Sex Near Me – Facts About Sexual Addiction

There are common types of addictions everyone knows, such as alcohol, drug, or gambling. Besides, there is another type which is not such frequent but can also bring many problems into life of addicted person. That is sexual addiction. Read the article if you’ve never heard about it.

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Does Penis Size Really Matter?

The “penis envy” theory of famous psychologist Sigmund Freud, says that young girls feel uncomfortable because they don’t have a penis. In the modern world, it becomes obvious that the “penis envy” feeling is more applicable to young men than to women. They compare the size of their genitals to other guys and sometimes feel anxious that some of them have a bigger penis.

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5 Reasons Why Your Sex Life & Libido Lowering

Don’t be the cause of your libido lowering and your sex life suffering. Order free ED samples & get it delivered by mail.

Not performing the way that you are used to in the bedroom? It doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is changes in your lifestyle and you could be on your way back to the old you in no time. Research by Dr. Brett Worly, a female sexual dysfunctional expert at Ohio State University, says there are five reasons why your libido could have decreased.

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