Does penis size really matter

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Why men are so concerned about the size of their penis? Is there a real reason or is this insecurity totally groundless? Perhaps, there is some conspiracy which gave birth to the myth that women (and also men) prefer big penises over small or average ones. Or maybe there is not a myth, only a naked truth. As usual, we at ViaBestBuy won’t believe any claims until we do a little research by ourselves.

Does penis size matter or is it only a myth that men with large penises are more masculine and, therefore, more popular with women? How much is penis size actually important to female and male partners? Let’s figure out the answers to those questions.

What Does the Research Say?

According to one study where people of both genders participated from several European countries and the USA, women perceive average penis length to be 13.8 cm, while men think that average penises are slightly bigger – 14.1 cm. Also, the perfect penis length differs from the average: women consider 15.8 cm to be ideal for them, men – 16.6 cm. Meanwhile, the real average penis size is 13.12 cm, as shown by the results of the research, which included more than 15,000 men from various countries and racial backgrounds.

As we can see, women were closer to the right answer, while men have a tendency to overestimate penis size. The results also varied depending on the home country of the respondents. For instance, in Poland, people considered 15.7 cm an average size and 17.3 cm an ideal one. There is the opposite situation in the UK – their average values are 12.4 and 14.2 cm, respectively. In the United States, responses varied according to the state.

Does penis size really matter

Fun fact: in the state of Maine in the USA, people believe that average size is 16.5 cm, and say the perfect one is 19.3 cm. Perhaps its residents consider themselves manlier than men from other states due to the harsh wilderness of the region.

Another truth is that the ideal size of the penis always exceeds an average one in a human’s mind. That is why the majority of men are dissatisfied with their length because of poor compliance with men’s and women’s ideals. Find out whether or not this is true in the list below:

  • 14% of men of all ages are very satisfied with their penis length;
  • 44.5% are satisfied;
  • 29.5% have a neutral attitude to this issue;
  • 10.3% are dissatisfied;
  • and 1.3% are very dissatisfied.

Fortunately, not so many men are really concerned about their penis size. Most of them are satisfied, and the other part never minds the problem at all. Only 11.6% are in constant discontent over it.

It should be restated that the vagina’s depth is about 8-14 cm at rest and can increase during sexual arousal by 2-5 cm. This way, the average size of female genitals is comparable to the average size of a male penis. The bulk of nerve endings are located within first 5 cm, so that’s why even men with small penises may easily fulfill all their partner’s desires. Moreover, you can do it even without a penis: some women prefer other forms of sex over penetration.

Gay sex is also not a problem with a small penis: the anus is tighter than the vagina and can be stimulated even just by using fingers. Also, as in the previous case, not all the guys like anal sex despite the common perception that they do.

Beyond Science: 4 Social Prejudices and Their Effects

PenisThese clear scientific findings exist together with social prejudices and beliefs which still affect men and their sexual confidence. Some of them are quite obsolete; others only appeared a few decades ago.


The penis or phallus was always a symbol of male nature and became highly important in patriarchal society. For instance, eunuchs, or men who were castrated, usually served at the noble court and were not considered full-fledged men. Penetrative sex was deemed to be the only form of true sex, the other ones were defined as foreplay or even sinful and unnatural behavior.

Nowadays we understand sex as not only penetration, so the extreme importance of a penis in intercourse has gradually decreased. However, a certain percentage of men still associate their personality with their penis and are afraid to appear not as masculine because of its average size.


We all know that internet porn doesn’t accurately reflect reality, but some men believe that all those guys they meet on the street possess such huge penises as we used to see in adult movies. It’s easy to get rid of this common misconception: always remind yourself that porn actors undergo a strict casting, where the size of their penis is not the least factor of importance. Do this every time you watch porn. Also, we advise you to read about how porn affect erectile function in men.

Hype About Big Penis

Comedy movies, stories on the web, media – jokes about large dicks and their coolness are almost everywhere. On the contrary, a small penis is the object of mockery. Of course, flimsy anecdotes are not a reason to become disheartened with the size of your genitals, but you also probably heard that behind every joke there’s some truth. Congratulations: this is a rare exception.

“Act Like a Real Man” Thing

What is a “real man” and does he really exist? A lot of men encounter this kind of pressure very often and in a variety of living situations. Some women also adopt this stereotype and have a distorted idea of a perfect partner that is imposed by society: they dream of muscular, tall, and bearded men with highly masculine behavior—somebody who looks like the main character of the sensational movie “Fifty Shades of Grey,” Christian. Men, in turn, add a big penis as a substantial detail of this picture of a real man, even though this parameter is not so important for women. Actually, let’s dig a little deeper into women’s issues in the next paragraph.

Does Penis Size Matter to Women?

Ideal penis sizeAround one thousand women were polled during research conducted by a popular women’s magazine. Guess what? 89% of them are not concerned about the size of their partner and men in general at all. 56% assessed the size of their partner’s penis as average, 33% as large, 3% as very large, and only 8% as small.

