Long Jack Extract Uses Benefits and Side Effects

Long Jack Extract Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Long Jack Extract Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

In this article we will speak about Eurycoma longifolia, Long Jack Extract or just natural Viagra. It is a famous remedy for bodybuilders and erectile dysfunction therapy. What is its magic outcome, how efficient it this remedy? Ancient recipe against science technologies. What to choose?

The extract is also used for rising sexual libido and organism tonicity, brightening sensations during making love, activity stimulation and many other purposes. Being an aphrodisiac, this remedy adorns lives of sexual partners by pleasant sensations. Long Jack is meant to be taken by ladies and gentlemen.

What Is Long Jack (Eurycoma Longifolia)?

Long Jack (Eurycoma longifolia) is an aboriginal South Asian bush. All its parts are manufactured for medical elixir producing. It has been operated since ancientry by ethnics of such countries as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos etc. Nowadays, it is still greatly spread and taken as a meal supplement, especially in Malaysia. Locals add Long Jack to coffee or practice it in quality of compound for energy drinks. Plants are cultivated and highly protected there.

The specific feature is bitter taste of the extract. Traditional name «penawar pahit» is translated as «bitter medicine». Bitterness is related to the high existence of quassinoids, they appear to be its active ingredient.

Some organizations in Malaysia and US trade adulterated or contaminated Long Jack products. Pretending to be a brand, they sell toxic ingredients. Some of those tested products showed high level of mercury.

Therefore, users should be cautious about the quality of the product and buy it only from respectful sellers which provide laboratory certificate of authenticity.

Eurycoma is sold in powder form, capsules, extracts or in mix with other herbs. Due to different ways of extracting used by manufacturers, measuring the effective dosages of Eurycoma longifolia is a complicated issue.

It can be used by women for sexual adjustment, extra drive and better mood balance. Half dose for ladies is a recommended start to access tolerance levels.

Long Jack Extract Uses Benefits and Side EffectsAlternative Names

Eurycoma longifolia is known under multiple names which refer to its use and bitter principle. Some tags are transliterated from native language. The names are represented by popularity in descending sequence:

  • Malaysian ginsengLong Jack (US);
  • Malaysian Ginseng;
  • Local Ginseng;
  • Natural Viagra;
  • Tongkat Ali (translated as «Ali’s walking stick» or «Ali’s Umbrella»);
  • Payung Ali;
  • Cây Bá Bệnh (Vietnamese);
  • Tho Nan (Laotian);
  • Tung Saw (Thai);
  • Bidara Laut (Indonesian);
  • Babi Kurus (Javanese);
  • Langir Siam (Bahrain);
  • Akar Pasak Bumi;
  • Muntah Bumi;
  • Umpudumaidu;
  • Pokok Syurga;
  • Batang Pasak Bumi;
  • Peshawar Bias;
  • Pokok Jelas;
  • Peshawar Pahit;
  • Bedara Putih;
  • Bedara Pahit;
  • Canne D’ali;
  • Sengkayap;
  • Cay Ba Binh;
  • Bedara Merah;
  • Tongkat Baginda;
  • Setunjang Bumi;
  • Wonod Mondou;
  • Lempedu Pahit;
  • Payong Ali;
  • Jelaih;
  • Pasak Bumi Kuning;
  • Petala Bumi;
  • Jan-Don;
  • Hae Phan Chan;
  • Kayu Dali;
  • Phiak;
  • Plaa Lai Phuenk.

Roots and barks of Eurycoma longifolia are white/yellow. «Putih» means white, «kuning» is «yellow» in Malay/Indonesian. Red-colored variety is known as tongkat ali/pasak bumi merah («merah» means «red» in Indonesia).

Why People Use Long Jack Extract?

Eurycoma longifoliaIt’s common purpose was boosting libido. Today Eurycoma longifolia is used for:

  • sexual problems therapy and low testosterone cure;
  • athletic performance and muscle strength;
  • stress resistance;
  • general physical and mental state balance;
  • malaria therapy;
  • fever treatment;
  • sores healing;
  • hypertension cure;
  • bacterial lung infection (tuberculosis);
  • different origins of bone pain;
  • tussis;
  • stomach upsets;
  • sore head;
  • sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis).

Tongkat ali may be helpful for premature ejaculation treatment, if the symptom appeared in the background of unstable erection. The preparation will stabilize it, decreasing the sensitivity of penis erotogenic zones receptors. Thus, sexual act will be prolonged and ejaculation process will be controlled. Extant researches are deficient to acknowledge all advantages of the supplement.

Is It Safe?

Eurycoma longifolia has been used for centuries as aphrodisiac and energy enhancer. Adverse effects appear only after overdosing in mild form, serious ones are never registered.

The preparation should not be mixed with herbal supplements that make stimulatory effect. It is contraindicated for:

  • females that expect a baby or feeding mothers;
  • surgery patients;
  • sufferers from heart diseases;
  • blood pressure jumps patients;
  • individuals with bleeding and/or clotting problems;
  • patients with malignant swelling.

Professional medical consultation is necessary before taking the preparation.

Long Jack in Bodybuilding

Long JackThe remedy is popular among athletes for its capableness to heighten body power, testosterone level and stomach fat losing. Being an absolutely natural herbal preparation, it stimulates psychic production of testosterone in organism which promotes advancement of power and strength, enlargement of muscle bulk and reducing fat depot at once. It can be used by weightlifters for muscles growing and track athletes for endurance improving and soon recovering.

