loose ones before going to bed. They don’t compress the penis and ensure proper air flow. The good news is that even a strangling pair of undergarments chosen by men worldwide will not lead to a loss of erection.

Cardiovascular diseasesThere are plenty of other things that may be a reason for this sexual concern. This happens due to a number of physiological and psychological conditions with the most typical of them, like:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • overweight;
  • smoking;
  • regular stress and anxiety;
  • excessive alcohol consumption;
  • side effects of prescribed medications.

As experts state, an erection is a result of impulses transferred from the brain to the penis, when men have sexual arousal. Any obstacles which affect the nerves or normal blood flow may cause ED. The actual causes depend on each particular man. Most of the above issues provoke a narrowing of the blood vessels and reduce proper blood circulation, in the penile area as well. Nicotine and alcohol have the same damaging effect.

Nowadays, ED is successfully treated by sex therapy, oral drugs, injections, and surgery (for inserting penile implants). Doctors suggest starting with oral medications because other therapies offer a solution for severe cases of impotence when mere drugs are helpless.

The modern pharmacological market is fully equipped with effective and safe medicines, developed by renewed formulae with less negative reactions for male health. The active ingredients of these pills temporarily increase blood circulation to the male organ, which results in erection.

Such tablets are sold under prescription; however, they can be easily purchased OTC at ViaBestBuy:

Kamagra and Viagra contain the same active substance and usually take 40-60 minutes to start working. Their effect lasts for 5-8 hours. These medicines are manufactured in different strengths and administered according to the required effect. Cialis is used 30 minutes before intimacy, but its effect is more prolonged – up to 48 hours. Stendra is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and acts in 15 minutes. It has fewer adverse effects than other ED pills.

Pharmacists offer a range of novelties for more convenient drug use, like jelly-like tabs, effervescent pills, etc. Some tablets are developed in a sublingual format, and they are quickly absorbed due to the capillary-rich skin area which is located under the tongue. Their action onset is faster.

ExerciseThe key takeaways to prevent and manage ED are as follows:

  • ED is treatable. Even simple pill intake helps to cope with the problem (if a case is not too complicated);
  • drink only in moderation;
  • quit smoking;
  • practice regular exercises (dancing, yoga, etc.);
  • eat healthy food (more sea products and fresh vegetables);
  • lose;
  • avoid stressful situations.

An annual physical exam by a urologist will help to detect any hidden ED problems at the initial stages. Visit ViaBestBuy to choose high-grade inexpensive ED medicines that will suit your situation. Feel free to wear anything you want because no underwear can affect your male strength!