This means that women were inclined to overestimate the lengths of male genitals in comparison with average values. Good news for you, isn’t it? However, the majority of them got the question about average size right: 51% of respondents called 12.5 – 15.5 cm an average length of the erect penis. 18% of them think that it is smaller, while all the rest are sure that the normal size of a penis is over 15.5 cm.

Some women, who shared their opinions about one-night stand, admitted that they can’t even remember the appearance of their partner’s penis, let alone its precise size. The things which often lead to disappointment in such a case are poor performance or lack of attention to women’s desires, but definitely not penis length.

How does penis size affect a long-term relationship? Women appreciate love and understanding much more than the look of their men’s genitals. The best way to make your sexual life outstanding is to talk with your partner about your preferences and fantasies. An ability to listen and heed the wishes of the girlfriend is much more valuable than a big dick.

Important information: only 7% of women always achieve an orgasm from penetration during sex, regardless of the obsolete opinion that this form of sexual activity is the best for pleasure. 31% of respondents reach climax regularly but not always, 33% – very rarely, and 29% – never. Such a shocking fact should make men reconsider their attitude to the importance of their penis for women. It has been proven that manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris is the best method to satisfy a woman in most cases.

How Much Does Penis Size Matter to Men?

GaysIt is no wonder stereotypes are more relevant for gay relationships because here both partners are male, who sometimes are very concerned about their penis size, unlike women. One study, conducted by Christian Grov, Jeffrey T. Parsons, and David S. Bimbi, revealed a link between a penis length and specific sexual behavior. They surveyed over 1,000 gay men about their penis size and their preferred role in sex (bottom, top, or versatile).

Only 29.2% of those who defined their penis as below average prefer to be on top. Most men (38.9%) with small penises assume a bottom role, while 31.9% are versatile. On the contrary, guys with above average lengths lean toward a top role (41.6%) and only 20.6% consider themselves a bottom. However, men with average penises are predominantly versatile (40.5%), which clearly shows us their larger freedom in their preferences.

The authors explain this connection by the existence of strong sociocultural settings regarding small and big penises. The top position is often associated with masculine behavior, while the bottom one is associated with feminine qualities.

Also, gay guys encounter another kind of pressure such as comparison. Those who have a big penis are always trying to show it to the world by sending photos of their dicks to their potential partners. There are gays who find this behavior ridiculous. “A man with average or small penis usually pays considerable attention to sex instead of boasting of their large member. That’s the strongest attraction.” – They say.

10 Fun and Not So Facts About Penis Size

Facts about penisLet’s mix things up a little bit and turn from scientific studies and cultural specificities to curiosities. ViaBestBuy selected 10 interesting facts about the penis and its length which might impress you.

  1. Most men slightly exaggerate their penis size when somebody asks them about it.
  2. The world’s largest penis belongs to Jonah Falcon and is 24 cm in a flaccid state and 35 cm in an erect state. Jonah is an American writer and actor, and believes himself to be a bisexual man.
    Top celebrities with biggest penises – find more.
  3. Only a penis smaller than 7 cm in an erect state can be considered a medical issue and called a micropenis. Other sizes are just normal.
  4. The best way to increase penis size is to lose weight, especially belly fat. Actually, it will seem bigger visually. Unfortunately, there is an opposite thing for very muscular men: their penises usually look smaller against other body parts.
  5. There is no proven connection between boner size and the size of nose, feet, thumbs, earlobes, etc.
  6. It is a myth that black people have a much longer penis on average than white men. The average size of white and black race is almost the same, while Asian and Hispanic people have slightly smaller penises.
  7. 18% of all penis enlargements in the world are done in Germany.
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  8. Penis extenders may increase size by 1-2 cm, according to recent studies.
  9. Men with larger penises more often experience problems with erectile function. The bigger your member, the more powerful blood flow you need to achieve an erection.
  10. Even though the majority of guys are satisfied or feel neutral about their size, about 45% stated that they wish it was a bit longer.

Are you still anxious about your penis size or the penis size of your boyfriend? We hope you aren’t. Nevertheless, now we are going to tell you what to do if your beloved one suffers from this problem.

What to Do If Your Partner Is Not Satisfied with His Penis Size

If your man has complexes due to his penis size, they are likely groundless. Provide him with relevant scientifically proven facts – in 80% of all cases, his penis length might be average, slightly above average, or slightly below average.

Sexual activityIn case it is really small, there are still no obstacles on the way to mutual pleasure. Try special positions which ensure better friction:

  • doggy style (also allows clitoral or passive partner penile stimulation);
  • the sphinx (provides extra pressure);
  • reverse cowgirl style (while you are on top, you can control the whole process from penetration to climax);
  • girl on top (the best position for G-spot stimulation).

To improve his psychological condition, give him compliments after each time you have great sex. Tell him that you love watching him naked and his body is very attractive to you from any angle. If nothing helps, it is recommended to visit psychologist or sexologist.

There is one more situation when penis size may not seem to be enough. You’re dead right: this is an everlasting flaccid state (a medical issue called erectile dysfunction or ED) when you can’t get it up. This condition often appears in mature and aged men, but nowadays some young men also encounter this problem from time to time. Well, luckily, ED can be successfully treated by particular medications widely sold.

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