The plant has not been discovered in doping control of South-Asian sportsmen during competitions. It is not characterized by multiple side effects, unlike numerous steroids. Clinical trials confirmed that natural testosterone production occurs without harmful health impact. Today Eurycoma longifolia is a world leader among natural products for sportsmen.

The progress of Long Jack in bodybuilding is represented in the table.

Period Effect
1 week The product softly stimulates testosterone producing in blood. Its level is a little high. Libido reinforcement is clearly felt.
2 week Muscles mass is enlarging, strength is recovering quickly after workouts.
3 week Muscles continue to grow, well-being feeling flows over the body. Paddy condition is possible (side effect of high testosterone).
4 week Significant muscles bulk enlarging, fat depots reducing. Remarkable testosterone rising.
5 week The highest level of testosterone.
6 week Organism achievements in muscles, noticeable fat reducing.

How Does Longjack Extract Work?

Sexual activityLow testosterone level is commonly a root of such diseases as myocardial infarction in men of young age, diabetes, osteoporosis, prostatitis, adiposis and depression. This hormone affects almost all male organs. That’s why it is important for mature males to care of its level attentively.

The extract acceptance leads to activation of hypothalamus and hypophysis, producing of big testosterone amounts in organism. In contrast to anabolic steroids which provide synthetic version of testosterone and make a negative impact on sizes and functionality of genitals, natural one does not impact the size of phallus and testicles and make positive influence.

While testosterone level rises in organism, reproductive hormones androgens and estrogens correct its amount, passing signals to hypothalamus and hypophysis about reduced testosterone producing. Malaysian Ginseng becomes an additional capacity picking off the message about reduced producing. Thus, nothing prevents testicles to continue producing testosterone which leads to somewhat enlargement of genitals in size.

Laboratory examinations showed that the plant includes quassinoid-type glycosides and beta- carboline alkaloids. How these compounds react and impact on human sexual activity has not been clarified yet by today. The researches of some vitamins firm say that this substance enhance testosterone producing too.

Being a powerful antioxidant and immune responsible modifier, Long Jack diminishes the frequency of acute respiratory viral infections and protects muscles from damaging.

Long Jack (Eurycoma Longifolia) Benefits

ErectionLong Jack benefits list is spacious. It starts working within an hour after first taking and lasts 3-7 days. Due to total natural structure, Long Jack can combined with moderate amount of alcohol, being an ideal assistant for romantic atmosphere. The first signs of erection will be felt during foreplay, therefore second partner does not notice that any remedy was taken. Among testosterone productivity stimulation, Long Jack rises up the quality of sperm, improves sexual weakness, allowing making several sexual acts during a night, empowers orgasm feelings.

The preparation shows antimicrobial, alexipyretic and anti-diabetic action, corrects testosterone feeble levels. It has been also successfully examined for rising the synthesis of anabolic hormone (human growth hormone). That’s why it is famous among sportsmen, particularly bodybuilders.

Original Tongkat ali does not include chemical ingredients. It is made as a mix of eastern herbs essences. Ginseng, the preparation composition, works inciting and enhances blood flowing to pelvic organs. This leads to phallus enlargement in calm and erected condition both. The preparation enlarges the key male sex hormone level in 5 times. It means sexual acts occur more often and last longer, leading to full-fledged orgasm every time.

Medical reviews confirm that Eurycoma longifolia helps in treatment of such diseases as prostatitis and impotence. This is caused by repeated frequency of sexual acts. Ejaculation becomes harder, seminal vesicle and prostatic ductules become empty quicker than usual. Besides, it should be considered that during Eurycoma longifolia course the produced amount of spermatozoids is getting bigger, they become more agile. It means that preparation can be assumed in complex with different methods of male’s infecundity cure and general sexual health improving.

Side Effects

Malaysian Ginseng is not harmful for health and almost never causes adverse symptoms. Idiosyncrasy may happen in very rare cases. Being a quite useful herbal aphrodisiac, the preparation still has negative attributes which are usually called by overdosing. Among them are:

  • sleep disorders which cause low sex drive;
  • high temperature;
  • anxious feeling;
  • aggression onset;
  • loss of concentration.

Laboratory analyses say that 20 healthy men 38-58 y.o. who took high doses of the extract during two weeks (600 mg per day) and didn’t have negative impact on blood composition, kidney or liver work.

Using counterfeit version is dangerous by multiple side effects, therefore the extract should be bought only from official representative.


TongkatTongkat has not been studied well yet, but users report about negative impact on health in mix with tetracyclic antidepressants (like Mirtazapine) and Propranolol (Inderal). Combination Eurycoma longifolia with Viagra may call histamine reaction.

Medical consultation before using the extract is necessary. Be sure to inform healthcare provider if you take Viagra, Levitra or other preparations for ED treatment.

Long Jack (Eurycoma Longifolia) Alternatives

Among numerous advantages, Eurycoma longifolia has a lack of medical proves. It’s an ancient remedy with many years of experience. It’s reputation is based on quite positive users reviews and general lack of side effects. Though, let’s not forget about another concerning fact: big amount of false production. Forgery Long Jack may appear ineffective and seriously affect consumer’s health.

Our pharmacy store ViaBestBuy sells only premium generics of well-known, medically checked and effective ED drugs. Long Jack extract is not in our assortment. You can easily choose other effective medications for treatment of ED problems and impotency like Kamagra (active ingredient Sildenafil) or Cialis (Tadalafil) and other medications for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.